Courthouse Notes

The following information is from the Warren County Circuit Court:

Marriage licenses
• Farnam Fiano Behmardi, 56, of Linden, and Tricia Eileen Campbell, 44, of Linden.

Real estate over $25,000
• Deborah R. Novak, co-executor of the estate of Barbara J. Dilandro, to Richard F. Whitley and Mabel L. Whitley, High Knob, 310 High Knob Road, Front Royal, $250,000.
• Courtney J. McIntyre to Francine Minton and Mark Sinclair, Blue Ridge Shadows, 136 Niblick Square, Front Royal, $235,000.
• John Morgan and Daniel Jenkins to David M. Ryan Jr., Skyland Estates, 44 Sanders Road, Linden, $161,400.
• Samuel I. White P.C. and James Price to JPMorgan Chase, 3817 Browntown Road, Front Royal, $173,800.
• Bank of New York Mellon to John E. Robinson, 270 Meadow Branch Road, Middletown, 10.13 acres, $112,000.
• Richard E. Mabie to Mario X. Lozano Castillo and Vania Flores, Williamsburg Estates, 34 Westminster Drive, Front Royal, $254,500.
• Bryne T. Lynn, executor of the estate of Ruth B. Hogshead, to Thomas Cooper Lynn, BelAir Heights, 640 Manassas Ave., Front Royal, $94,000.
• Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Jacky Ray Loughner and Debra Jean Loughner, Shenandoah Farms, 25 Blue Valley Road, Linden, $67,500.
• Gregory J. Larsen to Michael Thomas Hayes and Kathleen Margaret Rice, High Knob, 234 Windy Way, Front Royal, $166,000.
• Edwin Rudolph Schmidt to Vivian B. Jackson, Blue Mountain subdivision, 137 Squaw Path Way, Linden, $172,000.
• William Key and Kimberly Key to Jeffrey B. Scheifla and Jonnilita P. Scheifla, Thunderbird Ranch, 54 Apache Court, Front Royal, $270,000.
• Carol A. Little to Johnathon Richard Squire and Amber N. Squire, Shenandoah Shores, 110 Rollason Drive, Front Royal, $188,900.
• Douglas C. Stamey and Carolyn M. Stamey to Carol A. Little, Marlow’s subdivision, 214 Washington Ave., Front Royal, $165,000.
• Paul Francis Manieri Jr. and Catherine M. Manieri to Scott A. Turk and Cindy L. Turk, Freezeland Manor, 3 Freezeland View Lane, Linden, $358,000.
• Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, High Knob, 30 Bridle Path Road, Front Royal, $130,500.
• Collyer L. Wells and Linda L. Wells to Elvis B. Prado, Academy Manor, 718 Viscose Ave., Front Royal, $209,900.
• Michael Scott Wagner and Regina Dirolf Wagner to Michael B. Rock and Rachel M. Rock, Shenandoah Farms, 317 Cindy’s Way, Front Royal, $155,000.