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Posted February 3, 2011 | comments 16 Comments

*Shentel: Internet service has been restored

By Amber Marra -- amarra@nvdaily.com

Nearly 33 hours after a Wednesday-morning outage, thousands of Internet users in Shenandoah County had their service restored early Thursday evening, according to David Ferguson, vice president of customer service at Shentel.

The outage began about about 9:40 a.m. Wednesday and continued through Thursday due to a power surge that damaged not only Shentel's online equipment, but also its back-up system, Ferguson said.

Normally, the equipment needed to restore service takes about four hours to arrive from the vendor Shentel uses in Boston, but Ferguson said that flight delays stemming from the harsh winter weather in the northeast have caused significant delays.

Replacement equipment arrived at 10:30 a.m. Thursday and Shentel restored service early Thursday evening, according to Ferguson.

"We do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our businesses and our customers," he said earlier in the day. "We take this outage very seriously."

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    Dear Shentel, please take a portion of the outrageous monthly fees you charge for your underperforming service, just because you can since your the only guy in town, and buy redundant routers. At least buy a spare to have in stock. Leaving an entire county without internet service for 2 days because of a simple equipment failure is unacceptable nowadays.

    If you don't get it fixed soon I'm cancelling my service and signing up with...oh wait...well...please just fix it already.


    Riiiight....early afternoon....kinda like noon, wait..3:30, no 5:30..ok maybe 10pm yesterday? Or late morning(msg that was on there earlier today). IMO something like this is unacceptable. Businesses are losing money and some of us "normals" are just aggravated. Hopefully they learn from this and plan ahead. How do you not have these things ready to fix the problem? Unacceptable!

    This is yet another example of Shentel's inability to not keep service to their customers. The DSL speeds never live up to the speed your supposed to be getting for the money. Maybe it's time another provider get's in on the action to lower the costs of a monopolized internet and phone provider.

    Unacceptable doesn't begin to scratch the surface of this situation. I guess they were too busy playing Atari and printing out documents on their dot matrix printer to formulate a disaster recovery plan that relies on something other than blaming it on the weather. I do expect a prorated rebate of my service fees for the time lost. HA! I crack myself up!

    typical service from shentel. not only was the internet down, but their cable service was hitting up all day as well. No sense in complaining, they know they're the only show in town. Rates will continue to go up and you'll hear how customer oriented they are. Businesses and homes suffered because of their inability to look ahead and be proactive in sparing their equipment, especially in what must be an environment of no protective power in house. Still running the high tech end of the business like they're operating a patch cord connection panel. The message they put on the 'community channel' even had incorrect spelling in it. Slow DSL, slow repairs. Be glad when FiOS shows up in this valley!

    Kind of unbelievable! Their power all comes from one source for both system? So it burns out the backup as well when their is surge? How about surge protectors? How about a diesel that kicks on automatically, independent of any outside power source? As long as the fuel tank is not empty, they can power their systems.

    They are making a lot of money. They should spend it.

    For those of you who want to be independent of Shentel, get a wireless broadband USB modem. Works for PC's, MAC's, laptops etc. Speed is similar to DSL. Service is around $80 per month but the rope that Shentel has around your neck won't be there.

    They work similar to a cell phone. Anywhere you can get the signal it works. Passengers in your car can use their laptop going down the road.

    Wow! You internet junkies are worse than a coffee drinker with a broken pot!!!!!!!!
    I agree that Shentel should have a backup plan but
    so should YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And why do we allow Shentel to be a Monopoly in this county??? They consider themselves to be elitist since we don't have a choice. Wouldn't it be nice that they would take care of their customers than overcharge everyone for lack luster equipment and performance...but that would mean that they would have to reach out to their customers and we all know thats never going to happen. Come on Shentel Execs, sell out to Verizon and move to your third house in Maui..It would help us out.

    Hey Jimmy and you other complainers, I want you
    to go out tommorrow and buy the next part your
    car needs WHEN it breaks down! What do you mean Which part?

    Why don't you folks move to the Rural areas on Frederick or Rockingham Counties and go back to dial up.....if you are lucky. Don't sweat the small stuff......and it is all small stuff !!!!

    It always could be worse you could live in the rural areas of Rockingham or Frederick Counties and use dial up 100% of the time !!!

    4 silly comments above. This is the first outage I have experienced in 6 years. The impact to business is low.

    33 hours downtime. You win the Larry, Moe and Curly Joe Award. Inexcusable lack of planning, timing and finesse. Someone could have driven to Boston and back with the new equipment in the time it took to ship in. Ever hear of off site back up? If you have the exclusive franchise you must be prepared for any situation. Take your good fortune and exclusivity seriously for a change. Lord help you if you ever have to compete in the market. Act like you've been there before.

    Having the internet down has not only been an incovenience at home, but at the local vendors as well. You never realize how much you use your debit cards until you can't. I certainly hope that Shentel intends to give us all a discount on our internet bill this month. In fact, I think we should all demand a discount.

    I agree that the disruption in service was annoying and it stinks that Shentel is our only option, but are you people listening to yourselves? Two days without internet and you'd think the world had ended.
    I can't wait till the day energy prices are so high that adults and kids will have to do without their electronics for even a few hours! We'll start looking like Egypt, rioting in the street all because we can't blog, or text or God forbid have to read a real newspaper or book. (Scary!)
    Does anyone remember the Borg from Star Trek? Sounds like the collective is winning! ;)

    It's understandable to lose service because of unexpected events. But the amount of time it took for repairs was unacceptably long especially for businesses that depend on the Internet.
    My biggest complaint is the inadequate service they provide daily. I'm paying for 3Mbps service and being short changed. If I try to watch any online videos or if I try to run 2 computers or my sons xbox live, service drops down to 1 - 1.5 Mbps that's unacceptable. It's just like the grocery stores that keep lowering the quantity of products we buy and think we won't notice. Video is always buffering to catch up. Xbox live games lag bad and connection drops. Shentel tells me it's my equipment which is a lot of bull. I can take my laptop to other wireless hotspots and video is great and never lags and my son can take his xbox to any of his friends houses and that plays great with no lag or hesitation. So who has the bad equipment? I just have no respect for liars or greedy companies.

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