Pet of the Week: ‘Miracle’ kitten awaiting adoption at Esther Boyd

Miracle, a 6-month-old kitten, is available for adoption at the Esther Boyd Animal Shelter in Winchester. Brad Fauber/Daily

WINCHESTER – Miracle, a 6-month-old kitten, was given her name by staff members at the Esther Boyd Animal Shelter because they say that the fact that she is residing safe and sound at the facility is certainly that – a miracle.

On Feb. 6, a citizen brought the kitten to the facility and informed staff he had witnessed the animal being tossed from a moving vehicle, according to Judy Myers, an animal caretaker at the shelter.

Miracle emerged from the incident without injury, and is now awaiting adoption into a new home.

“She has had no health problems,” Myers said. “She was a little timid of people at first but now you can pet her and she’ll come out and sit on the little sofa with us. She’s growing up.”

A domestic shorthair with a gray coat and green eyes, Miracle has been a resident at Esther Boyd Animal Shelter for nearly three months. Myers said she’s surprised it has taken this long for the kitten to find a new home, but noted that Miracle’s timid personality might be part of the reason.

“The gentleman that takes care of this room, he told me when he first got her it was like, ‘No you’re not holding me,’ and she would jump back in her cage and stuff,” Myers said. “But she’s doing a lot better now.”

Myers described Miracle as “pretty laid back,” and said the kitten would fit in quite nicely in any type of household, although “it will probably take her a little while to warm up wherever she goes.”

Myers said Miracle should handle being around children well after the initial getting-to-know-you phase because “she’s still young.”

Miracle has already received her distemper shot but will need to be spayed and administered a rabies vaccination, Myers said.

“I would just say considering what happened to her, she is a miracle and she would be a blessing for anybody’s home because she’s so loveable,” Myers said.

The Frederick County Esther Boyd Animal Shelter is located at 161 Fort Collier Road in Winchester and can be reached by phone at 540-667-9192. More information about the facility can be found online at http://tinyurl.com/qz4sqg3.

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