Mountain Laurel toddlers visit with fire department

Mountain Laurel Montessori School toddlers and their parents learned about fire safety at the Front Royal Volunteer Fire and Rescue’s Company 1 recently.

The children watched as volunteer firefighter and MLMS dad, David Duke, dressed in full gear. A press release quoted Mountain Laurel teacher Elaine Glier saying, “It’s good for the children to see that Mr. Duke is the same nice man, even when he is wearing a mask.” The children loved trying on the boots, helmet and coat and climbing on the fire truck. By familiarizing them with all of the gear they will hopefully be less afraid if an emergency occurs.

“We take safety and security very seriously at Mountain Laurel and we drill for various emergency scenarios,” Glier said.

The practice recently helped one Mountain Laurel family when the grandparents’ house caught fire. The children were calm and helped the adults stay calm, too.The press release reported their mother Clare Schmidt saying they learned what to do in school