CrossFit gym to open Aug. 13

Tammy Dellinger, owner of Battlefield Fitness, Strasburg's newest CrossFit gym, performs a snatch, a signature Crossfit workout. Jake Zuckerman/Daily

STRASBURG – After winning a grant from Rev Up Strasburg, one woman is two weeks away from beefing up the town with a new CrossFit gym.

Tammy Dellinger owns and operates what is now known as Battlefield Fitness, although the name will change to CrossFit Devil’s Backbone once Dellinger finalizes the gym’s rights to the CrossFit brand.

She said she will open her doors Aug. 13 to residents of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels looking to improve on their wellness.

“I started (CrossFit) when I was 38 going on 39,” Dellinger said. “I had the misconception, just like everybody else, that you have to be fit before you can do this, or that maybe I’m too old for it. Or, ‘I’m a mother of two and I’m almost 40, what am I thinking?’ And I just turned off all those voices and I trusted my coach and her ability to have me do the movements I could do that day.”

Battlefield Fitness doesn’t operate like standard gyms. Members attend scheduled, hour-long, guided routines, seven days a week. The gym doesn’t offer resistance-based or pulley machines, but instead relies on dynamic workouts like push-ups, pull-ups, kettle bell swings and free weights.

Tammy Dellinger performs a handstand. She said she couldn't come close to being able to do a handstand before she started doing CrossFit workouts three years ago. Jake Zuckerman/Daily

Dellinger said the program comes with a lot to learn, but she understands that and will help new members with technique, form and terminology.

Because the gym will offer personalized instruction and prepared workouts, costs are higher than more cookie-cutter gyms. Membership costs $105 per month with a 12-month contract and $125 per month with no contract.

Dellinger said members’ investing in their own wellness is cheaper than them paying for medical bills down the line from lifestyle-related health problems like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity.

Likewise, she said wellness should be prioritized over more superfluous expenses.

“If you can afford a cell phone, you can afford your health and fitness, your well being and your longevity in life,” Dellinger said.

Battlefield Fitness was one of two winners in the Rev Up Strasburg local business event, taking home $15,000 to help get off the ground. Dellinger said a chunk of that money will go toward the $3,000 annual cost of using the CrossFit brand.

Assuming all pieces come together in finalizing the gym, Dellinger will hold an open house Aug. 13 along with two free weeks of programming for interested residents to either come sit and watch, or strap up and try a workout.

She said all any interested participants need to bring are gym clothes and a water bottle.

“Come in, you can see what we’re all about,” she said. “Or dress to work out and actually put it to the test and see if it’s something you’ll love.”

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