Samuels Library writing contest winners

Winners of the Samuels Public Library’s annual holiday writing contest were recognized at a reception in their honor on Dec. 17.

Winners of the Samuels Public Library’s annual holiday writing contest were recognized at a reception in their honor on Dec. 17.

Students read their winning entries aloud for the gathered audience, and received certificates and booklets with all the winners’ entries. Students whose artwork was selected for publication were also honored. First-place winners in each grade received a gift certificate to Royal Oak Bookshop, cosponsor of the event.

Winners by grade are:
Twelfth grade: T. David Melancon, first, home schooled; Joe Ciskanik, second, Front Royal Christian School.
Eleventh grade: Emma Jones, first, Front Royal Christian;
Elizabeth Grace Carroll, second, Front Royal Christian;
Gigi Grillo, third, Chelsea Academy.
Tenth grade: Aaron Paulisch, first, Front Royal Christian; Harmony Lindstrom, second, Wakefield Country Day School; Christine Kelly, third, Seton Home School.
Ninth grade: Avigayil Aaronson, first, Mountain Laurel Montessori; Monica Costanzo, second, Chelsea Academy; Lucy Catherine Stanford, third, Chelsea Academy.
Eighth grade: Michael Marciano, first, Wakefield Country Day; Philomena Pilon, second, Chelsea Academy; Camille Lummis, third, Wakefield Country Day.
Seventh grade: Brigette Hillaert, first, Chelsea Academy; Thomas W. Stanford IV, second, home schooled; Pierce Kiser, third, Wakefield Country Day.
Sixth grade: Lia Feit, first, Wakefield Country Day; Flora May Trumpetto, second, Mountain Laurel Montessori; Nathalie Schelin, third, Mountain Laurel Montessori.
Fifth grade: Beatrice Stanford, first, home schooled; Bayleigh Fox, second, Wakefield Country Day; Zoe Draper, third, Mountain Laurel Montessori.
Fourth grade: Hannah Renee Anderson, first, Ressie Jeffries Elementary; Bobby Weber, second, A.S. Rhodes Elementary; Brody Michael, third, A.S. Rhodes Elementary.
Third grade: Garrick Church, first, Wakefield Country Day;
Teah Draper, second, Mountain Laurel Montessori; Jayla Dean, third, home schooled.
Second grade: Liam Lim Murphy, first, Hilda J. Barbour Elementary; Autumn Sherrill-Howell, second, Hilda J. Barbour Elementary; Winston McKee, third, Wakefield Country Day.
First grade: Lucas Lanterman, first, Ressie Jeffries Elementary; Vasily Wagner, second, Mountain Laurel Montessori; Will Wofford, third, Wakefield Country Day.
Kindergarten: Caleb McKinstry, first, home schooled; Audrey Veitenthal, second, Mountain Laurel Montessori; Lexi Hathaway, third, Mountain Laurel Montessori.
Artwork: Cadence Noel, sixth grade, Mountain Laurel Montessori; Katie Kelly, sixth grade, Mountain Laurel Montessori; Sabrina Sabahi, sixth grade, Mountain Laurel Montessori; Daisy Jenkins, first grade, Mountain Laurel Montessori; Julianna Williams, fourth grade, A.S Rhodes Elementary.

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