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Man confesses to shooting 16-year-old boy to death

Daughter had invited boyfriend over before confrontation in attic

By Sally Voth -- Daily Staff Writer

EDINBURG -- A 47-year-old man has confessed to shooting his daughter's 16-year-old boyfriend to death, according to a criminal complaint filed in Shenandoah County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.

Jody Lynn Bradley, of 189 Wakemans Grove Road, was arrested shortly after Brendon Manning Barker, 16, of Coal Mine Road, Strasburg, was shot dead just after 6 p.m. Tuesday. He is charged with first-degree murder and being held without bail.

A revolver and ammunition were found at Bradley's home, which is where the shooting took place, according to a search warrant filed in Shenandoah County Circuit Court.

Shenandoah County Sheriff Timothy C. Carter said that his department served Barker a civil notice on Nov. 26 warning him not to trespass on Bradley's property. Bradley could have obtained a warrant against Barker if he then came on his property, Carter said.

"A trespass notice doesn't give you any authority to take another person's life," he said.

Barker was invited to the home by Bradley's daughter -- who Carter identified as Sarah Anne Bradley, a Central High School student -- at about 4 p.m. Tuesday, according to an affidavit for the search warrant. The couple went up to the attic to watch a movie while her father was doing farm work, it says.

When they heard him coming toward the attic, Barker hid, it says.

Sarah Bradley opened the attic door and, when her father asked what she was doing, she said she was alone. He said, "Yeah right, get out of my way," according to the affidavit.

"The female then stated [that] Jody Bradley went past her into the attic and located [Barker] and [Barker] stood up," it says.

He then shot Barker, the affidavit says, and Sarah Bradley asked what he was doing.

"Jody Bradley replied something to the effect of 'I hope you're happy, our lives are over now and it's all your fault,'" the affidavit says.

Sarah Bradley found Barker unresponsive on the floor with a gunshot wound to his forehead, it says.

When she went downstairs, she saw her father dismantling a pistol and cleaning another firearm, according to the affidavit.

Sarah Bradley called 911 at about 6:10 p.m., saying her father had just shot her boyfriend in the head, the affidavit says, and a couple minutes later, Bradley told a dispatcher he'd shot an intruder.

Barker, whose 17th birthday would have been next week, was a junior at Strasburg High School, Principal Barry Arey said. Teachers broke the news to their students, and counseling was available for those who needed it.

"We had several dozen students that did come out," Arey said. "We had kind of a banner laying on the floor, and students could go into the old gym and write their feelings down on the paper."

Teachers at Central High School, where Sarah Bradley is a junior, were on the lookout for students having difficulty, Principal Chris Cook said.

"If they noticed that, then certainly, they can allow those students to leave class and go down and see our counselors," he said. "That has taken place with a couple of our students."

Kyle Coffman had known Barker since the first grade, and last saw him Tuesday when Barker came to his house to pick up some DVDs.

"He was a good kid, best friend I ever had," he said Wednesday evening. "We were like brothers. He was laid-back. He liked playing games. He liked snowboarding. He loved hanging out with his friends. He loved hanging out with his girlfriend, Sarah. He had a good life, parents that loved him. Everybody loved him. He was loved."

Another friend, Nic Reading, described Barker as laid-back and "nice to everybody." He heard about the shooting Tuesday night, and said he had to break the news to Barker's mother.

"A friend of mine called me and told me to sit down, and then told me that he had been shot," Reading said. "[Sarah Bradley's] dad told him six or seven months ago if he ever saw him up there he would kill him."

But Barker had been caught at the Bradleys' home several times since and nothing had happened, so Barker wasn't concerned, Reading said.

During an initial appearance via video in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court on Wednesday morning, Bradley was ordered to fill out a financial affidavit to see if he qualified for a court-appointed attorney. His next court appearance is scheduled for Feb. 12.

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Scene of the shooting

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tim hall

I hope htis man who has killed this young boy gets what he deserves which in my opinion is a very long prison sentence. come on we all know what young love is and as a father of 5 daughters i always thought i would end up in prison over some young boy sneaking around trying tosee one of my daughters not kill them just whip themreal good but i never did you just hope they make good choices but if not you still love them and stand behind themmy heart goes out to this young BOYs family and his young girl frend the man is a coward and needs to stay locked up i hope that justice will be served in this case cause if that was my son thats the most safe place for you you have a twisted mind jody boy

Sharon Hollar

This is certainly a tragedy for all of the family memebers involved, the students who know these fellow students and for the entire community. These are the times when we all need to pray for all of the people involved, very heartful prayers to help heal and to help to try to understand , as it is not in our places to judge another person, but to pray for understanding and healing. We need also to pray for Sheriff Tim Carter and his deputies who will be investigating this tragedy, that God will lend them to answers. My prayers go out to everyone involved, and hope that the community will pray also for them and give respect to the families of everyone who is affected by this. I can't imagine for a minute how hurt they must all be feeling right now. My many many prayers go to everyone involved.

Sharon Hollar


The most difficult question that we are asking is WHY???? This is so senseless! My prayers and love go out to all who have been effected by this tragedy!!


I would like to take a minute to first of all say thank you to Sharon Hollar for giving her prayers to everyone in this tragedy. So many people out there I know are going to be totally against Jody but no one knows what happened behind closed doors in his home. Yes I agree he should have never taken this lil boys life he took someone's lil boy away from them never to be seen again until the day they meet on the other side of the gate. My thoughts and prayers also go out to everyone in the tragedy.I think Sarah the daughtershould have never brought him into the home knowing her father dislike the boy and had warned him not to be there especially after there was a trespassing notice in effect. Her father was very protective of his lil girl, I would also like to say I have heard so many father's say they would be seating on the porch with a shot gun when there daughter became of age so I know a father is protective of their babies and yes I know there are other ways to go about it but we never know what the motive behind this tragedy was and may never know.I think Jody acted to quickly and didn't stop and think about what he was doing and I truly think he is in deep sorrow after he did this. Alot of people around the area know Jody and this is not him. May god be with everyone thru this.

still standing

Tannery girl,
Are you saying that the daughter is to blame for her father's actions?

Joanna Wallace

It is kind to offer prayers and also to remind us that we should not judge especially without knowing all the details but if we could also remember that children are going to be children. No behavior gives a man the right to take the life of a child. As mentioned earlier, this was s senseless crime, one that not only will destroy and punish Mr. Bradley but all the family and friends of the children involved.
Those involved are strangers to me no one is a stranger to loss. You will all be in my thoughts...

Cathy Lindamood

Eight months ago, I lost my 15 year old son under differnent circumstances, but the same result. You have parents that have lost thier child.

As a community, our main concern is prayers for all those involved, but especially Brendon's friends and family. It will be a tough road ahead.

My prayers will not only be for Brendon's family, but also the Bradley family. I am not a judge. I am a person with feelings that realizes that other people have feelings too.

God Bless All Involved!


My thoughts and prayers go out to the Barker family. It must be the hardest ever to lose your son like this. My prayers are also with Sarah Bradley. This poor child had to witness a horrible, horrible, tragedy and then her father blames her! Tells her it was all her fault and she ruined their lives. Jody, you deserve life in prison for taking the life of this innocent little boy.You are sick and twisted.
Jen Parker


no i do not think the daughter is to blame for her fathers actions i just think she should of respected her father alil more knowing her father did not want him there and had already warned them. iam not at all saying that what jody did was right what iam saying that before everyone goes against him they should put into consideration that the girl was his only lil girl, although yes he should not have at all taken his life. there are other ways to go about things. like i said i think jody did not think before he acted in which caused a severe tragedy.

tim hall

its like this the man was wrong idont care if he went up in that attic and found those kids engaged in a compromising situation thats young love we all know what thats about i am thefather of 5 daughters and be lieve thats hard to deal with once they start seeing boys thinking boys and sneaking around even at home WHO OUT THERE NEVER DID SNEAK AROUND oh yeah some of you self rightous adults are doing that now .noquit acting like this murderer is the victim here i bet the coward will eventually take his own life because he cant face the fact that what he did is wrong and he want be able to accept a life in prison where he belongs the ones that need your prayers is the boys family and friends the girl that is a student said it right i know right from wrong and thats wrong and it is so quit feeling sorry for the coward he caused this not the kids but others have to suffer from his actions for a long time some the rest of their lives like i said i have 5 daughters i always thought i would go to jail just for roughing up someyoung boy ,but i never did you know why cause i was a young boy in love myself and i knew how that felted to sneak out and see her PRAY FOR THE VICTIMS HERE IM SURE THAT COWARD IS CRYING OUT TO GOD FOR HIS OWN SELFISH REASONS HE BETTER CAUSE MEN IN PRISONS MAKE EXAMPLES OUT OF KID KILLERS


I attend Strasburg High,where Brendon also attended.This has been a huge tragedy for the school and the people around Strasburg.The family and friends of Brendon are in deep loss.For someone to say that Jody didn't think before he did that,thats wrong.He definitely did think and he did what he wanted to do.And what he did was the worst thing any man could do,to a 16 year old who had a life planned for himself.For Brendon to be able to come to the house for six or seven months and nothing happen to him,AFTER JODY SAID NOT TO,doesn't make sense for him to just snap right then.As Officer Tim Carter said,he has no right to take the boys life.If he wasn't happy with who Sarah wanted to be with,then that was something he needed to take up with Sarah.Thats when he should have stepped up and became a father to the girl.Jody has no brain/heart if he was able to take a KIDS life.I hope he realizes that he took someone who meant the world to a lot of people and he is going to regret it.I hope the courts give him what he deserves and whoever is sticking on Jody's side you should find some heart yourself.I got mine.I will be praying for the Barker family and friends and Sarah.I know this is going to take a lot of healing to do and its not going to be easy.Death gets the best of people and this one is hard.We love you Brendon and we know your watching over us all and your in a better place now.God Bless the Barker Family!


I attend Strasburg High school as a junior. I was a class mate of Brendon Barker and at one time with Sarah. Brendon was an all around nice guy. He was nice and friendly to everyone. He always walked around with a smile on his face. It is a HUGE loss of the Class of 2010. It's really tragic loss. There are a lot of people close to Brendon and people are really torn up. It's hard to believe someone could do something to him. I don't understand why someone would do this to him. So all you people who really didn't know him and are talking about this situation. I was a fellow class mate and friend of Brendon Barker. My prayers are with him and his family. its a hard loss and it will be hard for the rest of my high school life. May god be with you Brendon. You are truly missed at SHS!

love my grandkids

yes, i agree jody did do wrong very wrong but as we all know none of us have the rite to judge,and yes i feel for all envolved in this tragedy and as a parent and grandparent i could and hope i never have to experience losing any of my children,but at the same time i cant imagine jody as a parent doing this with any kind of thought of intentionally harming the boy.my thoughts are that jody snapped at the time and i know that still does not justify what he did but wat will he also go thru the rest of his life with this on his mind.i know alot of you say who cares but at the same time he needs help to get thru this too.im not making excuses for him, but no one knows wat he may be going thru. we all know wat the familys are going thru and even though he cant redo all of this im sure if he could he would.i am also praying for all involved and hope everyone can find a way to get through this.praying for each of the families and all the ones involved. my prayers are with you all.


First I apologize for any misspelling. This is truly a tragedy. Unfortunately this story or stories like it are being told all over the US every day. Our “so called civilized society” isn’t much of a civilized society is it? What are we doing with all these comments? What do we "think" we know about what happened that night? The answer is nothing but what the papers and police reports state. The only ones that know ALL the facts of that tragic night are the three people that were there. Some are pointing fingers, some are saying he deserved it because there was a trespass warrant, some are saying send Bradley to the chair, some are just saying we are praying for you. All to often when these situations arise we as humans "THINK" we have the right to judge those involved where in fact we DONT. That is Gods job and those of a jury. True Jody should have never shot the boy even though he "may" have felt he was protecting his own. Personally I would have sent him home with a good old whooping. Actually better yet, whooped him and took him home and had a talk with his parents. But as I said I don’t know what I would do in this situation. True the boy should have been disciplined enough to respect the law and not gone back after being served a trespass warrant and being told what would happen if he came back. Although I personally remember what it was like to be a teen boy and "think" I'm in love. Those hormones can be our own worst enemy. Although that is still no excuse for going back. Its also true that maybe the young mans parents should have stepped in just a little further and put a size 12 in his rear end after getting the warrant and made sure he didn’t go back. These are all personal opinions that I have heard and agreed with from all kinds of friends and family on both sides. So what are the facts? A man shot a young man and it’s a tragedy. The boy lost his whole life ahead of him. Sarah will be scarred for life and Jody will most likely spend the rest of his life in jail. The lives’ of two families ruined because quite a few people didn’t do what they should have and hind sight is always 20/20. I have a daughter and a son both still young but I hope in the future if god forbid something even remotely close to this comes up, I hope I make the right decisions to avoid such a tragic result. As I stated before I can’t say what I would do in this situation but over the last 18 months I have seen enough death and devastation to learn this one thing. We all need to learn a little humility. We ALL need to stop pointing fingers and quit thinking we have the right to judge and cast dispersions and spend more time praying for ALL the people and families involved. At the end of the day all the blaming and finger pointing and getting bent out of shape does nothing but breed more anger and evil in our hearts and all that does is tear what’s left of our communities and our country apart. I pray for us all. Remember no matter how big or little the crime or sin the Bible says “Let he who is with out sin cast the first stone”.


I am very someone that was very close to Brendon. I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes. What has happened to Brendon, his family, Sarah, his friends and the community at large is a tragedy. I have read the comments that have been written and agree that Brendon should have respected Sarah's father's wishes, but who of us hasn't experienced the thrill of our first love? Who of us hasn't taken chances to be with that certain someone? Even as adults, some of us now are or have been sneaking around risking everything that we have to see that special person. I am certainly not pointing fingers or condoning either...just stating fact. I can truly say that I would have risked EVERYTHING for my first love...and did. The true victims in this horrible crime are, first and foremost Brendon and his family, Sarah and her family, Brendon's countless friends, and every single life that this has been touched. I hope that maybe we can learn to listen to and try to understand our children a little more and maybe hear your parent's pleas to protect yourselves and make wise choices; to learn from our mistakes. But mostly to learn one thing from our Brendon TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER! I can say that the comment that I have heard most frequently about him is that he NEVER had any negative to say about anyone....not even Jody Bradley. As for him...we have faith that Sheriff Carter will find the truth's that will give us the closest thing to justice that we will be able to accept. At least we will have comfort in the knowledge that he will be in a place where he will not be able to hurt anyone else. May God Bless You All


My heart goes out to Brendon's family and friends, but especially to Jody's daughter, Sarah, who not only lost her boyfriend that evening but also her Dad and to have witnessed it in such a horrible fashion. She will need lots of counseling and lots of prayers. So many people are blaming Sarah for inviting her boyfriend over, knowing how her Dad felt about Brendon, but there is no excuse for murder in my book. No one has the right to take another life no matter how you feel about that person. If Jody would have just called the police that evening he would still be farming his land and his daughter would still have her Dad.

I graduated with Jody and we are in the process of planning our 30th Class Reunion this year. It's a real shame he won't be attending...and in reality, he will probably get the death penalty or life in prison with no parole if he is lucky. I pray God forgives his bitter heart.

Cathy C

Because I am a little too close to this situation knowing Jodi & Sarah and his son at one time very closely, I will not comment because I know there is something we all don't know, that Jodi lived to farm for his family..and would never have pre planned this as is being said now. He does not have a twisted mind or heart. My best friend who I lost last year, used to always ask me a question when I felt strongly against someone...for example the young mother in Fla. who allegedly killed her 3 year old daughter. He would say to me~"What are you going to do if you get to heaven and Hitler is there?" I won't tell you my reply years ago when he first asked, but I got the point. None of us are allowed to judge another, especially when none of us REALLY knows what actually happened. Nor is it our business....we have our own families and lives and pasts to deal with. For every finger you point..there are 4 more pointing back at you....prayers are the best we can do for all in this situation....

out of town reader

One of my grandchildren went school with Brendon Barker--according to him Brendon was a very well liked kid. I understand the teachers had no trouble from Brendon. I guess he had respect for them. I guess all of you that say he should have respected Bradley don't realize that respect is something that has to be earned..No matter what this young boy and girl did - they did not deserve this. I wonder if he really loved and respected his daughter enough to sit and talk to her or Brendon about this situation? He killed Brendon-really got himself respected there-he blamed his daughter, who will probably never and I do mean NEVER get over this. I hope this is not what you belive respect is all about. I personally believe jail or the death penalty is really to good for this man--or cowardly mouse. Maybe he will get what most child killers in jail get. We can only hope....Yes I know I should not judge but I bet God is really angry about this, too! Bradley not only hurt these two families he also left a mark on all those kids that loved Brendon too. I wonder what they did to him? My most heartfelt sympathy goes to the Barker family...I am so..so..sorry. And to you Sarah. May God bless you all.

Rick Simonetti

This is certainly a tragedy for all of the family memebers involved. I think the best thing everyone can do is pray for both familys. It is not our job to judge anyone on this earth and non of us actually knows what and how this happened. My prayers will go for both familys.


I Started out in SHS then moved to CHS so i knew both of the kids in this one! I just dont understand who in the right mind would take the life of a child! Jody NEEDS the death pentilty because he needs to die the same way that Brendon died, Because he needs to feel what he did!!! Sarah and the Baker Family when i read this i wanted to break down in tears! I didnt know them that well but just knowing that i went to school with both of them! But it was sad and i will keep you in my prayers and the church will be praying for both families!!


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