Pet of the week: Waffles, a curious yet mellow cat

Waffles is looking for a forever home. Rachel Mahoney/Daily

EDINBURG – When free from his cage to roam and socialize, orange tabby Waffles becomes quite the shelter flirt.

Animal caretaker Cheryl Wakeman said Waffles loves being let out to romp around and get his exercise. He thrives when spending one-on-one time with visitors and volunteers in the cat playroom – a sociable, mature cat who loves to explore.

“He’s just tired of being in a cage,” she said.

Waffles came to Shenandoah Animal Shelter in Edinburg on March 9 after his owner abandoned him. Because he’s been at the shelter for so long, he tends to shed more than usual due to stress. Wakeman said once he is settled and given a few good grooming sessions, he won’t be losing so much hair.

“The shedding will get better; it’s the byproduct of being in here,” she said.

At 4 years old, he’s also one of the older cats at the shelter. Living in a room full of other cats and young kittens can wear on a guy, and he finds a little peace and quiet by roosting up in the back of his cage. Wakeman said hopeful owners tend to be charmed by the vocal and playful kittens at the shelter and pass quieter Waffles by.

“It’s kind of hard to choose the older cat when you have so many others that are up at the front,” she said.

Although he tends to lie low and keep to himself while in his cage, Waffles always greets his visitors with a fond nuzzle and will immediately seek some attention. He’s not at all skittish; just reserved, mellow and curious.

To get acclimated with his new surroundings, he’ll make the rounds to rub his face up against furniture to mark and recognize it. After getting his bearings, though, he’ll wind down for a snooze or a cuddle. He doesn’t kick or object to being held and will appreciate some mellow lap time with a petting session.

“Once he’s settled down and able to adjust to a home I think he would definitely be a lap cat,” Wakeman said.

Waffles is neutered and current on all his vaccinations. The shelter has treated him against fleas, worms, rabies, distemper and Bordetella.

Wakeman said he’ll get along just fine with children and other cats, but urges possible owners to exercise caution if bringing Waffles home to a dog.

“I don’t think that it’s out of the question, but it would have to be someone who would introduce them slowly,” she said.

A potential new owner will need to fill out a screening form and pay a $15 adoption fee. The shelter recommends owners take their newest family member to the vet within seven days for a general checkup.

With a distinguishing little freckle just above his nose, Waffles will settle right in with an attentive home that appreciates his quietly curious and loving disposition. He’s just patiently waiting for someone to take notice of him.

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