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*Jury recommends 12 years for Bradley

By Sally Voth -- svoth@nvdaily.com

(Updated 8:55 p.m.) WOODSTOCK -- A Shenandoah County Circuit Court jury has found Jody Lynn Bradley guilty of second-degree murder in the slaying of his daughter's boyfriend, and recommended that he serve a total of 12 years in prison.

Jurors returned the verdict late Thursday afternoon. They then deliberated for nearly two hours before returning with a recommendation that Bradley serve nine years for the murder, on top of the mandatory three years for use of a firearm in the commission of a felony

Bradley, 48, of 189 Wakemans Grove Road, Edinburg, shot and killed Brendon Manning Barker, 16, a Strasburg High School student, on Jan. 6.

Bradley has always admitted shooting Barker in the attic of the Bradley home. Barker was dating Bradley's daughter Sarah against the wishes of Bradley, who had ordered him to stay away from his home and had gotten a no-trespassing notice against him.

Judge Dennis L. Hupp set Nov. 18 as Bradley's sentencing date.

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justice for all

Wow, what has to be proven to get a jury to know first degree murder vs. second? Do they not understand that blocking the access of his daughter and boyfriend and then getting a gun and flashlight does constitute first degree? Do any of these jurors ever read a paper or watch the news to see that drug dealers have gotten more time than they gave Jody Bradley? 9 years--a decision that should certainly haunt these jurors every day of their lives! I am not sure how they could of come to this punishment for the evidence presented. God help any of them that have children that experience their first love during their teen years--these were children being children and the one person, the adult should have been able to make good choices. Wow, I hope the judge decides that the juries decision is not an appropriate sentence and gives Jody Bradley one that is appropriate for murdering someone. God help the citizens of Shenandoah County and pray that future juries make better decisions.

Cathy C

I would just like to say that this jury my heart really goes out to...they have had a VERY hard job, and it was very apparent to all how much it affected them emotionally to make difficult decisions in a difficult case. Especially one young lady who I hope will read this and knows I will be saying an extra prayer for all of them tonight..and especially her. I think she will know who she is. May God Bless all of you for the wonderful job you really toiled to bring closure to all involved. Thank you....Cathy


Let me get this straight. A man shot and killed a sixteen year old boy because the boy liked his daughter and the father gets 12 years? I hope he has a heart attack on the day before he is to be released and dies. I don't care if Bradley had a no-tresspassing notice against him. Call the cops!


i really dont think 12 yrs is enough for killin a child.. this man will only be 60 when he gets out and can still live..the child is not liveing.


Twelve years is a joke, what, you given out brownie points since he kept admitting he did it? Picture your own teenager "in love" and sneaking around, how would you feel if your child was blocked in a room while the killer found a gun to calmly kill them with? Life sentence isn't even what this man should get, but I do know if he chooses to live in Edinburg when he gets out live will be extremely difficult for him.


I am ill. I have lost all faith in the justice system. This sickens me. Anyone who is behind Jody Bradley has serious problems. If the man thought there was an intruder in his house and he cared so much about his daughter he would not have barricated her in the attick with him when he went to get his gun. Makes alot of sense doesnt it? Its not justice. 9 years for such a violent crime. He told too many people he would kill Brendon. Thats Malice. Whats up with the Sherriffs Dept ? Does the word of an assistant Principal mean anything to you? Brendon was invited to the Bradley home by Sarah. He was not an intruder. Name one 16 year old boy that would not go to his girlfriend when she asked. We do not own our children. We do not have the right to take the law into our own hands. Is this open season on all teenage boys? If you dont like the boy your daughter is dating, is it ok to murder them and claim you thought it was an intruder? Yes, the jurors had a hard job...but come on? What in the hell were they thinking? I really wish they would explain thier desicion to the community, family, friends, classmates of Brendon.


"Thank You" for your thoughts, compassion and your prayers.


Let us all take a walk down memory lane....we are 16 and in love.....our desire to be together surpasses every other emotion and boundary there is....the thrill....the gentleness of that time in our lives.....Haven't we all been there? Haven't we all disobeyed our parents in those types of things? Haven't we all been young and impetuous? I remember that part of my life with a smile sneaking to the corners of my mouth. I am also a parent....I have watched and experienced my children grow through those phases too. We all do and have done things our parents don't approve of. I know Brendon's mother and never was a child more loved and watched over. I know that steps were taken to stop Brendon and Sarah from seeing one another. I also know that when I was a teenager and I was doing something I knew my parents didn't like I certainly didn't make a broadcast about it and the same went for my own children. They tell me things today as adults that they did as kids that make me shiver. My point is that teenage love is a strong force to be reckoned with and certainly not punishable by death. Jody Bradley was a man acting like a jealous boyfriend, not a father. There is no doubt, by his own admission that he knew who was there and also that he wasn't feeling threatened. I know Sarah's mother as well, it seems that the marijuana usage is just a smoke screen and Sarah admitted on the witness stand to have smoked it with her father once. Bradley's sentence is a travesty, I can only hope that there is hope for some sort of justice at his sentencing. Brendon, we love you and miss your beautiful spirit, your unconditional love and your warm smile...you will indeed live in our hearts forever!!!

Cathy C

I cannot believe the JURY here is being attacked STILL. You cannot imagine the HOURS spent in a brightly lit, and small room for way over TWELVE hours trying to come uop with this decision. And if you were not AT the trial, I think you have NO RIGHT to point fingers and blame them when you did not attend to hear BOTH sides of this case. It was not a real glamorous setting for them to have to debate in all those hours....and if you had HEARD both sides of this trial, you cannot say what you would have come up with as a sentence. Please leave them alone and let them try to get back to their lives and live normally again. My prayers continue for them, and for both families..this case was very, very difficult. Leave them be...you would not have wanted their job...you should be praying for them..and for these families really..not tearing people apart..ESPECIALLY not the jury.

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