Harpeth Rising returns to area

Louisville, Kentucky-based folk band Harpeth Rising will be hitting Bright Box Theater while touring for their 2015 album, "Shifted." Photo courtesy of Da Ping Luo

After the August release of their new album, “Shifted,” folk band Harpeth Rising has been toting its new tunes on tour and they’ll soon be stopping in Winchester.

Band members Jordana Greenberg, Rebecca Reed-Lunn and Maria Di Meglio will be performing at the Bright Box Theater at 7 p.m. Jan. 21 – the first time they’ve been in Winchester since playing at the Greensong festival in 2013.

“Shifted” ranked at the top of Folk DJ’s August charts and many of the album’s tunes ranked on the top songs chart, including “I Am Eve” at number one. Since then, the band has been mixing their new material in with performances and promoting the album. Lead singer and violinist Greenberg said they’ve felt strongly connected to the songs in “Shifted” and the newness still hasn’t worn off.

“We still feel pretty new and pretty fresh with these songs and this material – it’s still exciting each night,” she said. “We’ve found a really good response that people seem to be genuinely hearing what we’re saying, both lyrically and musically.”

The trio combines their skills on the violin, banjo and cello with singing and percussion instruments played by their feet – an element that Greenberg said the band has added in over the years. She also said that they’ve recently been adding more layers to their sound, tying in more three-part harmonies but simultaneously realizing the power of quieter moments, too.

Having kept up with a busy touring schedule and a wealth of new experiences, Greenberg said the group’s sound is constantly growing.

“We’re always developing, but we like to think of what we do is being very closely related to chamber music,” she said. “The more we play, the more we focus on the little details.”

Greenberg said the band has become much more conscientious of those little details in creating “Shifted;” that every sound in the album is intentional and loaded with meaning.

“I think that it’s an intense album in a lot of ways – there are big sounds and warm sounds but in a way, it’s a very intricate and intimate album,” she said.

They’ve been expanding their tours geographically, too – although they’ve played in the U.K. for a few years, Greenberg said this will be the first time the group will formally tour in mainland Europe, hitting several locations in the Netherlands come November. Other musicians have relayed positive feedback from their own experiences and Greenberg said the group’s been staying flexible and open to future options.

Along with the band name’s origin of a flowing river, Harpeth Rising’s sound is constantly moving and fluid.

“It’s both difficult to try to put a label on any kind of original music and it does it a disservice to try to almost describe it too carefully,” Greenberg said.

IF YOU GO: 7 p.m. Jan. 21 at Bright Box Theater, 15 N. Loudon St. in Winchester. Tickets are $10 in advance up until two hours before the show and $12 at the door. Learn more about the show at http://tinyurl.com/zjs3v5t.

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