Pet of the week: Energetic Sharpie needs a home

Sharpie, a 7 year-old domestic short hair, is available for adoption at the Shenandoah County Animal Shelter in Edinburg. Rachel Mahoney/Daily

EDINBURG – Sharpie may be one of the older cats staying at the Shenandoah County Animal Shelter, but you’d never know it when paying her a visit.

Right from the start, Sharpie is inquisitive and outgoing when introduced to new surroundings, not shy in the slightest. She’ll walk right up to guests, purring and demanding attention – but make sure to mind her tail, since animal caretaker Katrina Keywood said Sharpie doesn’t appreciate being petted there.

“When she’s had enough, she tells you,” she said. “She loves head scratches, she’s always ready for a pat on the had or a scratch on the back, just avoid the tail.”

Keywood said Sharpie came to the shelter around the end of March when her owner passed away.  The short-haired black cat gets along well with other felines and is always ready to play.

While Keywood said Sharpie likes attention on her own terms, the cat won’t hesitate to climb up for a cuddle, too. When with visitors, she’s constantly kneading her paws on the ground and ready for some quality lap cat time.

“She definitely has a personality of her own, there is no doubt about that,” Keywood said.

One thing that’s not immediately noticeable about Sharpie is the poor condition of her teeth. Keywood said the issue causes her trouble eating hard food, so the shelter has fed her soft food.

“She’s a very petite cat, and I think part of that is maybe because of her teeth,” she said. “She can definitely stand to put on a little weight. They probably just need to be pulled.”

Keywood said the shelter is on the lookout for Sharpie’s new family, but they’re also open to sponsors who would contribute some money to pay for operations on her teeth. After consulting with a vet, Keywood said the cat’s needs would run a bill of $200 or more.

Affectionate and playful, Sharpie would fit in with almost any home, as long as her owner is mindful of her needs. Keywood suggested she would get along best with children older than 8.

“She adapts very well to any environment that she’s been in,” she said. “I think she would probably do better with older children – she’s not a cat that would let you pick her up and carry her around.”

Adopting Sharpie from the shelter will cost her future owner $15. Keywood said Sharpie is spayed and up to date on her distemper shot, but will need a one-year rabies shot from a vet after adoption. Contact the shelter at 540-984-8955 or visit its website at http://shenandoahcountyva.us/animal-shelter/.

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