R-MA students attend honors conference

Eight Randolph-Macon Academy students attended the 2013 Honors Conference at Virginia Military Institute in March. The Conference subject was “Building and Strengthening Honor Codes: Inspiring Honor and Respect.”

Among those who attended were the following local students:

Sophomore Gordon Anderson, the son of Greg Anderson and Mary Anderson, both of Front Royal.

Junior Caitlin Grace Bunker, the daughter of Rev. Jonathan Bunker and Dr. Susan Gawalt of Berryville.

Sophomore Jacob Allen Dodson, the son of Frank and Carol Dodson of Front Royal.

Junior Faith Funderberg, the daughter of Ken and Susan Funderberg of Front Royal.

Freshman Meghan Melberg, the daughter of Peg Melberg of Linden and Tim Melberg of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Freshman Gabriel George Williams, the son of George and Angie Williams of Front Royal.

The students who attended are active members of the Corps of Cadets at Randolph-Macon Academy. They will be responsible for implementing what they learned at the conference within the Corps through presentations, small group meetings and participation on the Corps Staff and Honor Council.