Pet of the week: Shy Paris will make a great lap cat

Paris is looking for a good home. Rachel Mahoney/Daily

WINCHESTER – Although shy 2-year-old cat Paris has been with Winchester SPCA for more than a year, she has plenty of affection saved up for her future owners.

Paris, an all-black domestic short hair with a fluffy tail, came to the shelter with five other cats in May 2014 and has remained a patient tenant as her fellows found other homes.

A curious young cat, she’ll quietly inspect her surroundings with brilliant green eyes and explore every nook she sees. According to shelter office assistant Angie Meray, Paris likes snuggling up under blankets and having the opportunity to hide away in dark corners.

For any cat, it’s a big transition to go from living in a cage for a year to having a host of new sights and smells in a new home. Meray recommends that Paris’ owners make sure they give her plenty of time to acclimate herself to new surroundings.

“We tell them to give them room, give them space, let them get used to the smells and things like that,” she said. “It’s going to take time, it’s going to be a process.”

After an exploration session, Paris has a lot of fun romping on the cat tree in the visiting room. She’ll try to make friends and get affection by rubbing up against visitors and she doesn’t mind being held for short periods of time – until she decides she’s done.

Kennel attendant Kathy Wright said that even though Paris sometimes needs her own time, she is a great lap cat.

“She loves being loved, petted, but when she’s done being loved and petted she’ll let you know,” she said.

Having come from a home with multiple other cats, Paris should get along fine with some other feline buddies, but the shelter hasn’t tried introducing her to dogs yet.

Wright doesn’t recommend families with young children adopt Paris, as they may cross her boundaries and make her uncomfortable.

“Little kids she’s not too fond of because they want to pick her up and hold her and pet her and play with her … she’s kind of one that likes to her own thing but she likes to be loved at the same time,” she said.

Paris is pet of the month at the Winchester SPCA, meaning that her adoption fee is discounted from $95 to $65 until the end of September. She’s spayed, microchipped and is up to date on her rabies and distemper shots. The shelter also treats all cats for worms and fleas as they come in. Paris’ future owners will need to take her for a free check-up with an approved veterinarian within 10 days of adoption.

With a little respect for her personality and boundaries, Paris will treat her future owners with plenty of warm affection and show off her sweet personality.

“I think in the right environment she would come around, but she’s one of those cats that’s going to want to love on her time,” Meray said. “I just think Paris is one of her own.”

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