Woodstock dealership is sold: Muhlenberg Ford becomes Leckner Ford of Woodstock

A line of cars sits on the lot of the former Muhlenberg Motors Ford Dealership on Hoover Road in Woodstock on Thursday evening. Carl Leckner, principal owner of Leckner Automotive Services, LLC, has purchased the dealership from Allen Peer Jr. with plans to expand the vehicle inventory and increase the number of employees. Rich Cooley/Daily

Muhlenberg Ford, established in Woodstock in 1941, has a new name and a new owner.

Allen Peer Jr. sold the business located at 430 Hoover Road to Carl Leckner, principal owner of Leckner Automotive Services LLC.  Muhlenberg Ford is now Leckner Ford of Woodstock.

The dealership’s new owner explained the terms of the deal.

“We bought the business,” he said. “We leased the property and then we have rights to purchase after five years. We have a 30-year lease with purchase options after the fifth year.”

Leckner touted the look of the dealership and said he’s excited to increase the store’s inventory.

“It’s a beautiful dealership,” Leckner said. “We’ve been told that Allen Peer was ready to retire. He wanted to find somebody that he felt would handle business and employees ethically when they buy a store.”

Peer was not available for comment on Friday.

Leckner said he uses an individualized approach to employee retention.

“We went through (the employees),” he said. “I met with every employee one on one and we kept 100 percent of employees. I meet with every employee individually. We’ll probably be hiring 20 to 30 employees over the next few weeks for all different departments. Our employee count usually goes up 70 to 80 percent in the first 60 days.”

Leckner said that not only will employee count increase but vehicle inventory will as well.

“Over the next 30 days, we’ll increase the 30 new cars in stock to around 150 new cars,” he said. “Used is around 30 vehicles and we’ll move that up to around 150. It does take a little bit of time to grow the inventory. We want to make sure that we’re buying really nice vehicles.”

Leckner said that his business model is to purchase community-oriented dealerships and make prices competitive with the bigger dealerships outside of those communities.

“I feel like what happens is when you’re in smaller communities, the store has to make more profit per vehicle. What happens is a lot of people drive out of that market to get their vehicles. … We try to beat all D.C. area prices so you don’t have to leave you area. You can stay and purchase at the same prices.”

Leckner owns Ford, Nissan and Chrysler-Dodge dealerships in Stafford and King George counties as well as in Baltimore. He said he will be buying two more dealerships in the next 60 days, with plans for greater expansion.

“Our objective is to grow from those stores in 20 stores in 36 months and 50 stores in 60 months and all stores are in communities that we feel like we can make a difference in,” Leckner said.

Leckner said that his community contributions aren’t limited to outfitting residents with new rides, saying that he and his wife work to feed hungry families around Thanksgiving as well as “doing business with people that do business with us.”

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