School Board recognizes safe drivers

At its June meeting, the Shenandoah County School Board recognized 29 of the division’s bus and car drivers for having completed 20 or more years of driving without an accident.

Cynthia Page, the division’s director of finance, states in a news release that eight drivers have 16 to 20 years of safe driving, 14 have 11 to 15 years of safe driving, 15 have six to 10 years of safe driving, and 41 drivers have one to five years of safe driving.

In Shenandoah County, safe drivers are recognized on an annual basis. One-year safe drivers receive a certificate. All of the other safe drivers receive a certificate and a patch with the number of total years of safe driving.

This year’s recipients are:

Charles Fansler, Karen Fansler, Jania Fravel, Linda Dellinger, Samuel Stephens, Walter Stokes, Melody Green, Paul Wakeman, Kathryn Cooper, Sherry Miller, Deborah Morse, Sara Jane Richard, Sherrie Grant, Ila Ryan, Brenda Silveus, Delores Kibler, Elaine Powers, Donna Rutz, Jane Depreiter, Carol Lambert, Jack Colvin, Joan Clem, Mabel Cole, Alda Fogal, Mary Louise Kibler, Helen Orndorff, Annis Price, Hilda Vann, Landon Weatherholtz, Tonya Brashier, Whitney Crawford, Ronnie Cromer, Jo Cromer, Penny Dalton, Nick French, Jerry Gochenour, Gary Grant, Christina Kibler, Deborah Lefferts, Jeremy Mantz, Dora Martinez, Nancy McDonald, Wade Ruby, Robin Selvage, Donna Shipe, Brenda Walker, Amanda Webster, Amber Wetterhahn, Buddy Zirk, Steve Campbell, Amanda Crisman, Christy Custer, Ricky Davis, Tammy Howard-May, Randy Kniceley, Randy Souders, Jeffery Strosnider, Wright Walley, Jim Woodward, Gregory Smith, Gary Hawkins, Tina Mumaw, William Wevers, Deborah Robertson, Buck Shipe, Austine Friend, Shelby Middleton, Pat Ryman, Gloria Self, Crystal Stickley, Lanita Irwin, Lisa Gray, Carroll Hockman, Sandra Wilkins, Paul Plaugher, Eugene Putkowski, Cheryl Thrall, Ruth Jensen, Candace Miller, Dianne Orndorff, Larry Cook, Timothy Day, Louise Hawkins, Albert Kibler, Carolyn Strickland, Nancy Grim, Mary Shenk, Melissa Wilkins, Martha Heltzel, Robert Lemmermann, Theresa Malone, Ramona Davis, Laurie Eaton, Glenn Hirsh, Catherine Shenk, Gladys Stinson, Michael Malone, Charles Pool, Cynthia Stultz, Mary Beall, Sabrina Stickley, Shannon Hepner, Clarnece Collette, Jr. and Kimberly Guinn.