Writing contest winners announced

Samuels Public Library has announced the winners of the 35th annual Holiday Writing Contest, sponsored by the library and Royal Oak Bookshop. Winners were honored at a reception held in their honor on Dec. 19. Each winning entry was read aloud for the audience, and winners received a certificate and a copy of the published booklet containing all the winners’ work. First place winners also received gift certificates to the Royal Oak Bookshop. Children whose artwork was selected for publication were recognized as well.

Winners are as follows:
Charlotte Griffeth, first place, “Sharing With My Sister,” Home School
Reagan Edsell, second place, “Christmas Time Is Here,” Mountain Laurel Montessori
Uli Duke, third place, “It’s Fun Having Christmas,” Mountain Laurel Montessori

First grade:
Olivia Grupac, first place, “Winter, Winter,” Hilda J. Barbour Elementary
Lela Masters, second place, “The Tale of Edy,” Mountain Laurel Montessori
Teah Draper, third place, “Christmas,” Mountain Laurel Montessori

Second grade:
Vito Scotto di Clemente, first place, “Elf,” Mountain Laurel Montessori
Kaitlyn Antonelli, second place, “Christmas Kitten,” Hilda J. Barbour Elementary
Lily Griffin, Third Place, “Christmas In a Hole,” Wakefield Country Day School

Third grade:
Bayleigh Fox, first place, “Christmas Town,” Wakefield Country Day School
Lauren Mehl, second place, “A Christmas Dream,” Wakefield Country Day School
Cody Henderson, third place, “Why I Like Christmas,” Riverfront Christian School

Fourth grade:
Nathalie Schelin, first place, “The Penguin’s First Christmas,” Mountain Laurel Montessori
Lia Feit, second place, “Hannukah,” Wakefield Country Day School
Paige Arndt, third place, “Snowy Days,” Hilda J. Barbour Elementary

Fifth grade:
Antonia Flannery Clark, first place, “Tinsel Wars,” Chelsea Academy
Aubrey LeBlanc, second place, “A Christmas Miracle,” Sandy Hook Elementary
Megan Patton, third place, “Winter Forest,” Leslie Fox Keyser Elementary

Sixth grade:
Julia Kolesnik, first place, “A Special Christmas,” Randolph Macon Academy
Felice Lagarde, second place, “The Christmas Tree,” Chelsea Academy
Renee Hall, third place, “The Nutcracker Retold,” Warren County Middle School

Seventh grade:
Avigayil Aaronson, first place, “Chanukah Plain and Simple,” Mountain Laurel Montessori Jr. High
Eva Parios, second place, “The Very Image of Christmas,” Wakefield Country Day School
Tatiana Calderon, third place, “Northern Lights on Christmas Eve,” Wakefield Country Day School

Eighth grade:
Gray Galeone, first place, “The Winter Walk,” Wakefield Country Day School
Harmony Andrus Lindstrom, second place, “A Dog’s Version of Christmas,” Wakefield Country Day School
Galen Slattery, third place, “A Christmas That Was Almost Perfect,” Mountain Laurel Montessori Jr. High

Ninth grade:
Teresa Clark, first place, “The Christmas Brawl,” Homeschool
Gabriella Grillo, second place, “The Baker and the Beggar,” Chelsea Academy
Stuart Nolan, third place, “Winter’s Portrait,” Chelsea Academy

Tenth grade:
Holly Anderson, first place, “The Christmas Miracle,” Chelsea Academy
Rebecca Turner, second place, “The Wonderful Winter Festival,” Riverfront Christian School
Teresa Lee, third place, “Winky and the Reindeer,” Chelsea Academy

Eleventh grade:
Kaitlyn Stickley, first place, “Blue Christmas,” Homeschool
Bernadette Pilon, second place, “My Dark Home of Light,” Chelsea Academy
Matthew Reisinger, third place, “The Gingerbread Man,” Riverfront Christian School

Twelfth grade:
Emily Pusateri, first place, “The Box,” Riverfront Christian School
Maire Brigid Sladky, second place, “Caroling for Whitefalls,” Chelsea Academy
Wade Bailey, third place, “A Power-full Christmas,” Riverfront Christian School

The following students also contributed artwork to the contest booklet:

Katie Kelly, cover art, third grade, Mountain Laurel Montessori School
Flora Trumpetto, inside cover, fourth grade, Mountain Laurel Montessori School
Princess Uzoma, inside cover, sixth grade, Randolph Macon Academy
Thomas Kominek, inside back cover, second grade, Mountain Laurel Montessori School
C. J. Foreman, inside back cover, kindergarten, Wakefield Country Day School
Briana Guiffre, back cover, kindergarten, Wakefield Country Day School