Courthouse Notes

The following information is from the Warren County Circuit Court:

Marriage licenses

  • Ruddy Alberto Chavez Sr., 59, of Front Royal, and Melissa Lee Esteppe, 46, of Front Royal.
  • Anthony Brian Corathers, 23, of Strasburg, and Laura Ann Jenkins, 22, of Bentonville.
  • Glen Michael Cubbage, 26, of Front Royal, and Sheila Ann Johnson, 43, of Front Royal.
  • Tino Francis D’Amico, 43, of Front Royal, and Nicole Renee Markee, 49, of Front Royal.
  • John Eric Jakob, 86, of Front Royal, and Patricia Ann Seydlitz, 80, of Front Royal.

Real estate over $25,000

  • Jem P. Anderson and Gretchen F. Anderson to Peter J. Dattoli and Raquel Dattoli, High Knob, 138 Trent Trail, Front Royal, $239,900.
  • Alison A. Duval to Eugenia L. Andrews and Timothy Andrews, Royal View Estates, 17 Sunshine Drive, Front Royal, two parcels, $169,500.
  • Glasgow LLC to Uzma Anzar and William G. Darnell, Blue Mountain, 105 Shady Tree Lane, Front Royal, $115,000.
  • Atlantic Trustee Services LLC and Robert A. Nuti and Ginger L. Higgs to FFC Properties LLC, Stoney Mountain Estates, 153 Signal Court, Strasburg, $323,000.
  • Diane D. Beach to James Coloso and Haley Coloso, 1749 Catlett Mountain Road, Front Royal, $243,000.
  • Commonwealth Trustees LLC and James M. Peacher to Branch Banking & Trust Co., Lake Front Royal, 958 Highridge Road, Front Royal, $180,200.
  • Stephen K. Christenson, substitute trustee, and Peter Michael Brewster to Virginia Housing Development Authority, Shenandoah River Lakes, 374 Southern Drive, Strasburg, 3.058 acres, $222,105.23.
  • Theresa E. Smith to Shelly L. Cook, South River Estates, 65 Lee Burke Road, Front Royal, two parcels, $225,000.
  • Samuel I. White PC and Shana L. Wagner to Michael P. Campbell, Apple Mountain Lake, 172 Golden Russet Drive, Linden, $169,651.
  • Alfred L. White Jr. and David D. Hopper, Special Commissioners, and Thomas W. Figgins and others to Polly L. Hoverter, Ay View Estates, 534 Pow Morr Drive, Front Royal, $99,000.
  • Joseph Denton Henry and Robin Gattshall to Edward Chalkey, 713 Campbell Court, Front Royal, $195,000.
  • Stephen I. Rappaport, trustee of the Eleanor G. Rappaport Trust, to Stephen J. Cherry and Mary Frances Cherry, 212 W. Main St., Front Royal, $154,000.
  • Christina S. Furtado to Bernardo Enrique Urbina Sanz, Shenandoah Shores, 183 Locust Grove Road, Front Royal, $200,000.
  • John A. Coppage and Anne M. Coppage to Gary L. Montgomery II and Jennifer L. Montgomery, 82 Stonewood Court, Bentonville, $285,000.
  • Donald M. Dolly Jr. to CMH Homes Inc., CCC Road, Front Royal, 4.394 acres, $55,000.
  • Frank B. Cockrell and M. Elaine Cockrell to Maureen Mae Kellogg, High Knob, 381 Club House Road, Front Royal, $230,000.
  • Natalie A. Riley to Brandy Coldsnow, Ay View Esttes, 110 Elsia Drive, Front Royal, $128,750.
  • Stewart W. Dawson to Donald F. Poe Inc., 843 Lower Valley Road, Strasburg, $90,000.
  • Oddenino Properties Inc. to Xianhua Wang and Helen H. Ding, Apple Mountain Lake, Apple Orchard Drive, Lot 27, Linden, $38,000.
  • Bill Dowell and Patricia Dowell to Jonathan Charles Scott, Shenandoah Farms, 491 Joans Quandrangle Road, Front Royal, $175,000.
  • Stephen I. Rappaport, trustee of the Eleanor G. Rappaport Trust, to Maureen M. Fenton, 214 W. Main St., Front Royal, $154,000.
  • Trustee Services of Virginia LLC and Melvin E. Funkhouser and Frances R. Funkhouser to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 132 Duck St., Front Royal, $117,414.
  • FFC Properties LLC to Donald W. Kane, Shenandoah Farms, 134 Farm Ridge Road, Front Royal, $231,900.
  • Terry L. Green to Duane Harris, White Tail Ridge, 147 Samantha Lane, Front Royal, $392,000.
  • Angela L. Marlow to Melanie K. Gregory and Peter D. Gregory, Hensel Stone Woods, 1319 Baron Place, Front Royal, $187,000.
  • MADA LC to H&H Builders Inc., Cauthorn Crossing, Cedarville-Reliance Road, Reliance, $42,500.
  • Lissa J. Hubbard to Sarah J. Harding, Stonewall Heights, 828 E. Stonewall Drive, Front Royal, $202,000.
  • Ashley Lynn Harrison to James D. Mauger, Shenandoah Farms, 222 Wendy Hill Road, Front Royal, $188,500.
  • Aaron Hike to Sara A. Jeffries, Tharpe subdivision, 839 W. 15th St., Front Royal, $272,500.
  • H&H Builders Inc. to Nicholas James Hogan and Cara Jean Laub, Cauthorn Crossing, Cauthorn Mill Road, Middletown, $420,000.
  • Wells Fargo Financial System Virginia Inc. to Independence Realty LLC, Pilgrims Cove, 294 Pine Hills Road, Front Royal, $95,000.
  • Tracy A. Norris, executor of the estate of Huron Ray Norris, to Independence Realty LLC, Royal View Estates, 221 Hickory Road, Front Royal, $91,000.
  • Paul N. Stamps and Ashley D. Stamps to Thomas S. Jordan, Shenandoah Farms, 59 McDonalds Farm Road, Linden, $169,900.
  • David W. Knowles to Rudra K. Rajbhandari, Academy Manor, 164 Kerfoot Ave., Front Royal, $185,000.
  • Leslie C. Suber Estate to Hy Q. Le and Phuong H. Nguyen, 125 W. 14th St., Front Royal, $70,000.
  • Kelley L. Miller to Cristin Moor and Lynn T. Moor, Blue Ridge Mountain Estates, 83 Byers Lane, Front Royal, $110,000.
  • Bryan McNulty to Brian B. McAllister, Blue Mountain, 412 Trillium Trail Road, Linden, $80,000.
  • Professional Foreclosure Corp. of Virginia and Robert Kent McAnany Sr. and Tonya D. McAnany to Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Trust, Apple Mountain Lake, 1245 Granny Smith Road, Linden, $242,950.
  • Secretary of Housing & Urban Development of Washington, D.C., to Thomas Brent Stives, Lynmore Acres subdivision, 171 Gold Cup Drive, Front Royal, $170,000.
  • William L. Thorpe to James F. Thorpe, Apple Mountain Lake, 18 Golden Russet Drive, Front Royal, $150,000.
  • Robert Michael Boies and Donna M. Boies to Savage Family LLC, Browntown Road, Front Royal, 46.746 acres, $350,000.
  • D.R. Horton Inc. to Westervelt C. Romaine and Erika R. Romaine, Blue Ridge Shadows, 961 Shadows Drive, Front Royal, $318,990.

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