Winchester hosts dog agility trials

A dog emerges from the tube after climbing up and down the A-Frame on an obstacle course at The Blue Ridge Dog Training Club Agility Trials. The dog competed in the master class, where any mistake on the course results in disqualification. Jake Zuckerman/Daily

WINCHESTER – Dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes showed up to the Blue Ridge Dog Training Club’s Agility Trials on Friday to navigate an obstacle course as fast as possible.

The course featured an A-Frame the dogs had to climb and descend, hurdles to leap over, poles to weave in and out of, an elevated platform to span without their owners, and a table to sit and stay on in the middle of the race.

Most dogs made it through in anywhere between 40 seconds to two minutes.

Donna Smith is president of the Blue Ridge Dog Training Club. She said people and their dogs love the club and the trials because it’s a great bonding activity for all parties.

“I started doing it because it just looked like something fun to do with my dog,” she said.

Kenzie smiles – quite literally – for the camera. All her owner has to do is ask, and this dog gives her best attempt to make a human-like grin. Jake Zuckerman/Daily

The dogs ranged in skill level from world-class to amateur. The trial was broken into four classes: novice, open, excellent and master. Competitors in the master class are disqualified if they make any mistakes in the course.

One of the stars of the show was a husky named Grrrr, owned by Jan Larson. Grrrr is the highest ranked agility husky in the country.

The trials are set to continue today and Sunday.

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Sophie Brown, left, participates in the 4-H Dog Days of Summer event, which on Friday included a stop at the Blue Ridge Dog Training Club's Agility Trials. Several dog owners came by to introduce their dogs to the kids and teach them about dogs. Jake Zuckerman/Daily

Maggie Copp, a participant in the 4-H Dog Days of Summer Program, watches in awe as one well-trained dog earns a treat for his hard work. Jake Zuckerman/Daily

Claudia Bates directs Quasar, her border collie, through the obstacle course at the Blue Ridge Dog Training Club Agility Trials on Friday. Jake Zuckerman/Daily