Pet of the week: Bella wants spotlight at new home

Bella, a 2-year-old pit bull, eagerly awaits a fun toy at the Winchester SPCA. Rachel Mahoney/Daily

WINCHESTER – Despite a loving and playful personality, Bella has had a stroke of bad luck this past year and has hopped from owner to owner when circumstances caused her to keep coming back to the Winchester SPCA.

Kennel staff member Davit Benoit said the 2-year-old dog is a pure pit bull and has been with about eight owners since first coming to the shelter about a year ago. Her past owners have returned her after keeping her up to three months, always sad to part ways but needing to give her up for their own reasons.

Her latest owners returned her to the SPCA at the beginning of the month, and kennel workers said it was a tearful goodbye. In some cases, the owners have cited financial problems or found that Bella simply won’t get along with their other pets.

Bella wants all her home’s attention and should not be taken home to a multi-pet household. Benoit said she will bark and snap at other dogs in the shelter. However, he said Bella has only been loving and excitable with humans, eager to give plenty of sloppy kisses and wagging her tail a mile a minute.

“We believe that there’s aggression there. We don’t know what caused it – if maybe when she was younger, people were breeding her for something,” he said regarding her behavior toward other shelter dogs. “She is one of the sweetest dogs to people I’ve ever seen. It’s just an odd matching.”

With a loving disposition, Bella is always ready to play or cuddle and will quickly become glued to her owner’s side. She has energy to spare and would benefit from an active home that would give her plenty of outside playtime and take her on walks. Previous owners have also indicated she’d make a good watchdog.

Benoit said she’s been responsive to training with treats, and helping her spend her energy would benefit her by reducing her excitability. He recommended that younger owners with time, effort and energy to spend on her should be her new family.

“She is a perfect people dog,” he said. “We’ve had her with kids in the room and she does fine with them. She’s fine with people, all shapes and sizes.”

Bella can end up leading people on walks instead of the other way around, but Benoit said that she can learn better etiquette with a bit of patience and attentiveness. With the temptation of a tasty treat or a tennis ball – her favorite toy – there’s a lot of potential in this affectionate oddball of a young dog.

“She loves toys, she loves balls – she’s a playful little cartoon,” Benoit said.

Bella is spayed, microchipped and up to date on her rabies, distemper and bordetella shots. Adoption from the Winchester SPCA would cost $95, and Bella’s new owners would take her to a check-up at a veterinarian on the shelter’s list after adoption for free. Contact the shelter at 540-662-8616.

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