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Jody Lynn Bradley found guilty in shooting death of 16-year-old

By Sally Voth - svoth@nvdaily.com

WOODSTOCK -- A Shenandoah County Circuit Court jury recommended Thursday night that Jody Lynn Bradley serve nine years in prison for murdering his daughter's boyfriend.

The sentence -- less than a quarter of the maximum allowed by state law -- left Brendon Manning Barker's family and friends reeling, proclaiming justice wasn't done.

The jury's recommendation of nine years in prison for second-degree murder and the mandatory three years for use of a firearm in the commission of a felony was met by gasps and sobs from Barker's loved ones sitting on one side of the Shenandoah County Circuit Courtroom. Second-degree murder carries a five- to 40-year term.

From the first 911 call made on Jan. 6, Bradley, 48, of 189 Wakemans Grove Road, Edinburg, admitted he'd shot Barker, a 16-year-old Strasburg High School student. Jurors listened to a 911 recording in which Bradley -- who appeared expressionless throughout his three-day trial -- unemotionally tells a dispatcher, "I shot an intruder in my home."

His tone was a contrast to that of his daughter, Sarah Bradley, who placed the call.

"My dad just killed my boyfriend," she sobbed. "He shot him in the head. He killed him. He's upstairs in the attic on the ground."

Defense attorney Gene Hart had argued that Bradley was a father frustrated by his inability to keep Sarah Bradley and Barker, whom he accused of supplying her with drugs, apart. Bradley had ordered Barker to stay off his property and had him served with a no-trespassing notice.

A firearms expert testified that the revolver was two to four feet from Barker's head when it was fired. A blood-stain analyst said Barker was reclining at the time.

Bradley admitted he suspected Barker was the person he heard in the attic. He placed a hamper outside the attic door and got a gun and a flashlight. He searched the attic while his daughter repeatedly told him no one was up there with her.

After the verdict was read, Sarah Bradley, sitting with Barker's family and her mother, buried her face in her hands, bent over her knees and sobbed.

"It's not justice," Barker's sister, Ryan Barker, cried out after court was adjourned.

Standing outside the front doors of the courthouse, she clasped Sarah Bradley, sobbing, "Why? How is that justice? A man can shoot a 16-year-old kid in the head and gets nine years in prison?"

The jury's recommendation was unfair, Sarah Bradley said in an interview in front of the courthouse.

"I don't understand, and I think this hurts second to Brendon's death," she said. "To me, my dad died the same day he killed Brendon. He's just a man who killed a 16-year-old boy to me."

Barker's mother, Janeen Johannsen, was the only witness to speak for either side prior to jurors' sentence deliberations.

"Being a mom is my purpose," she said. "This dream, my life dream, was shattered the moment my son lost his life. How does a mother even begin to convey in words and thoughts the full scope of pain and suffering that must be endured?"

Johannsen paused to turn and glare at Bradley. Family members sobbed as Johannsen spoke of the heartbreak of losing her only son, "the longing that knows no reprieve. It follows me every moment, envelops me, and I cannot be released from its fierce grip. I'm in constant anguish.

"This was my son. How could Jody Bradley do this to my son in front of his daughter, and leave him lying there to go and disassemble his gun?"

Johannsen referred to the trash bags Bradley used to try to soak up some of Barker's blood.

"The indecency, the brutality," she said. "My son wasn't garbage just to be disposed of. Even if Jody Bradley gets life in prison, his life isn't worth enough in exchange for my son's. There's no eye for an eye in this case. No part of Jody Bradley is equal to any part of Brendon."

Barker's stepfather, Jimmy Johannsen, was incredulous both that Bradley wasn't convicted of first-degree murder and with the recommended sentence.

"What happened was a joke," Johannsen said. "Where else in the world can you pull out a gun [and] point-blank shoot a 16-year-old guy that doesn't even pose a threat to you? Where else can you do that and get away with it? I've met a lot of kids, and trust me, Brendon takes the prize. We're very disappointed, very, very disappointed. First they reduced it to a second-degree murder, and then they give us a joke of a sentence on top of it."

Barker's friend, Colin Christensen, said he had been "confident" the jury would give Bradley a sentence that befitted the crime until Thursday night.

"It's not even a year for every year Brendon was alive," he said. "When Brendon was in that attic that day, he was terrified. He had no way out. He was frightened. Although it's just a number, I feel like if Jody Bradley had been [sentenced to] 43 years by the jury, it would've robbed everything from this man, and I think it would have hit him hard and I think he obviously would be terrified, and I want him to feel trapped and helpless and terrified like Brendon did in his final moments."

Ryan Barker, 26, called the verdicts the opposite of justice.

"People get more time on drug charges," she said. "This man executed my 16-year-old brother, who was the sweetest, most gentle young man I've ever known. I don't understand how people could be that unfair. Right now I would scream at [the jurors]. I can't understand how they couldn't see that this was obviously premeditated. This man threatened to shoot my brother on several different occasions to several different people. He put himself above the law and the jury thinks that's acceptable, and they call that justice? A 16-year-old boy lost his life, and they give the man who took it nine years?

"I hope they have nightmares over what they saw for the rest of their lives."

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Somebody please tell me that the judge does not have to listen to this joke of a sentencing recommendation and will give him the full 40 years.


It is one of the biggest fails I have seen. 9 years, for very intentional murder.....If that is what actually carries out all I know is that man will have a very hard life to live even when he moves out of Edinburg. People will hear of what he did and hate him for it. I feel very sorry for all the family members, all I can do is just keep shaking my head in disbelief.


This very intentional murder (as described above) would not have happened, if this young man would have obeyed the tresspass order that was placed against him. Although I don't think shooting someone over it was the answer, what is done is done. Hopefully people will realize, when they are told not to come on someone's property, that means to stay off. Who is to say someone else wouldn't do the same thing? People can only be pushed so far, and obviously this guy was pushed too far.

There should be outrage with the parents of this boy for not getting their son to stay away from this home. There should be outrage at this young lady for not obeying her father and creating this situation to happen. It all could have been avoided if they followed the rules, but they felt they were above that. Or maybe it was the drugs that was hindering their thinking. Oh, but wait, they were both upstanding kids, doing drugs and disobeying the rules.

There is plenty of blame to go around for this entire situation. Instead of blaming the jury, people need to look at the entire situation. This man will live with what he did the rest of his life. I hope Sarah remembers what her part is, every day of her life also. She brought most of this on and should be facing charges also.


Hi guys,
First of all my dictionary defines Punk as
1. Nonsense. 2. A petty hoodlum. 3.A young inexperienced
boy or man:a contemptuous term. -adj. 1. worthless. 2.unwell.
So I call it like I see it.
Under Va. law fortunatly a judge may reduce but not increase
a juries recomendation.
The punks mother stated "Being a mom is my pourpose". She was told in no uncertain terms what would happen if she allowed her petty hoolum to continue destroying a young girls life. And she has the nerve to try to profit by suing MR. Bradley.
Hold your head high Jody. You did what needed to be done.
We do not hate you and will be there for you.
God Bless,
Hank, and your many friends.

His Bullship

Something is quite wrong here. Conviction for MURDER gets nine years (plus 3 for use of gun), while Page County's ex-Sheriff Presgraves could get THREE-HUNDRED years for alegedly taking a $600 bribe? By my book, this is patently unfair. Duh!


I can't believe this, a man kills a 16 year boy and gets nine years. This is an outrage, this makes me sick. In nine years he will be free to live the rest of his life, and this family will never see this child again. Justice was far from being served in this case everyone involved should be hiding their faces in shame.


It is not hard to understand the outrage of the family of the victim, however, if after being warned many times is there not some responsibility to advise your teenager not to trespass on a property where he is clearly not welcome? I do not condone the method of which Jody chose to deal with the unwanted and unwelcome intruder but clearly the boy should not have been there. The blame lays on many people, the system which let the father down, the disobedient daughter, the family of the victim and the outraged father who pulled the trigger. What would we be saying if Jody had simply chosen to shoot the boy in the leg? Being the parent of a teenager can be a difficult journey. Open communication and a remembrance of your own teenage years should be a guide. I feel sadness for all of the involved, let a lesson come from this tragedy for both the young and old alike...

tim hall

this comment goes to the punk named hank that has all the friends high fiving each other over this messed up jury ,this man has used a dictionery to describe himself .how can any grownup man make some statments youve made is beyond me (by the way thats my real name)this KID must have been a threat to your punk buddy named jody cause if it was my situation i wouldve whipped the boys butt, he would have gotten the message and i would have went to jail and went to trial and the judge would have strighten both of us out kid would still be alive and daughter would still be sneanking around .i have 6 kids 4 of them daughters kids will be kids young love is like that i used to sneak around to see some young pretty girl too ,i guess since your a punk,you hung with guys always. any ways ol punk jody has at least 10 years to be abused by the good ol boys in the dept of corrections they hate child killers


I can't believe that a jury full of PEOPLE HUMAN BEINGS just like brendon could sit there and basically say Jody its ok for you to murder a 16 year old child . Its ok for you to play GOD!!! This is basically a slap on the wrist compared to what they could have given him. Brendon was an amazing person he was fun and outgoing and if you were upset he could put a smile on your face. & JODY BRADLEY THAT MONSTER!!! took that away from all of us . Jody took someones son, brother,boyfriend,and bestfriend after everyone has gone through all this pain the jury hurt everyone more when they recomended that ridiculus sentence. I can't believe the world has to this to where Justice is not served for a crime as horrendous as this. I agree with ryan I hope that they have nightmares Knowing that this crazy man will be walking the streets again!!!! I hope the judge is sane and ups this sentence alot!!!


Look,,this boy did not have to die at all! This man knew better. Weren't we all 16 year olds at one time, didnt obey one time or another because we was in "love"? I know i have. This man took a life and he needs to be punished for it, to me 9 years is just a ridiculous sentence. This county gives the darndest senteces ever! And I'm sure Mr. Bradley wishes he could go back but he can't. He killed a 16 year old boy and he needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law!


How in the world can anyone sit back and tell Jody to hold his head high for killing a 16 year old boy?!? That just makes me sick to my stomach. Yes, the teenage boy and girl should have stopped sneaking around behind Mr. Bradley's back. BUT, none of that gives him the right to take a KID's life. A KID...he was 16...with so much life left to live and learn. There's no excuse for it and Im absolutely disgusted with the jury. Mr. Bradley stated several times he was going to kill Mr. Barker if he came on his property. Just because he warned him...does that make it ok?? Murder is murder people! They are teenagers. If any of you have teenage kids, then you will know that it's not the easiest task in life to raise one...but I guess now its ok to go and kill kids everytime they disobey your wishes since Mr. Bradley did it. This trial makes me ashamed of living in Shenandoah County. Others have pointed out that people with drug charges get more time, and they were absolutely right. Clearly, some of you are just as messed up in the head as Jody Bradley.
For those of you who are blaming the mother...What else could she have done? Obviously Mr. Bradley couldnt stop his daughter from seeing Mr. Barker...so what makes you think the mother was able to? My prayers are with Barker's family.


I almost got physically ill today when I read the recommended sentence for Jody Lynn Bradley. To give such a light sentence to a man who shot an unarmed boy, BOY! is unconscionable and outrageous. I can only conclude that the jury in this case is morally bankrupt and mean-spirited. To Mr. Bradley, as well as the jury, I might remind that there is one more judgment to be handed down, and it might not go as easy as this one did.


One person can not destroy someone elses life. Everybody makes their own decisions. So because Jody killed one person to keep from his daughter, does that mean he should shoot anybody he does not like or doesn't agree with their way of living? His daughter has her whole life ahead of her, how is he going to stop every not so good decision she makes? So what your saying is if you don't like someones boyfriend its ok to shoot them? Or your making it ok to say if someone doesnt like you its ok to shoot you? Because basically thats what your statement is saying. This ingorant person that is suppose to be called a "father" did not act like a mature adult would. If the boy was trespassing all he had to do was call the police. HE SHOULD GET THE DEATH PENALTY!!

Cathy C

You who were not there have NO CLUE how hard this jury worked..or the toll it took on them, because this was a VERY difficult case. Jody did NOT intentionally hunt down someone hiding in a dark place in his attic who startled him after he thought Sarah had told the truth and no one was up there..so he began to make his way OUT...of a 4 ft high attic..when Brendon moved a little startling Jody who already had his gun cocked. A daughter who admits to drug use...is now clean. Her father, went through months of doing all he could to help her. What was scary to me was to hear a school official say they hear dads threaten all the time that they will shoot their daughters boyfriends...so that it seems like no big deal. It IS a big deal...and what is scary is that this may be history now here...but I dare say it may happen again. Drugs and alcohol are a recipe for disaster...EVERY DAY. Watch your children, and their friends. Many are not aware their own kids are doing the same thing...today, and will be tomorrow. And until you walk in a father's shoes who had a situation dumped on him...you should not judge. Ultimately God is the judge..and I dare say Jody has pleaded his case where it mattered most.


I do not think what this man is right, he went through the proper channels and even asked the boys parents to keep him from trespassing, some people believe they are above the law. The boys parents should have heeded this warning. Let this be a lesson to all of our children.

Cathy C

There is something kind of scary when a 16 year old boy puts in his My Space profile that he hopes to die by gun shot...what 16 year old thinks about their death and how they want to die?

tim hall

well,i'll try again i guess the n.v.daily did'nt approve of my first comment toward hank (a.k.n. PUNK) jody was and is a coward ,to kill a boy like that is shameful i have 6 kids and 4 of them are daughters they are all of age now but i always thought i would go to prison over one of them messing around with some young boy well that never happen .but i did go to prison over a drug charge 6 years and that was a first offence.i know that judge Hupp is a fair man and he has compassion toward people,im sure he will do the best he can to bring some type of justice to this sad situation.myself i would have put the fear in the boy to stay out of my house with a good ol butt kicking i would have been charged ,locked up and tried and the judge would have put the law to me and the BOY.my way would be wrong too ,and i wouldnt have stop 2 kids from sneaking around but he would be alive. jody will get he's in prison


Hold your head up high???? You took a life!!!!! Nine years is a joke! 40 years isn't even enough. "You did what needed to be done." Taking the life of a child is not what needed to be done in this case. You act like you were never a teenager, you never disobeyed your parents, you never snuck around. Wouldn't you want someone to serve more than 9 years if they killed someone point blank in your family? I am ashamed of this county and have lost all respect for it's joke of a judicial system.

love my grandkids

Well for those of you who want to point fingers,your day is coming!How can you sit and say i would have done this or that when you dont even know what was goin on in Jody's mind!!!
If only you were at the trial maybe things would be more clear to you!!If Jody really wanted to kill this bot it could have been done long before this.So did you ever think he was at the end of his rope and didnt really know who was up there or that he was shooting at the boy.For those of you to say there will be another judgement day and he will pay there, or it wont be so easy ,only one man can answer that and im sure its none of you!!!I have grown children to and when they were teenagers i did what i could to keep them out of harms way no matter how cruel it seemed to me. I was young once and been there done that and didnt want to take any chances with my kids.Where were the boys parents and at 16 i would think they would have more control.SO stop and think how many people are to blame in this situation,its not only Jody were was her mother???WHY did she not step in and help?It sounds to me like there was no parental control over either one of these kids other than Jody and he was at the end of his rope because he got no help from anyone!!!!!How far do you have to go to keep kids out of trouble these days??It should only be a phone call away to get help!!!Or at least a start to help!!!He was doin all he could were was all the rest???Dont put the blame were it dont belong!!!!Start by askin yourself what would i do to protect my kids!!!I dont think it was a matter of hate but a matter of raisin his daughter rite not exsposeing her to all bad stuff!!!!he wanted better for her!!!!!Jody really does love his daughter.Those of you who dont know Jody dont know what a caring and good person he is!!!He has enough to live with what has happened and no one in this world know's how he feels and what he's going through!!!!!!!Put yourself there!!

tim hall

i want to reply that i have 6 kids and 4 of them are daughters.yeah you are real protective over daughters,because i remember i was once a young boy that when you hit that age and all the hormones get to racing in your system ,when you start to have a eye for some little girl friend its exciting first love and you want to explore the newness of it.i do not know any of these people but i do know that decent minded people use wisdom and common sense when it comes to stubborn teenage kids.there have been and will always be what our society calls crimes of passion you know what im talking about .a man or a woman will make threats about killing a spouse when and if they catch their wife or husband with so and so or any one .what this punk did was thought thru ,on purpose and with a thinking mind .he wasnt protecting his daughter from harm she wasnt in harms way ,the boy was invited by her into the home yeah he knew he wasnt suppose to be there and even voiced that concern to the girl ,but as i said earlier the hormones get to boiling over and he went against what he really knew to do stay away ,let her come out to meet him .this punk named jody killed him in cold blood and there is something awful twisted about him to feel that was what needed to be done .as a father of 4 young women now im glad i always used common sense when it came to my daughters and all the hormone over dosed boy friends cause the worst that would have happen was a charge of assault against one of them ,but that never happen cause i had to believe that i had taught them to respect their selves enough to draw a line ,yeah im sure they explored their youthfulness like so many of us parents did the man could have called the law with the boy locked in his attic and they would have charged him and took him thru the system may have changed his thinking about sneeking around then maybe not point is the man deserves more than 12 years and then the sick friends who say hold your head high and be what proud thats messed up .we have real heros that are in war and the stress of it has them shooting people in iraq that they feel threaten by that is not a threat killing for the sake of killing and getting more time this coward wont make it 10 years in the va.penal system cause he's a punk and a coward i guess he will do all his time in solitary confinement .cause thats where all the cowards hide or the punk that he is will have the protection of bubba.he is twisted ,you want best for your daughters but he missed what that statement means hes losted her respect and love it really makes me sick ,but i know that judge Hupp is a fair and compassionate man he will do the best he can to make sure justice is served to the best of his ability


It was a survey on myspace I would answer if I was asked . What is patheitic is that you really read into the answer you can't tell me that no one thinks about how their life might end . we think about it but that dosn't mean we want it to happen but brendon didn't have a choice. In every post you defend this monster . I don't understand how anyone can condon someone killing a child .


Romans 2:1
"You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things."

People why dont we think about things before we start to judge.
Jody is human and I am sure he has lots of regrets along with the loss. Not alone did the Barker's have a loss but so has Jody now that his daughter wants nothing to do with him.
Lets not just think of the victim... Jody has a family also.
So unless you were there lets not judge and assume things.
Only those three people know what happened that day and only they will know the truth and that may never be told.

There is only one person who can judge us and that's up to the man up above to do so. Let him do his job!


Kids make mistakes. They break the rules; it’s what you’re supposed to do. It’s how we learn. We learn from our mistakes to know that we shouldn’t break the rules again. Who hasn’t broken the rules? Everyone has, everyone should. Teenagers don’t think about the consequences of our actions. We break the rules. We break laws. It’s not right but its life. And for a sixteen year old boy’s life to be taken because he broke a rule, a law, that’s absolutely preposterous. What is even more preposterous is that the man who took that life, gets off with practically a slap on the wrist. Lawyers say, “The punishment should fit the crime.” How does 12 years in prison, 3 of them not even for the murder of a 16 year old who had his whole life in front of him, fit the crime of taking a life. How do 9 years compare to the life of Brendon Manning Barker. I knew Brendon. He and I weren’t close, which is something I have come to regret through not knowing him, because from everything that has transpired through all of this, his friends, I wish I had known him. And for anyone who thinks that what Jody did was “right” or “legal” think about this, what if Brendon was your son, or your brother, your boyfriend, your best friend, would you still think that is okay? It doesn’t matter what rule or what law he may have broken, he was somebody to so many people. Just think if he was your somebody. Rest in Peace BMB.


He knew what he was doing, he put himself there. Whatever he is going through is his own doing. No one made him trap those kids in that room while he looked for his gun to kill a defenseless child.

Cathy C

mommie2...the judge doesn't have to accept the jury's sentence, u r right. He can't INCREASE it, but he can DECREASE it. Chances are he won't..but I hope that answers your question. If you are a mommie of children,..listen to:Teach Your Children Well by Crosby Still Nash & Young. Then...Listen to Steppenwolf's song about about The Pusher Man. Most of all..be afraid. Be VERY afraid of computers, cell phones, and the lies teenagers can tell parents. I raised 2 girls a lot like Sarah acted...went so far as to ground one once while she lived at her dad's..and I slept in an Escort outside her dad's apt. to make sure she did not sneak out. Sarah lied to her father, Brendon lied and disobeyed his mother, and the law. Jody has NEVER been in trouble, did not go out to bars, he farmed and that was ALL he did and saw his children every other weekend. His lawyer said it best when he said Jody had a 16 year old mess dumped in his life....and it was not Jody who raised her those 16 years. We all need to pray for all of these families,....period. It was and is in God's hands. He also has a son who needs him...and now will have to wait..becausre his Daddy had to try to save his sister first, and this is how it ended....everyone let him down in the end. And he is more sorry than any of you know....I know, he has told me. Not that those of you quick to judge will care, but he has a son and feels terrible for what he did. It was NOT pre meditated...but I guess it was inevitable, he was determined to save his daughter from a drug problem..and after all legal routes failed...he did what I also would have done had I found a hooded figure in my attic who scared me on my way out. You are a mommy..and he is a daddy, who did his best to care for his daughter. In the end, he laid down his life trying to save hers..and it worked. It is done now...and I hope at least 1 parent and child learned a great lesson here.....


So You're saying that people who are at their end of the rope should be able to shoot someone to just get rid of them. That makes a lot of sense---not. I do believe the blame is suppose to be put on bradely. He's the one that pulled the trigger--no one else. That's why he was at trial. He killed a kid. It doesn't matter if Barker was a unruly kid or was the best.I'll say it one more time--he was a kid. You can TRY to put blame on other people such as the mother, the girl, or the boy but in the end Bradely point blank shot him. And please don't ever try to say again that he didn't know it was the boy or "it had to be done" because those are just ridiculous and crude statements.


how can you say a loveing and careing parent.. HE KILLED A CHILD. there was a million other ways to handle this.. as a mother of 3 grown children.. i would have never thought of killing another child and trust me there has been some i didnt like..loveing and careing dont go in the same phrase as killing .. and your right.. there is only one man to judge him and thats god.. do you think god wanted him to kill a child?


as i sit here and read this comments it floors me how one person can say he did the right thing? how would hank feel had his first loves father shot him? wonder what jody would have done had the tables been turned and his daughter was the one killed? everyone keeps sayin he was ruining her life.. did he hold her down and make her smoke dope? seems to me they were 2 teenagers in young love. no matter who you point you finger at... killin was not the right thing to do..and 9 yrs is nothing since this child can never breath again.


It makes me sick to think that people will stick up for Jody Bradley in this situation. He KNEW it was Brendan Barker in the attic and still shot him. You don’t just shoot a 16-year-old boy for sneaking around. Sure, Sarah should have been a little more cautious about it, but they were young.
It’s common knowledge that when a parent puts more restraint on a teenager then teenagers are going to rebel and go around the rules. That’s exactly what happened. For the people who believe what Jody did was right, just think for a second: you have a sixteen year old who has a boyfriend/girlfriend and you find out that their upstairs doing God knows what. Would you get out a gun and shoot them, or would you call the cops? What if you had a relationship when you were young and ‘in love’ and you were upstairs with your boyfriend/girlfriend when all of a sudden your father comes in and shoots them. It’s messed up that someone would go to the point of killing a teenager when there were other options.
Did Jody ever talk to Brendan’s mother about the situation? I’m sure that if she knew more about what was going on then she would of put a stop to some of the things that was going on. Also if this was such a serious problem that involved drugs and a trespassing violation then Jody should of just called the cops. Parents can try to be as interactive and pry into their children’s business all they want, but they’re still going to find a way to get around them.
Just think about it.


Do not comment on a situation you know nothing about.


if its one of your children would you still feel the same?



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