Actor guest appearance scheduled at Alamo

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Winchester will be showing a cult classic film at a special guest event on Monday.

Actor and writer Greg Sestero will visit audiences at a showing event for Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room,” which has been called the “best worst” film. Sestero said he’s visited other Alamo cinemas for similar events focused around the film, and 2016 makes for a good year to tour on the film’s 13th anniversary year.

Sestero wrote “The Disaster Artist” on his experiences making the film and published it in 2013. The book is destined for a film adaptation titled “The Masterpiece,” which will be directed by James Franco and will star Franco as Wiseau along with Seth Rogen.

For events on the film and his book, Sestero said he usually shows a short documentary on the making of the book and film before holding a Q&A session and reading of his book, signing copies for those interested. “The Room” then usually shows after an intermission.

“It’s always fun to watch the reactions to the film from people that have never really experienced it,” he said. “Those are usually some of my favorites, to go to places for the first time.”

Sestero said seasoned fans and newcomers alike enjoy a good time at the showing and many viewers bring their friends along to see their reactions. He said the documentary serves as a great teaser introduction for the film with clips of actors and some behind the scenes footage.

While there’s no timeline yet for “The Masterpiece” release date or trailers, Sestero said it’ll capture the spirit of the book and that it looks promising.

“I think fans are really excited about it because its something new and it’s a cross of indie and Hollywood,” he said. Now you’re having some of the biggest people in the business making a movie about it and having a major studio release it, so its kind of an exiting turn for this phenomenon.”

Andy Gyurisin, president of Winchester Film Club 3.0, said this event was possible because of a member of both that club and its sister club, Psycho Cinema.

“We were able to make this happen due to some good connections here in the community that are always here for us in the Alamo Drafthouse,” he said.

Having never seen “The Room” himself, Gyurisin said he knows plenty of film club goers and cinephiles who have frequently requested a showing, but the theater couldn’t work it into a schedule before.

Within a sea of low-budget B movies, he said “The Room” created a whirlwind legacy that kept audiences coming back and kept the film apart from the rest.

“I think you’re going to have a lot of people who are very much involved with that film,” he said. “It’s got that sort of cult status to it.”


When: “The Room” with Greg Sestero live starts at 7 p.m. Monday.

Where: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, 181 Kernstown Commons Boulevard in Winchester.

Tickets: Limited availability tickets are $15 and can be purchased online or at the theater.

 Information: Learn more and purchase tickets at

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