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Posted January 10, 2011 | comments 6 Comments

*Family escapes burning house in Strasburg

By Amber Marra -- amarra@nvdaily.com

STRASBURG -- Emergency officials responded to a house fire at 410 N. Massanutten St. Monday morning that shut down U.S. 11 between Crystal Lane and Va. 55.

Around 9 a.m. a fire started on the second floor of the two-story house occupied by five people.

James Callahan, 35, said that his parents own the house and that the fire started in his room due to an overloaded electrical outlet.

Callahan, along with his wife; friend; mother; father; and five dogs, all escaped the house before the top floor became engulfed in flames.

After the fire, he was still concerned about the safety of the family's three cats, which he did not think survived.

Emergency officials from Strasburg, Middletown, Toms Brook, and Shenandoah County Fire and Rescue all responded to the fire, according to Strasburg Firefighter Tom Frazier.

The road was reopened at about 11:40 a.m.

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    Posting these photos is in EXTREMELY poor taste. The fire (and the pictures of firefighters) may be news, but the photographing and posting the family's reaction to what is surely the most devastating event in their lives?!?? WHAT were you THINKING???!

    They just lost their home and everything they own (including their animals) and you're DOCUMENTING this for public consumption? It's not like the family can get online to even see what you posted.

    God bless that family -- and NVA Daily, shame on you.

    I agree 100% with Kendra. When this story first appeared, I was completely appalled with the poor taste shown by the photographer for even pointing the camera at this poor family, but more disgusted with the so-called 'editor' for allowing these photos to be shown. I canceled my paper subscription a couple years ago for the same reason so I have no idea if these were printed as well, but I sure hope not.

    The story was not improved with the distasteful photos of the family suffering during the fire.

    I must agree with the NVD on very good reporting in this article. To just take pictures of a house burning doesn't tell the whole story. Showing pictures of the people completes the story of how tragic an event, and the impact it has on the occupancies. The people commenting negatively to this article makes it obvious. With just a burning house they wouldn't have made a comment, which would then make the reporter wrong for not producing the whole story.


    With these photographs to go along with the artical....created more human empathy. These people will likely receive more help now, b/c people can empathize with them and feel more compelled to help them. What I'm wondering is, did anyone offer this man a coat or blanket? He has got to be freezing!

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