Racing in miniature: Radio-controlled shop. racetrack set to open in Winchester

Seth Hardison, owner of Adrenaline RC Racing, holds a 1/8th scale RC buggy inside the 80 x 115 feet enclosed dirt track of his Winchester business, which opens Saturday. Rich Cooley/Daily

WINCHESTER – Residents will have a chance to act out their auto racing fantasies in miniature when Adrenaline RC Racing opens its doors on Saturday. The business features a scale model off-road racetrack for hobbyists and remote control enthusiasts who want to test their mettle with other racers.

Seth Hardison owns Adrenaline at 246 Sulky Drive and said his business offers several services, the primary one being racing. Hardison’s son, Jacob is an avid racer and the two enjoy the hobby together.

“We are primarily an off-road RC car racing facility,” Hardison said. “I sell everything RC but I’m kind of a boutique type of shop. I have a big off road track and we race RC cars on it.”

Hardison sells everything from cars to replacement wheels to drones.

Adrenaline’s concept is not brand new, and similar operations have previously tried to take hold in Winchester, but his business is the only one of its kind in the area. He said that Virginia Beach has some tracks, as does Pennsylvania.

Jacob Hardison, 15, operates his RC buggy on top of this platform under the dome track. Rich Cooley/Daily

“It’s been in the area before,” he said. “It’s kind of come and gone a couple times. You can definitely go places to other tracks. There’s a decent-sized community for it. It’s a worldwide thing. The building I built for the track is actually inspired from a track I saw in Italy.”

Hardison described his scaled-down track, which will cater to a variety of car classes and experience levels. It’s outfitted with all the jumps and difficulty as the real thing.

“The track is under cover and so we’ll be able to race rain or shine,” he said. “It’s definitely one of those deals where you just have to see it to really appreciate it. Imagine a BMX or a motocross track, except it’s scaled down for RC.”

Necessity is the mother of invention and Hardison said it was the mother of Adrenaline RC Racing as well.

“Our local track closed and we went traveling and I just picked up the baton and I’m just going to do it right,” he said. “… I filled in a gap that used to be here on a smaller scale as far as size of facility. I know what West Coast tracks are and I’m just trying to bring a little West Coast to the East Coast.”

Jacob Hardison, 15, tests his RC buggy on a tabletop with his controller. Rich Cooley/Daily

The cost is $10 to use the track just for fun and the fee to enter a race is $20. Hardison said that often times, people will enter cars in multiple classes.

Hardison said a weekend of all-day racing is planned for the grand opening. Doors will open at 8 a.m. Saturday.

“This is an all-day event,” Hardison said. “They’ll come and sit down for six to eight hours during the process of qualifying and then the main event. We’ll have TVs, probably with a football game on one and our race scoreboard on the other.”

Hardison said he’s excited for what’s to come and has visions of offering more options should things go well.

“If this goes well, this is just one step to other RC opportunities,” he said. “I want to do drone racing and rock crawling and other things just than this off road. Off-road is what I know because my son is in it and I’ve been his maintenance guy. It’s all opportunity.”

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An RC buggy races around the dirt track. Rich Cooley/Daily