Shenandoah schools menu

Monday: Breaded chicken patty on wheat bun (or, for grades 6-12, hot dog in wheat bun), baked beans, pasta salad, applesauce and apple juice. Tuesday: Baked macaroni and cheese with whole wheat bread stick (or, for grades 6-12, steak-um on wheat bun), green beans, vegetable cup, pineapple and pears. Wednesday: Hamburger on wheat bun (or, for grades 6-12, chef salad with fajita chicken strips), wheat roll, steamed broccoli, vegetable cup, applesauce and peaches. Thursday: Meatball sub on wheat bun (or, for grades 6-12, Sloppy Joe on wheat bun), oven fries, Romaine lettuce with tomato and carrots, watermelon and plums. Friday: Egg roll with brown rice (or, for grades 6-12, hamburger on wheat bun), corn, steamed carrots, pears and apple juice.