Warren County recognizes employees

Warren County recognized staff members at its annual employee picnic on Sept. 17, according to a news release.

The following employees were recognized for longevity and service:

Five years of service: Marie E. Manuel, Laura L. Gomez, Erica A. Cook, Charles W. Wright, Jeffrey L. Hayes, Amanda N. Williams, Gary B. Phillips, Robert W. Martin, Chelsea B. Albanese, Jennifer A. Atkins, Zachary A. Burrows, Kollete F. Henry, Michael J. Sirna III, Alan R. Munson, John E. Curle, Jr., Crystal L. Shayeb, and Stacy D. Swain.

Ten years: Jeremy L. Seal, Brenda K. Lockhart, Jean M. Decker, James M. Shockley, Troy D. Layne, Sr., Jennifer A. Laney, and Joan M. Curl.

Fifteen years: Kerry L. Magalis II, Jason Z. Poe, Teresa T. Williams, Robert E. Cook, and Paula D. Fristoe.

Twenty years: Robin A. Richardson and Jacqueline C. Cain.

Twenty-five years: Virgil L. Cockrell.

Thirty-five years: Kent P. Printz and Sherry T. Sours.

William T. Imler and Barbara J. Woodward were recognized for their retirement.

Other awards were given out, including the “You Make a Difference Awards” to
Jessica Hunter, Family Services supervisor; Virgil Lee Cockrell, assistant crew supervisor; Donna Shackelford, custodial supervisor; and Vanessa Sutton, senior office associate.

County Administrator Doug Stanley noted in the release:

“There are many employees that meet the criteria of making a difference, but these recipients really stood out in the past year. These awards are named the ‘You Make a Difference Awards’ because that’s what each of these employees do – make a difference each day in the smooth operations of the County”.

Maintenance worker Tyler Wright, was also recognized at the picnic. He is leaving for U.S. Army basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia.