Museum volunteers

The following is the volunteer schedule for the Strasburg Museum:

Aug. 24: Holly Delauder
Aug. 25: Jackie Richard; Jeanette Doval
Aug. 26: Judy Cosby; Marie Spence and Lucy Artz
Aug. 27: Phil Loving and Sally Fravel; Judy Grubbs and Barbara Stickley
Aug. 28: Joan Farrell and Mike Karrigan; Gloria Stickley
Aug. 29: Bill and Arna Zulauf; Margaret Ireson
Aug. 30: Margo Hammock; Lynn Clouser
Sept. 1: Jackie Richard
Sept. 2: Ibby Stratton
Sept. 3: Carol Haycock; Sue Foster
Sept. 4: Betty Sue Howard and Gloria Church
Sept. 5: Linda Williams; Marie Spence
Sept. 8: Jackie Richard; Amanda Leonard
Sept. 9: Judy Cosby; Doris Baker and Winnie Callihan
Sept. 10: Phil Lovings and Sally Fravel