Shenandoah County Courthouse Notes

The following information is from the Shenandoah County Circuit Court and Department of Building Inspections:

Marriage Licenses
• Omar Ruben Argueta, 32, of Winchester, and Domitila Barahona Barahona, 27, of Woodstock.
• Alan James Harris, 46, of Woodstock, and Tonya Michelle Howard, 39, of Strasburg.
• Edward Francis Sweeney, 59, of New Market, and Christine Ann Foltz, 57, of New Market.
• Billy Jack Carter, 57, of Miami Springs, Florida, and Selesta Feller Funkhouser, 54, of Maurertown.

• Richard Michael Tigar and Emily Baxter.

Real Estate
Over $25,000
• Richard H. Coffelt to Daniel S. Gregoire and Kristen N. Gregoire, 134 Jerome Road, Mount Jackson, 3.642 acres, $199,900.
• James Barry Carpenter and Janet Ophelia Rilby to Elizabeth Brenner and Paul Brenner, 2073 Saumsville Road, Maurertown, 3.587 acres, $245,000.
• Charles H. Eagle Jr. and Donna L. Eagle to Crystal R. Nichols, Spring Hollow Estates, 210 Spring Hollow Road, Woodstock, 1.762 acres, $380,000.
• Marilyn J. Cowgill and Carolyn A. Jones, trustees of the Martha B. Jones Trust, to Aaron M. Tabor and Stephanie L. Tabor, 2546 Mt. Olive Road, Toms Brook, 7.817 acres, $385,000.
• Douglas N. Baldwin and Paula D. Baldwin to Donald Paul Daugherty and Teresa Beth Daugherty, Bryce Mountain Resort, 40 Dale Drive, Basye, two lots, $193,900.
• Charles E. Custer and Jennifer A. Custer to Cody M. McCourt and Jeffrey B. Schell, 732 Buckhill Road, Mount Jackson, $94,900.
• Quicken Loans to Federal National Mortgage Association, 34 Aileen Road, Edinburg, $116,975.
• Bill V. Neff Sr. to Ronnie F. Corbin, Sundance Retreat, Blackberry Lane, New Market, 58.100 acres, $159,775.
• Jane T. Tesh to Larry Eckstorm and Sally D. Eckstorm, Massanutten Manor, 101 N. Whissen St., Edinburg, $365,000.
• Matthew P. Greene Jr. to William Pence and Maxine Pence, 171 Wayne Road, Edinburg, 235.717 acres, $1,100,000.
• Thomas M. Fugate to Robert J. Papp Jr. and Linda K. Papp, Bryce Mountain Resort, 144 Connie Road, Basye, $243,000.
• Barry C. Fadely and Ella Catherine Dalke, co-executors of the estate of Irene W. Fadely, to James T. Lanman and Tiffany H. Lanman, 728 Stoney Creek Road, Edinburg, three parcels, $184,500.
• Michael P. Philpott and Faith R. Philpott to Danielle N. Ellich, 2960 Ridge Hollow Road, Edinburg, $170,000.
• Richard D. Zoll and Lynn F. Zoll to William T. Parsons and Lorna McRae Parsons, 2497 Moose Road, Woodstock, 92.841 acres, $687,000.
• Leroy Edward Owens to Guy R. Reid and Lynn D. Reid, Bryce Mountain Resort, 8330 Supinlick Ridge Road, Mount Jackson, $149,900.

Building Permits
Over $15,000
• Shenandoah County School Board, 1147 Susan Ave., Woodstock, replace three boilers, $119,000.
• Love’s Travel Stops, 1015 Mt. Olive Road, Toms Brook, replace canopy, $91,000.
• Patrick and Renee Nooney, 155 S. Muhlenberg St., Woodstock, repair porch, $20,000.
• Philip and Jeanne Theis, 140 Chapel Drive, Woodstock, carport, roof over existing deck and stairs, $18,000.
• Holtzman Oil, 5560 Main St., Mount Jackson, remove asbestos, $16,000; build 3,500 square foot shop, $118,000.
• Barbara R. Tower Living Trust, 1850 Edinburg Gap Road, Edinburg, increase slope of roof, $18,000.
• Toms Brook-Maurertown Sanitary District, Miller Drive, Toms Brook, replace sewer pump station, slab for generator and additional electric, $51,075.
• Timothy Shull, 152 Bobcat Lane, Lebanon Church, build addition and remodeling, $105,000.
• Shenandoah Memorial Hospital, 781 Spring Parkway, Woodstock, renovate inside, plumbing and electric, $15,820.
• James and Liliana Huff, 314 Shenandoah Ave., Edinburg, install elevator shaft, $21,500.
• Dennis and Debra Parmerter, 426 Jackson St., Woodstock, 30×40 garage, $43,000.