Plump dog seeking walking companion

This is Rosie, a 9-year-old American pitbull mix . Jake Zuckerman/Daily

WINCHESTER — A plus-sized dog from the Winchester SPCA is seeking a new owner and walking companion.

Rosie is a 9-year-old American pitbull mix who weighs in just shy of 100 lbs., according to shelter supervisor Steven Rogers.

Although she’s a bit husky, Rogers said the shelter staff is using dieting and walking to help Rosie shed a few extra pounds, and he hopes a new owner for her would do the same.

“If you wanted somebody to walk with, I think she’s definitely the one,” she said. “And it would do her a lot of good, too.”

An ideal owner, Rogers said, would be someone with no other pets in the house, and someone who could regulate Rosie’s diet and exercise. However, he said Rosie is docile and complacent enough to hang out by herself if her owner works regularly.

In her demeanor, Rosie is a calm dog and more mobile than her appearance suggests. Rogers said she’s affectionate and loves people. He also said she can be stubborn, but in an amusing fashion.

“She’s a good girl, and she’s quite comical,” he said. “When she’s outside and you’re walking, if you’re coming back in, and she doesn’t want to go, she’ll just stop.”

Though Rogers recommended Rosie to a home without other pets, he said she’s had no adverse actions in the shelter. He said Rosie’s previous owners returned her due to an issue with other pets in the home, though the shelter does not have any details on the matter.

Any prospective owners interested in meeting or adopting Rosie can visit the shelter at 111 Featherbed Lane, or can call in at 540-662-8616.

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