UVA program accepts two Wakefield Day School students

Wakefield County Day School in Huntly has announced that two students recently attended the Summer Enrichment Program at the University of Virginia Curry School of Education.

Joseph Dowell and Abe Nolan qualified to attend the program for gifted and/or high ability students which offered courses taught by specialists in fields ranging from engineering and economics to linguistics. Both students enrolled in a course entitled “Speaking of the Light: The language of Film. The course examined film making techniques and how the media created meaning within the film. Each student was expected to create a storyboard by the end of the course. Dowell was also part of a “Mock Senate.” In this course, he role-played as Sen. Rand Paul (R) Kentucky, giving Dowell an opportunity to filibuster a bill that they were debating. Nolan enrolled in an architecture course, studying the buildings of the university campus. Both students were also able to engage in supplemental activities during the 12 day program while they stayed in the dorms and enjoyed the experience of being on the grounds at the University of Virginia setting.