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Deputy charged in vehicle crash

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WINCHESTER -- A Frederick County Sheriff's deputy is charged with reckless driving after a two-vehicle crash Wednesday.

The incident occurred shortly before 12:30 a.m. on Interstate 81 in Frederick County near the Kernstown interchange, according to state police Sgt. F.L. Tyler.

Chad D. Harlow, 29, of Stephens City, was driving a 1997 Hyundai Elantra north on the interstate. A sheriff's vehicle driven by Deputy Cynthia L. Cohen, 26, struck the Hyundai in the rear, Tyler said Thursday.

The Hyundai ran off the side of the highway and struck a guardrail, according to Tyler.
Trooper D.E. Adams investigated the crash and issued a summons to the deputy to appear in court on a charge of reckless driving, Tyler said.

Neither driver reported injuries, according to Tyler.

The collision caused an estimated $6,500 in damage to the Hyundai and $5,500 to the deputy's vehicle, Tyler said.

When asked whether the deputy was attempting to make a traffic stop, Tyler said police are not releasing more information on the incident.

Capt. John Heflin, of the Sheriff's Office, said Cohen worked the late shift Thursday and remains on duty with the agency.

-- Daily Staff Reports


A deputy is charged with reckless driving and is still at work? No details as to if she was attempting a traffic stop? Struck the other vehicle in the rear? Come on! Are there really different rules and laws for the police that are so different for everyone else?

Is this for real? Rear end collision, charged with reckless driving, not sure if making a traffic stop? No, this doesn't sound like a cover-up at all! I thought the law applied across the board, to all. Apparently not so here . . .who polices the police?

Obviously the State Police because she was charged. It if was a cover-up, this wouldn't have made the papers.

commonsenserules, Are you for real? If you rear ended someone should you not be allowed to work? Looks like your username doesn't fit you. Perhaps you should change it to something more fitting. I have a few suggestions but let's not make this personal.
Police officers don't come from a special group of people. They come from the general population like everyone else. They make mistakes just like everyone else in the general population. Lighten up. She had an accident and was charged just like any other citizen. Why would you expect the deputy to suffer more than any other average citizen? Whether or not she was trying to make a traffic stop makes no difference here. If she was trying to make a stop and hit the car in the rear it's still by definition reckless driving.
I suspect you have your own private agenda in mind when making these ridiculous comments.

Everyday experience tells us corruption of law enforcement begins at the police academy. Peer pressure forces each new rookie into the "Band of Brothers" mentality. What begins as "I got your back" loyalty to each other when on duty fighting crime becomes a form of anarchy subordinated under the color of authority when one of their own crosses over to the dark side charged with a crime.

Innocent until proven guilty? Sure, but protective cover ups of fallen angels always begin with stonewalling the incriminating details under the guise of "professional courtesy" because the investigation remains open.

Was Deputy Cohen responding to intervene in a crime in progress?
Was Deputy Cohen responding to a radio call?
Was Deputy Cohen using the siren and lights?
Were field sobriety tests administered to the persons involved?
Is the police report of the incident being withheld?
By whom and for what reason?

The cover up answer might be "the investigation remains open".

"Why would you expect the deputy to suffer more than any other average person"

Why? because they carry a Gun and are told to "Shoot to kill" not wound when confronted by anyone who breaks the law. Because of this they should be held to a higher standard by oath than your average citezen.
It sounds like your an officer yourself? one who never uses turn signals or forgets to turns on their headlamps during rain?

No, But I do have several friends in different levels of law enforcement who are.
Police officers are not trained to shoot to kill when confronted by anyone who breaks the law. They are trained to shoot to kill to protect their lives or the lives of others. It's not like you see on tv or in the movies. No one is capable of such precision shooting as to shoot a weapon out of someone's hand. Truth be told, anyone worth shooting is worth killing.
But that has no bearing here whatsoever. This was a traffic accident plain and simple. It was investigated and the person found to be at fault was charged with reckless driving.
That's it. Plain and simple. No cover up no nothing.
Why not wait for an situation where an actual cover up may have occurred because there are certainly instances where that happens. When that happens I will be the first to jump on the bandwagon and demand accountability.
This situation however is just what it seems to be... a traffic accident.
To expect someone to receive a traffic ticket and then have there boss tell them they can't work is crazy.
Mountains out of mole hills.
Go back and drive your truck or train or bus or whatever, take off your tinfoil hat and give it a rest.

GreenTea . . . duh, if I rear-end someone in my company car and get charged with reckless driving . . . yes, I would be out of a job. Or at least not able to drive. We all have a private agenda, that's why we comment. I have seen too many of our local law enforcement driving in a manner that would warrant their attention if it were a private party. And yes they should be held to a higher standard, setting the example, serving the public.

Sounds like you need a better job. My employer would never suspend me for one accident.
I agree we all have an agenda. My point was simply that an accident occurred and proper action was taken by the state police. I fail to see where any conspiracy exists here. Whether or not a traffic stop was being initiated is irrelevant. If your employer did suspend or fire you it wouldn't be in the newspaper or have any bearing on the accident and it's eventual outcome.
If I see reckless or improper driving by any police agencies I call and file a complaint and have done so on two occasions in the past year. I also call #77 or 911 to report reckeless or improper driving by private citizens. I drive over 300 miles daily mainly on I-81 and I-66 and see a lot of careless driving.
I'm not snitching but most of the police officers look very young to me and need to be disciplined early in their careers before they become the problem instead of solving it.
Anyway, I gues we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. Be safe!

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