Signal set at park-and-ride lot

The Virginia Department of Transportation installed a new traffic signal at the park-and-ride lot on U.S. 340-522 north of Front Royal.

The signal at the intersection of Riverton Road and the entrance to the commuter lot goes into flash mode Thursday and into full operation March 31. VDOT officials say the signal should improve safety and reduce the number of crashes at the intersection by alerting drivers that they need to yield before making a left turn.

The intersection will feature a flashing, yellow-arrow signal for left-turning traffic indicating that drivers can turn left after they yield to oncoming vehicles. The signal can be programmed to accommodate changing traffic conditions. The signal may show a solid green arrow for part of the day and a flashing yellow arrow during lighter traffic periods.

VDOT urges motorists to drive with caution in the area of the new signal as drivers become acquainted with its operation.