Winners of the annual holiday writing contest

Winners of the 36th annual holiday writing contest sponsored by Samuels Public Library and Royal Oak Bookshop were honored at a reception on Dec. 15.

Each winning entry was read aloud for the audience. Winners received a certificate and a copy of the published booklet containing all the winners’ work. First-place winners also received gift certificates to the Royal Oak Bookshop. Children whose artwork was selected for publication were recognized as well. Winners by grade, place, student and school are:

Kindergarten: first, Bobby Ethan Housden, Virginia Virtual Academy; second, Julianne Dean, home schooled; third, Uli Duke, Mountain Laurel Montessori.

First grade: first, Liam Lim Murphy, Hilda J. Barbour Elementary; second,
Maitreya Kelly, Mountain Laurel Montessori; third, Faith King, Dynamic Life Christian School.

Second grade: first, Teah Draper, Mountain Laurel Montessori; second, Grace Berry, Ressie Jeffries Elementary; third, Carmen O’Neill, Wakefield Country Day School.

Third grade: first, Veronica Jenislawski, Divinum Auxilium Academy; second, Vito Scotto di Clemente, Mountain Laurel Montessori; third, Meredith Clifford, Mountain Laurel Montessori.

Fourth grade: first, Ruth McMahon, Wakefield Country Day School; second,
Ariel Jacob, home schooled; third, Ben Windt, Bonnie Brae Elementary.

Fifth grade: first, Lia Feit, Wakefield Country Day School; second, Katherine Kelly, Seton Home School; third, Liza Dareing, Wakefield Country Day School.

Sixth grade: first, Madeline Peters, Chelsea Academy; second, Carolyn Bockrath, Mother of Divine Grace; third, Lillie Burbulis, Mountain Laurel Montessori.

Seventh grade: first, Michael Marciano, Wakefield Country Day School; second, James Williams, Mountain Laurel Montessori Jr. High; third, Ryan Jones, Mountain Laurel Montessori Jr. High.

Eighth grade: first, Avigayil Aaronson, Mountain Laurel Montessori Jr. High; second, Elizabeth Burns, Wakefield Country Day School; third, Lily Whipple, Wakefield Country Day School.

Ninth grade: first, Victoria Williams, Riverfront Christian School; second, Lucia Janaro, Chelsea Academy; third, Devon Draper, Mountain Laurel Montessori.

10th grade: first, Agnese Janaro, Chelsea Academy; second, Gabriella Grillo, Chelsea Academy; third, Stuart Nolan, Chelsea Academy.

11th grade: first, Tessa Crump, Skyline High School; second, Erin Gilliland, Skyline High School; third, Taylor Martin, Skyline High School.

12th grade: first, Kristi Biggs, Skyline High School; second, Bernadette Pilon, Chelsea Academy; third, Briannah Colton, Skyline High School.

Artwork by the following students was featured in the winner’s booklet: Katie Kelly, fourth grade, Mountain Laurel Montessori School; Sarah M. Ponn, seventh grade, Randolph-Macon Academy; April Bascom, sixth grade, Mountain Laurel Montessori School; Eliot Laizure, first grade, Mountain Laurel Montessori School; Grace Griffin, kindergarten, Wakefield Country Day School.