Pet of the week: Dallas will adapt with affection

Shy shorthair Dallas gets some attention while sitting on the lap of Winchester SPCA kennel attendant David Benoit. Rachel Mahoney/Daily

WINCHESTER – Although he may need some time to adjust, 4-year-old shorthair Dallas is ready to take up residence on a new owner’s lap.

Winchester SPCA kennel attendant Stephanie Magbanua said that this stocky, big-pawed cat came to the shelter around August as a stray. In that time, he’s come into his own as quite the lazy attention lover.

“When he first got here, he was pretty hissy, he didn’t really like it when you picked him up … just with the proper time, he would make a pretty good all-around kitty cat,” she said. “I definitely think he would be good, it would just take time.”

Dallas is one of around eight stray cats at the shelter that the attendants said are independent and would feel most at home in a barn or as an outdoor pet. He’s not an active mouse-hunter type of cat like the others, but Magbanua said he’s one of the most affectionate of the bunch. With enough time, she said he might eventually adapt to life as a spoiled house cat.

“They all kind of get semi-acquainted, but they’re still very cautions of everything, so it’s hard to take a cat like that home to your house,” she said.

Like most of the others, Magbanua said Dallas is a cautious cat that would need some time to acclimate to a new home. She said his new owner would need to make an extra effort with plenty of quality time and cuddles to make him feel safe.

“We call him the pit bull kitty because he’s got the big block head and he’s so stout,” she said laughingly. “He’s more of a lazy bones.”

The attendants said Dallas gets along just fine with the other cats at the shelter even though he’s not very playful. Magbanua said that as a low-key and mellow cat, she wouldn’t recommend him to families with young children.

Although he wouldn’t make much use of toys, Dallas is plenty content to spend an afternoon basking in attention on someone’s lap. But as a more cautious and alert cat, the attendants said he’s sometimes selective about the attention he gets.

Magbanua said the stray cats taken into Winchester SPCA vary in temperament and personality, but Dallas is a great example of the lovable potential of some of the animals after a little extra love and patience.

“We’ve had strays that have been really lovable, really great, very easy to handle…and we’ve had ones that are just not so nice,” she said. “Every cat has a totally different personality than the next.”

Like the other cats, Dallas is up to date on his rabies and distemper shot and has received flea and worm treatments. He’s microchipped and neutered, which puts his adoption fee at $95. Contact the Winchester SPCA at 540-662-8616.

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