Grants to help CCAP launch initiative for charity

Warren County Congregational Community Action Project organization received two grants from Wells Fargo Bank in June.

The important support grants will allow CCAP to launch its 2013 initiative, a project plan that includes two critical initiatives for the CCAP charity. First, CCAP will use the grant funding to sustain the financial services provided to CCAP clients. Specifically, the CCAP energy support and rent support programs will be able to provide quality services during the 2013-2014 fall and winter seasons when demand and need is highest. Portions of this grant will also support food services. The second major component of the CCAP initiative will allow CCAP to fund an automation initiative which converts the current client management record system from a paper process to a modern case management system that adds speed, accuracy and analytical capabilities. This new computer-based system will greatly improve and simplify record keeping and operations management. This program also ensures an ability to grow with the demands in the community and maintain the continuity of reliable, dependable services.

Over the past year CCAP has served more than 4,500 people in Warren County by providing food, clothing and limited financial support. The numbers served have grown during the past three years. The all volunteer team at CCAP is challenged to maintain a flexible program of services that can adapt to the needs of local people and maintain the CCAP high standard of caring and reliable service. The local Wells Fargo Bank and the leadership in the Charlotte, N.C., offices, have provided supporting grants totaling $8,500 for the 2013-14 fiscal years. This level of support and local partnership is critical to CCAP success.

CCAP continues to depend on local donations to ensure support for the people they serve. For more information, call 540-631-1381 or visit www.facebook.com/frontroyalccap.