Courthouse Notes

The following information is from the Warren County Circuit Court:

Marriage licenses
• Benjamin Lewis Grant, 29, of Linden, and Nicole Lynn Hart, 33, of Paw Paw, West Virginia.
• Donald Craig Leake, 55, of Front Royal, and Robie Katherine Harper, 42, of Strasburg.
• Donald Stephen Lefler, 64, of Edinburg, and Pamela Kay Lefler, 55, of Edinburg.

• Christopher Daniel Hoyle and Joanna Millner Mayhew.
• Rodney Edward Rose and Sarah Rebecca Rose.
• Charmal E. Carter and Anthony F. Carter.
• Derek Raymond Tudge and Morgan Larue Garner.
• Donald E. Lee and Rosemary M. Lee.
• Basil Yacoub and Flor De Magdalena Chura Cueva.
• Neil James Moloney and Kimberly Erika Moloney.
• Daniel Evans and Anliu Tian.
• Pamela Gene Baet and Omar Olarte Baet.
• Belina Givargis and Martin Givargis.
• Melvena Elsie Nelson and Kareem Abdul Sanders.
• Felipe S. Roidriguez Minero and Victoria Y. Dias.
• Georgi Iliev Lazarov and Marianna Polly Lazarov.
• Mazhar Ahson and Nancy Lynn Ahson.
• Addie Falger Lingle and Ryan Allen Lingle.
• Lindsay Gann Killick and Alexander Michael Killick.
• William Moore III and Judy M. Moore.
• Senedra D. Ashford-Floyd and Tremayne J. Floyd.
• Nicole Marie Bennett and Jason Maxwell Bennett.
• Bethney Rose Kirby and Christopher Edward Kirby.
• Janet Rosenberger and Vance Rosenberger.

Real estate over $25,000
• Mark B. Callahan, Substitute Trustee, and Access Cleaners LLC to NVA Properties LLC, 29 E. Jackson St., Front Royal, $105,000.
• Charles M. Clegg Jr. to Anthony C. Artone, Shenandoah Farms, 235 Freeze Road, Linden, $137,000.
• Margaret Boggs to Walter J. Ashcroft, 21 Poe Drive, Front Royal, $267,000.
• Andrew J. Campbell and others to Rappawan Inc., Blackwood Farm, Buck Mountain Road, Bentonville, four parcels, 148.02 acres, $900,000.
• Michael Lynn Caudill to Bobcat Builders LLC, Fiery Run Road, Linden, 3.929 acres, $47,000.
• Samuel I. White PC and Katie E. Murphy to Pennymac Loan Services LLC, Shenandoah Farms, 1212 Pine Ridge Drive, Front Royal, $113,100.
• Buck L. Pearson to Matthew J. Burke and Samantha L. Dunn, Royal View Estates, 103 Ash Road, Front Royal, $219,900.
• W&MD Properties LLC to Christendom Educational Corp, 1177 Shenandoah Shores Road, Front Royal, 80.003 acres, $575,382.
• Forrest Anne B. Duncan to Christendom Educational Corp., 1177 Shenandoah Shores Road, Front Royal, 80.003 acres, $575,382.
• Cogil Corp. to Patricia Ann Wright, Woodside subdivision, 359 W. 9th St., Front Royal, $125,000.
• Picture Perfect Properties LLC to County of Warren, Virginia, Menefee Lane, Front Royal, about 14.6 acres, $166,000.
• Sandra K. Dotson and Delmas Dotson to Samantha Sulser, Royal Village, 709 W. 14th St., Front Royal, $130,000.
• Guy Leroy McKahan to Matthew Ryan Schaeffer and La’Dora Y. Everett, Shenandoah Shores, 71 Sugar Maple Road, Front Royal, $181,000.
• Federal National Mortgage Association to Adam M. Harrison and Kolina D. Harrison, Westview Ridge, 529 Lewis St., Front Royal, $194,000.
• Richard C. Towner to Jerri Featherstone and Katie Marie Rohs, High Knob, 1491 Massanutten Mountain Drive, Front Royal, $345,900.
• Wade Holloway to Julius Norwood, Viscose City, 125 S. Shenandoah Ave., Front Royal, $165,000.
• Donald Richards to Sharon R. Thomas and Marcey L. Kellogg, Blue Mountain subdivision, 12 Far View Lane, Front Royal, $158,250.
• Tammy L. Layne to Kelly L. Miller, Blue Ridge Mountain Estates, 83 Byers Lane, Front Royal, $43,000.
• Anthony Valenza and Katherine Valenza to Earl D. Lichtenauer and Linda D. Lichtenauer, Thomas Hollow Acres, 558 Catron Ridge Road, Bentonville, 8.90 acres, $122,000.
• Lugenia Rosenberg to Shawn McCafferty, Whites Landing Road, Linden, $30,000.
• Samuel I. White PC and Michael Pincek to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Shenandoah Farms, 115 Lookout Point Way, Linden, $145,861.
• Matthew Shields and Janine Shields to Mihaela Priester, Apple Mountain Lake, 420 Wealthy Road, Linden, $230,000.
• James R. Sides and Martha R. Sides to David Szurek and Patricia Szurek, Massanutten View subdivision, Misty Meadow Lane, Bentonville, Lot 18, $80,000.