Courthouse Notes

The following information is from the Shenandoah County Circuit Court and Department of Building Inspections:

Marriage licenses
• Stephen John Clifton, 49, of Woodstock, and Bobbie Jo Presnell, 46, of Mount Jackson.
• Danziel Whitcomb Cartwright, 25, of Chesapeake, and Margo Allison Hernandez, 23, of Chesapeake.
• Joseph Wayne Dugger, 54, of Fort Valley, and Karen Denise Hill, 44, of Fort Valley.
• Joshua Tyler Gates, 25, of Star Tannery, and Kylie Ayn Latshaw, 25, of Star Tannery.
• Aaron James Painter, 28, of Broadway, and Ashlee Adair Sites, 25, of Broadway.
• Michael Lee Barr, 59, of Woodstock, and Airin Sri Rahayu, 61, of Woodstock.
• Nicholas Victor Lopez, 29, of Henrico, and Stephanie Ann Hill, 31, of Woodstock.
• Derek Ryan Martin, 24, of New Market, and Angela Ann Yankey, 25, of Timberville.
• Matthew Louis Boyle, 28, of Quicksburg, and Melanie Torres, 30, of Quicksburg.
• Dewayne Thomas Mathers, 34, of Mount Jackson, and Shaina Reine Lam, 26, of Mount Jackson.
• James Albert Tolson Jr., 36, of Woodstock, and Wilma Lee Dinges, 55, of Woodstock.

• Christina Louise Kleiderlein and Robert Brian Kleiderlein.

Real estate over $25,000
• Federal National Mortgage Association to Maria L. Alfaro, 34 Aileen Road, Edinburg, $60,000.
• Dwayne H. Robertson and Deborah A. Robertson to Quinton M. Garber and Donna V. Garber, Breckinridge Estates, 1766 Quicksburg Road, Quicksburg, 9.081 acres, $429,000.
• Diana Skrobecky to Andrew L. Nicholson, Signal Knob Station Condominiums, 225 Brandy Court, Unit J8, Strasburg, $90,000.
• Jaclyn M. Fauver to Christy Lynn Baylis and Shawn Eric Gaston, Madison Heights, 589 Christensen Drive, Strasburg, $221,700.
• Liberty Properties LLC to Rainstorm LLC, 9539 and 9541 S. Congress St., New Market, $165,000.
• Bank of New York Mellon to LDE LLC, 554 E. Queen St., Strasburg, $38,000.
• Surety Trustees LLC to Ocwen Loan Servicing, 668 Stephens Lane, Fort Valley, 7.309 acres, $119,625.
• Young Zoo Kim to Inhee Yoo, Lakeview Farms, 135 Lora Drive, Woodstock, $130,000.
• Bettie Ann Funkhouser, Roger D. Baker and Robert L. Baker to Lewis R. Short and Sarah L. Short, 10298 Senedo Road, Mount Jackson, $132,000.
• Gregory D. Witman to John C. Taylor and Penny S. Taylor, Deer Rapids, 105 Peach Orchard Road, Strasburg, $160,000.
• J&JS Partners LP to James C. McLeod and Joyce S. McLeod, Bryce Mountain Resort, 697 Nicklaus Drive, Basye, $138,000.
• Kermit B. Orndorff Jr. to April J. Warner, Westbrook subdivision, 1406 Country Brook Road, Toms Brook, $139,000.
• Lucinda P. Fromille, executor of the estate of Henrietta Kline, to Alternative Energies LLC, 14887 Old Valley Pike, Edinburg, $60,000.
• TG Land Holdings LLC to Shaun L. Orndorff, Chapman subdivision, 491 N. Lee St., Woodstock, $172,500.
• Jamie F. Nichols and Michael S. Nichols to Sherree K. Koontz, Crestview Heights, 1339 Horseshoe Circle, Woodstock, $245,000.
• Denis Miquith and Charmine M. Misquith to Catherine M. Reed and Craig A. Curry, Trails End Mountain Estates, 3871 Holsinger Road, Broadway, $30,000.
• Donald F. Hulver to Ellen M. Gilmer, Bryce Mountain Resort, 8 Clark Road, Mount Jackson, $167,500.
• Marshal L. Ausberry Sr., executor of the estate of Mary M. Ausberry, to Tonia Dispirito, 559 Branch St., Strasburg, $110,000.
• Ekiko Sato to DLG Construction LLC, Brook Village, 55 Jessica Place, Toms Brook, $27,000.
• Christopher P. Adams to Stephen A. Jarboe and Angela C. Jarboe, 783 King St., Strasburg, $180,000.
• Joseph Elmer Embrey, George R. Embrey and Amy Catherine Snow, devisees of Eula Lee France and Hazel Ann Proffit, to Justus J. Snow and Amy C. Snow, 326 N. Massanutten St., Strasburg, $104,400.
• Commonwealth Asset Services LLC and Barbara J. Heyer and Scott C. Heyer to Navy Federal Credit Union, Madison Heights, 25 Ellen Drive, Strasburg, $187,200.
• National City Bank of West Virginia to Glenn D. Gates and Margaret M. Gates, Indian Springs Road, Woodstock, 5.161 acres, $500,000.
• Cindy Stultz to Jessica S. Bowers and Aaron L. Bowers, 1057 Kern Springs Road, Woodstock, 8.514 acres, $195,000.
• Kathleen M. Knowles, John C. Needham and Mary N. Davis to Richard Rogers and Anna Rogers, Shenandoah Estates, 316 Henry Drive, Woodstock, $198,000.
• Gerald H. Wolff and Edith Anne Wolff to Larry G. Hale and Barbara A. Whistler, Miller subdivision, 237 Shenvalee Ave., New Market, $260,000.
• Christie Vaughan to Gary L. Driver and Brenda H. Driver, Heritage Green, 146 Heritage Lane, New Market, $157,500.
• U.S. Bank to Nightingale Enterprises LLC, The Meadows at Strasburg Junction, 158 Little Sorrel Drive, Strasburg, $108,979.
• Michael J. Barta and Keri S. Barta to Scott Meza and Anny Lowery Meza, 1024 Water St., Edinburg, 34.344 acres, $950,000.
• Hisey Apartments LLC to Chosen Properties Management LLC, 5923 Gospel St., Mount Jackson, $245,000.
• Kimerly F. Gray to Brian A. Boucher and Kala M. Deavers, Hupp’s Ridge, 1311 Pendleton Lane, Strasburg, $154,500.
• Thomas L. Mobley and Sharleen Sue Mobley to William L. Braddy and Paula K. Braddy, Bird Haven, 139 Red Tail Court, Basye, 3.230 acres, $285,000.
• Natalie Jean Vint to Keith E. Crider and Eva B. Crider, 126 Taylor St., Strasburg, $158,500.
• Robert E. Ellerd to Glenn A. Harris and Joy M. Harris, 796 Privet Lane, Fort Valley, 8.516 acres, $223,000.
• Jessica L. Overman to Jose Santos Sorto, Stonewall Terrace, 314 Stonewall Circle, Woodstock, $158,000.
• James Taft Jr. and Bonnie Taft to Catherine C. Davis, Manor Hill Estates, 179 Holstein Lane, Toms Brook, 3.001 acres, $410,000.
• Kenneth M. See to Rachel L. Larimer, 587 Capon St., Strasburg, $141,500.
• Jorge Wilney Pereira and Maria Delos A. Pereira to Zuben LLC, 143 E. Court St., Woodstock, $150,000.
• Hamner Properties LLC to Robert G. Cottrell and Nancy J. Cottrell, Valley View, 304 Sara Ann Ave., Edinburg, $116,000.
• LD Real Estate Investments Holdings LLC to Tracy Ingram, 126 Mountain Slope Lane, Fort Valley, 3 acres, $52,000.

Building permits over $15,000
• Louis and Karen Herman, 2237 Moose Road, Woodstock, 40×40 farm structure, $28,000.
• Dana Angelilli, 1052 Green Acre Drive, Strasburg, garage, $24,000.
• Adkins Aluminium, Sara Ann Ave., Edinburg, single-family dwelling, $83,000.
• Ben Albert, Dean Road, Toms Brook, single-family dwelling, $145,000.
• Wayne and Tarilyn Racey, 1982 Junction Road, Strasburg, pole shed, $20,000.
• Carl and Beverly Patton, 1076 Stage Coach Road, Woodstock, porch, $73,590.
• Kibler Enterprises LP, 22192 Old Valley Pike, Woodstock, addition, $30,000.
• James and Anita Miller, 5951 Broad St., Mount Jackson, 18×24 storage building, $20,000.
• Kennametal Inc., 450 New Market Depot Road, New Market, new roof, $42,250.
• John Evy, Garber Road, Mount Jackson, single-family dwelling, $160,000.
• Daryl and Yvette Hulvey, 10694 Old Valley Pike, Mount Jackson, demo house damaged by fire, $18,000.
• Forrest and Lorie Mathias, 328 McDonald Lane, Lebanon Church, single-family dwelling, $173,190.
• Steven Thorpe, 8877 John Marshall Highway, Star Tannery, finish basement, $25,000.
• Shrine Mont Inc., 217 Shrine Mont Circle, Orkney Springs, renovate third-floor sprinkler system, $17,820.

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