Bubba J, Sally Sue seeking new family

Bubba J, pictured here, and his sister Sally Sue are a brother and sister combo looking for a loving home. Nathan Budryk/Daily

EDINBURG – Bubba J and Sally Sue, two tuxedo cats, are looking for a new place to call home after being seized from their former owner.

Holly Helsley, an animal caretaker at the Shenandoah County Animal Shelter, said that the brother-sister duo are happy, affectionate critters but are bonded to one another, so their status is a package deal.

“Bubba is 5 and Sally is 3,” Helsley said. “They’ve been here since June. It’s been stressful for them. … They’re very very bonded.”

Both felines are responsive to affection and seek it out in their own ways, Helsley said.

“Sally is very inquisitive and wants to be loved on,” she said. “She’s the one that’s like, ‘Pick me up and hold me and love me.’ And then Bubba, he’s affectionate and he wants to be by you and by your feet like all the time. Where you go, Bubba will go, but he’s not one to be picked up and held. He’ll jump up on your lap and lay on your lap but he doesn’t want to be picked up all the time.”

Sally Sue and her brother Bubba J are looking for a loving home. Nathan Budryk

Both cats are fixed and litter-box trained, Helsley said. The two greatly enjoy playing with each other.

“They like to play,” Helsley said. “Sally keeps her older brother in line. Even though she’s younger, she keeps her older brother in line.”

Given that the two are so bonded, shelter staff try to accommodate them.

“We have a playroom where they exercise,” Helsley said. “We try to put them in together because they are so bonded, because they freak out when they’re not together.”

Helsley said virtually any kind of living situation would suit the pair.

“I think anybody would do great with these guys because they’re so mellow-tempered,” she said.

“We really don’t have a lot that come together like this. It’s like a rare occasion type of deal. There’s a special person out there that would take them and say, ‘I will love them both.'”

The Shenandoah County Animal Shelter is located at 268 Landfill Road, Edinburg. Contact the shelter at 540-984-8955.

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