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Posted April 5, 2011 | comments 3 Comments

*Strasburg Ramada to offer electric car charging station

By James Heffernan -- jheffernan@nvdaily.com

STRASBURG -- A local businessman has teamed up with a Florida company to put a charge into the Ramada Inn on the north end of town.

Car Charging Group Inc. has signed a deal with SJTS Developers LLC, led by Jerry King, to provide an electric vehicle charging station in the parking lot of the hotel at 21 Signal Knob Drive.

The agreement marks the Miami company's initial entry into Virginia and its first with a member of the hospitality industry.

The satellite-linked ChargePoint station was installed last week, though the unit is not yet online.

King, whose daughter, Jerri Miller, runs the Ramada Inn, said the goal is to lure travelers for an overnight stay while they recharge their vehicles, which can take up to eight hours.

The unit, which is about the size of a service station air pump, consists of a standard electric vehicle connector and fixed 18-foot cable. It accepts Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover.

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    ???? What !
    Are you saying that anyone who has an
    electric auto has to subscribe to a
    vendor which will, upon entering into an
    agreement, provide a charging station
    for a fee ?

    Why can't a person, or a business for that matter, connect to their existing
    power supply at their location, to power up a charging station, or is there a
    "hidden" charge involved, that entails
    subscription to a supplier ?

    There are 3 different charging levels. To be able to get a faster charge you will need to connect to a level 2 or 3 charging station. To plug right into the wall puts you similar to a trickle charger and can take ~16 hours to charge a Nissan LEAF. Level 2 would be ~8hours, and Level 3 is a quick-charge which can get you to 80% in about 30 minutes. That being said, since when was electricity free? Of course there's going to be a fee. There are few free charging stations and those that are, are provided by the state/fed, not by a private company. On a side-note, what subscription are you referring to? Its a point of sale, just like you were buying gas at a gas station.

    Uhggg! Think of all the coal pollution that's going to be generated to create the electricity to run these little toy cars! Oh the inhumanity of it...pollution, pollution, pollution...

    Just sayin' ;)

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