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*Athey says he won't stand for re-election to House seat

By Ben Orcutt -- borcutt@nvdaily.com

FRONT ROYAL -- Del. Clifford L. "Clay" Athey Jr. announced today that he will not seek re-election this fall.

"Following discussions with my family and my colleagues in the General Assembly over the last several months, I have decided not to seek the nomination of my party for a sixth term representing the citizens of Warren, Frederick, and Fauquier County in the Virginia House of Delegates," Athey, R-Front Royal, says in press release.

"In the forefront of this family decision is the fact that our children, Madagan and Clayton, who will turn five years old next week, will be attending kindergarten at A.S. Rhodes Elementary School beginning in September," Athey says. "Since another term in Richmond would require me to be away from my children more than I am willing to endure, Stacey and I decided that standing for re-election at this time would not be in our family's best interest."

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    "Make way for the new boss... same as the old boss." The Who
    "The fox has a sincere interest in the welfare of the chickens." Buford T. Foghorn

    As one of Athey's many critics and a regular victim of NV Daily's censor, I say good riddance. Watch out for that swinging door on your way out.

    If the local political machine has their way, Buford T. Foghorn meets Buford T. Foghorn. The all-white back room political party scuffle of fat cat Good Ol' Boys eager and frisky enough to fill those developer inspired shoes is about to get up a full head of steam. Innocent bystanders should remove themselves from harms way. Inexperienced wrong thinking political outsiders unfamiliar dealing with large volumes of hot air will be escorted to the end of the line for a proper indoctrination of 'far-right thinking'.

    Others unwilling to sell their soul need not apply. You are referred over to the nearly invisible and mostly silent left side of the aisle to form an alternate campaign agenda. If the Arabs can rise up against tyranny, what's holding you guys back?

    I'm pleased that Mr. Athey will not be running for re-election this Fall. It will save me from having to write checks to the campaign of whomever would have been his challenger. I was dismayed with Mr. Athey's role in the establishment of Urban Development Ctrs. I believe this one-size fits all solution will be detrimental to Warren County's quality of life. I can't help but believe his support was more intended to benefit his buddies in the development industry rather than represent the interests of the County's citizens. Also, I think we need to replace our representatives frequently to ensure the availability of new ideas and prevent politicians from amassing political power, which ultimately corrupts them. Five terms is more than enough. I believe passage of a constitutional amendment for term limits would go a long way towards having democracy work better.

    If all the NV Daily censor will allow me to say is "Yippee", then I too will say YIPPPEEE!!!!!

    mr.Athey---thank you for serving---now enjoy time with your family, i know my wife and i enjoy our family time with our five year old grandson kindergardner.

    thank you for all the years you served

    "Athey says he won't stand for re-election to House seat."

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