Basye time-share community gets face-lift

The newly christened Chalet High Activity Center is the next structure at the Basye time-share community to be overhauled. Construction is scheduled to be completed by early October. Nathan Budryk/Daily

BASYE – Chalet High, a time-share community adjacent to Bryce Resort, has made major renovations to its buildings, with more scheduled for the near future.

J.D. Banks, general manager of Chalet High for SPM Resorts, explained the situation.

“For the past several years, over half of the units were shut down,” Banks said. “Now we have all but eight units up and running now for people to occupy. January we got all but eight of them up.”

Management companies for the community changed and time-share owners made their voices heard to SPM, the resort’s new manager.

“The new board of directors stepped in and wanted to see changes and the owners were speaking up and saying, ‘Hey we’re tired of seeing this place rundown and falling apart. What can we do to get it fixed?'”

Renovated buildings at Chalet High Resort in Basye are shown. The resort had fallen into disrepair over the past several years, and has since been refurbished. Nathan Budryk/Daily

The 76-unit complex is home to roughly 3,900 owners who usually visit for a week at a time.

The Chalet High Owners’ Association has also recently bought the community’s activity center, which houses an indoor pool along with other amenities. Banks said the restoration of that center will be the next step in the refurbishment process. Construction on the activity center is set to start July 5, with a completion date set for October.

Prior to the renovations of the units, issues such as roof leaks and mildew were common. Banks said that some of the units even had trees growing through the roof. The roofs, previously made from cedar shingles, have been replaced with more durable asphalt.

Siding was another problem area, along with wood structures, and have since been replaced, said Banks.

“All of these units all through here have brand new roofs on them,” he said. “They (old roofs) were falling in and had what we didn’t call leaks, we called them ‘water features.’ The siding was completely falling apart and falling off of them. There was exposed insulation. There were a lot of broken windows. We replaced all the windows – new decks on the back of them, too.”

Interior work was also done, with all units receiving new fireplace mantels and electric fireplaces, according to a news release from SPM Resorts.

Funding for the renovations was done by way of a special assessment fee in addition to yearly maintenance fees paid for by Chalet High owners.

“Over the years, they (owners) have been paying the maintenance fees for the upkeep of the buildings and what have you,” Banks said. “It just wasn’t being done properly. That’s why it was in the state of deterioration that it was in. With SPM Resorts, that’s one of our specialties — is properties like this – to bring them back up and to turn them into a 5-star resort. The staff here has been working extremely hard on that and the construction company that we deal with (Comstruct Services Inc. from Ocala, Florida).”

The Chalet High Owners’ Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and Banks said that all money collected via special assessment fees would be funneled into restoration efforts.

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