Award winners from 4-H were honored at recent ceremony

At the recent 4-H Achievement Night program held at Central High School in Woodstock, outstanding 4-H members, leaders and supporters were recognized, with Outstanding County 4-H member awards going to Kathryn Flynn of Lebanon Church 4-H Club and Dakota Funkhouser of the 4-H Exchange Club and Seven Bends 4-H Shooting Education Club.

The Charlotte H. Rinker Leadership Award was presented to Rachel Harriman, from the Lebanon Church 4-H Club. The County Outstanding Leader was Brent Eaton, from the New Market 4-H Club. The Outstanding 4-H Family Award went to David, Judy and Elizabeth Rhodes, of the Lebanon Church 4-H Club.

Mary Carlson, from the Fort Valley 4-H Club, received the Alan Boyer Memorial Award. The William Danforth “I Dare You” Awards were presented to Garrett Coffey of the Shenandoah County 4-H Livestock Club and Elizabeth Rhodes, Lebanon Church 4-H Club. Tapped into the 4-H Honor Club were Courtney Nicole Funkhouser, Jenna Clair Kibler, Sarah Jo Peer and Andrew James Rhodes.

Kathryn Flynn, along with 4-H Extension Agent, Carol Nansel, were recognized as delegates to the 2012 National 4-H Congress.

Bradley Custer, Bethany Gochenour, Rachel Harriman, Melissa Hockman and Susan St. Amand were recognized as 2013 Virginia 4-H All Stars.

The “Friend of 4-H” awards were presented to Farmers and Merchants Bank of Woodstock and Edinburg, Billy Clatterbuck of SimVentions, and the Shenandoah County Master Gardeners for their unending support of the local 4-H program.

The following 4-H club plaques were also presented:

Attendance to the Toms Brook 4-H Club, participation to the Fort Valley 4-H Club, organizational to the Lebanon Church 4-H Club, project books to the Lebanon Church 4-H Club and the Toms Brook 4-H Club, National 4-H Week to the Lebanon Church 4-H Club, county contest to the Lebanon Church 4-H Club, 4-H Bike-A-Thon’s Best Participation to the New Market 4-H Club, most money raised to the New Market 4-H Club and most miles ridden to the Seven Bends 4-H Shooting Education Club.

The 4-H clubs with the most county fair exhibits awards were Lebanon Church 4-H Club (first place), St. Luke-Saumsville 4-H Club (second place) and 4-H Livestock Club (third place.)

Project medal winners for 2013 were announced and received medals for excellence in their respective projects were:

The following 4-H members received achievement awards:

Garrett Coffey, Taylor DiPaola, Dakota Funkhouser and Rachel Harriman.

The following 4-H members received agriculture awards:

Nicole Baker, Krista Barb, Kristin Derflinger,Tiffany Heishman, John-Robert Helsley and
Luke Whitacre.

Sabrina Bauserman and Bethany Gouchenour earned beef awards. Danielle Rinker earned a cat award. Rachel Tulley earned a childcare award, and she and her family won a life and childcare award. Kathryn Flynn and Robert Loveland won citizenship awards. Hannah Peer and James Zirkle earned dog care and training awards.

Nadia Mathews, Anna Rankin and James Zirkle earned food and nutrition awards.

The following members earned goat awards:

Allan Barb, Krista Barb, Cassidy Barrett, Quinton Breighner, Emilie Guzman, Brianna Kibler, Evan Kibler, Jenna Kibler, Bailey Wilk and Madison Wright.

Jenny Finnell earned an award in photography. Hannah McCubbin and Curtis Whittington earned awards in rabbit care.

Sarah Peer earned a self-determined award and Kristin Brown in shooting sports.

Joshua Glick and Samuel Stead earned swine awards, and Mary Carlson and Tiffany Heishman veterinary science awards. Rebecca Johnson was awarded in wildlife and fishers and Lucas Orndorff in wood science.

The following members received continued achievement awards, sponsored by the Shenandoah County 4-H All Stars, in their respective projects:

Beef awards were given to Garrett Coffey

Olivia Gouchenour, Tiffany Heishman, John-Robert Helsley, Jenna Kibler, Nicole D. Kibler, Andrew Rhodes, Isaac Rhodes and Luke Whitacre.

Citizenship awards were given to Courtney Funkhouser, Dakota Funkhouser, Rachel Harriman and Andrew Rhodes.

Bethany Gouchenour earned an award in conservation of natural resources and Elizabeth Rhodes in Dairy. Hannah Orndorff earned an award in food and nutrition.

The following members earned goat awards:

Cameron Bake, Nicole Baker, Kristin Derflinger, Lauren Derflinger, Bethany Gouchenour, Lindsey Hamrick, Tiffany Heishman, Kayla Kibler, Nicole D. Kibler, Nicole Marie Kibler and Isabelle Wenn.

Alysia Coffelt and Brittany Coffelt earned rabbit awards and Anna Tully earned an award in outdoor adventure.

The following members earned sheep awards
Courtney Beaune,Bradley Custer, Kamryn Custer, Emilie Guzman, Kayla Kibler, Emma Schechtel, John Paul Schechtel, Marian Schechtel, Sarah Grace Schechtel, Emilie Webb Luke Whitacre.

Taylor DiPaola, Courtney Funkhouser and Dakota Funkhouser earned awards in shooting sports.

The following members earned swine awards:

Garrett Coffey, Jacob Coffey, Sarah Eaton, Bethany Gouchenour, Brayden Hovatter, Hailey Shoemaker and Luke Whitacre.

Honorable mention awards, sponsored by the Shenandoah County 4-H All Stars, were presented to the following members:

Beef: Caleb Fredman, Elizabeth Funkhouser and Lacey Dysart.

Goats: Steven Baker, Amanda Kibler, Kate Kibler and Casey Wenn.

Nicolas Cooper and Abbey Rinker earned horse awards and James Eaton a poultry award.

Quinton Breighner and Hailey Shoemaker earned sheep awards and Wyatt Peterson a shooting sports award.

Trevor Kibler and Travis Painter earned swine awards.

Four-H project medals, continued achievement and honorable mention awards are sponsored by local and state 4-H donors.