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Children are best vacation partners

You've heard the saying "So much to do and so little time."

As a new mom, sometimes I feel like my time is already up.

There is a lot to do here in the valley -- and even more to do within a five-or-so-hour drive, not to mention the fun to be had if you're willing to hop on a plane.

As I sort through my e-mail and put together the Valley Vibes calendar I come across things I wish I would have done, or wish I could do: wine tastings, summer concerts, hikes and war re-enactments.

That gets me to thinking about the trip to New York City to see a college friend I didn't take. The concerts I didn't go to at Jiffy Lube Live. The tent camping trips I could have made. The cruise I didn't ever save up for. All the festivals I passed on.

If you want to be considerate of a 7-month-old, you find your options are suddenly much more limited.
I don't think I'm ready to make my boy sit in the car for a five-hour drive yet, or take him out way past his bedtime, or worse, leave him with someone else for a night. So, from time to time I feel a little tied down, or a little left out. Dare I say it? I feel a little old.

For now, I'll be staying a little closer to home, and while our summer vacation might include a trip, it won't be including hours of sunning on the beach or a late-night romantic dinner.

I also made the decision to stay home instead of traveling to my brother's recent graduation, something that killed me to do because I am so proud of all he's accomplished.

But just when I start to feel really down, I remember that while having a baby does close the door on one chapter of life, it opens up so many more.

There'll be lots of kid-friendly adventures that wouldn't have interested me in the least only a year or two ago.
Time off will take on new meaning -- with swimming pools and theme parks and zoos and museums.

There is a whole world out there that I will get to help my son explore.

In a way, I get to have the fun of being a kid all over again, but it will be even better this time around because my husband and I will get to share the experience of watching our boy enjoy it all.

I can't wait to let him see the ocean for the first time, or swim in a pool for that matter. I'll get to be there when he rides his first roller coaster and goes to his first concert.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we took him on his first bike ride.

Sure, we'll take things easy for now -- I don't want to overheat him or have him strapped in the car for too long. But the future for our family is bright. We have so many fun things to do in the next few years.

And, all too soon, he'll be wanting out of the house to check off his own list of the things he wishes to do, and we'll be alone again to fill our time just how we please -- or, if I am really, really lucky, we'll go on having a companion in our son, and so will the adventures.

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