Veterans to be honored at Middletown memorial

Veterans will be honored with a memorial in Middletown during the Veterans Memorial groundbreaking ceremony on Monday.

The ceremony will be held at 4 p.m. Monday at 8050 S. Main St., Middletown.

Middletown Veterans Memorial Committee Chairman Raymond Steele said all veterans will be honored at the site.

“This memorial is for all veterans, past, present and future from all wars starting with the Revolutionary War,” he said.

Work for this project began in February when a committee was formed, he said. Research began to check the recorded deed, proffer statements and survey plats for the proposed memorial site.

The Town Council passed a resolution establishing the 1.84 acres as holy ground, he said.

“The committee started by studying existing memorials and listening to various individuals concerning what the memorial should contain and look like,” Steele said.

A conceptual design was drawn and approved by the committee. Survey plats were also analyzed and property boundaries were re-established, allowing for a street address to be created for the site.

The next step was an archaeological survey where GPS coordinates of artifacts discovered at the site were recorded before removal and cleaning began, he said. The removed artifacts will be on display in the town office. A detailed report of the finding and global positioning is pending from the Archaeological Society that conducted the survey.

He added that a preliminary design for the memorial has been created, but “until we start moving dirt to see what kind of rock we will encounter, the actual location for the memorial may need to be adjusted on our site.”

The groundbreaking ceremony will kick off the construction work to the site.

He said that the memorial is planned to be 30 feet by 50 feet and contain about 6,900 bricks. Black granite will face the memorial and include insignia from all branches of the military.

He added that the committee is projecting the need to raise about $50,000 for the memorial. At this time, only a few thousand dollars has been raised.

Fundraising activities are being studied, he added, and they are investigating grants that may be available to them.

“We are working on the hope that once construction begins, folks will be able to see that the memorial is a reality and will start to donate accordingly,” he said.

Individuals are beginning to purchase bricks to honor loved ones and the committee has distributed solicitation funding letters to neighboring businesses, Steele said.

Bricks can be purchased for $75 each, and if someone or a business/corporation donates at least $500 they will be provided with an 8-by-8-inch brick.

Forms to purchase a brick can be picked up at the Middletown Town Office or the staff will mail a copy. The memorial’s website is

The committee has also set up a GoFundMe account at

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