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Salahis' dueling divorce filings

Wife's complaint alleges violence

By Joe Beck --- jbeck@nvdaily.com

FRONT ROYAL -- The on again, off again divorce of Michaele Salahi and Tareq D. Salahi is back on, and more bitter than ever.

Michaele Salahi has filed for divorce in Warren County Circuit Court, reviving a divorce that began in September when her husband sought to end the marriage. He dropped the case a few weeks later, but has answered her divorce complaint with a newly filed one of his own.

Michaele Salahi's divorce complaint, filed Dec. 15, accuses her husband of threatening her and committing violence against her, cruelty and constructive desertion.

He, in turn, replied to her complaint with a filing containing new accusations and denunciations, including details of her alleged affair with Neal Schon, lead guitarist for the rock band Journey.

The Salahis have been prominently featured in national news stories about their exploits in crashing a White House state dinner and her appearance on Bravo TV's "Real Housewives of D.C."

Michaele Salahi's complaint details marital strife dating back to the summer, when Tareq Salahi "demonstrated outbursts of rage, smashing objects; on one occasion he was physically violent toward the plaintiff, putting both hands on the sides of her head, shaking her head, and yelling at her."

Several times during the same period, he would take her car keys, cell phone and money "so that she could [not] leave the house, contact her friends or put gas in her car," the complaint alleges.

The complaint also contains new allegations about events surrounding her decision to run away from their home at 440 Scenic Overlook Drive, west of Linden, on Sept. 13.

Two days before, she called the Sheriff's Office seeking help after she was locked out of the house, according to the complaint. She found the house darkened, leading her to worry about her husband's safety, the complaint states.

The complaint also states before sheriff's deputies arrived, she returned to the house, found the garage door now unlocked and entered the house where she encountered Tareq Salahi in the darkened movie room.

Her complaint asserts that he told her "he turned out the lights and locked the garage door because he wanted her to feel the fear so he could teach her a lesson."

The complaint cites "fear of the defendant" as her reason for running away from home on Sept. 13.

In his reply to the complaint, Tareq Salahi denied the parts of her complaint alleging he committed or threatened violence against her. He also denied her account of being locked out of the house two days before she ran away.

Tareq Salahi also filed a new divorce complaint against his wife, accusing her of adultery and desertion stemming from an affair with Schon. He also accuses her of lying and extravagant spending habits that left him "trying to clean up the financial mess she made."

His complaint says lies about matters such as her having been a Washington Redskins cheerleader and a Victoria Secrets model left him "feeling embarrassed and ashamed of his wife and her outrageous behavior."

His complaint states that on Sept. 4, days before she left home, the couple attended a Journey concert in Bristow at Schon's invitation. The complaint also says they were allowed backstage and "at some point in the evening, (Michaele) Salahi and ... Neal Schon did commit adultery in Neal Schon's dressing room with your defendant in the stage area outside the room."

The complaint quotes Schon as saying: "What happened was ... she proceeds to come into my dressing room where I am sitting down. I have tennis shoes on and she's like, nine feet tall over me. And she looks down at me like she's standing on stilts and says 'I love you. And that's never going to change.' And then what happened I said, 'Get over here! This has taken 15 years.'"

The complaint cites a news media interview and later articles as evidence "this is the moment when the couple consummated their relationship and secretly decided to begin life together anew" at the expense of Tareq Salahi.

Phone messages left for Michaele Salahi's attorney, Georgia Rossiter of Winchester, and Tareq Salahi's attorney, Ed Barnes of Chesterfield, were not returned.

An auction at their Oasis Winery this fall was conducted under the auspices of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

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    Everybody knew from the beginning this marriage wouldn't work. Loading the dishwasher doesn't mean getting your wife drunk. Did the winery fail because they thought Dom Perignon was a Mafia leader?

    Bumping uglies backstage at a rock concert? How desperately romantic. In the "Silver Tongued Devils' Book of Pickup Lines", "Get over here, you" rivals the best Shakespeare sonnet. What lonely girl could resist such sweet talk if all he is wearing is tennis shoes? (Try not to think about that)

    Meanwhile, somewhere in the valley, something relevant happened. Why don't you report on that. If I wanted to read about Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless and High Class White Trash, I'd move to NoVa.

    And this is important news that our community just had to hear about???
    It's no wonder this paper is up for sale.
    Maybe the "Inquirer" will make an offer?

    Maybe you did not READ the relevant stories published such as the tragic murder of a very young, pregnant Strasburg woman in W.Va. Or the family of 6 burned out of their home just before Christmas. Or the 3 credit & gift card theives from N.Y and Md. who were busted with over 20,000.00 of cigarettes. I was in D.C going to the VA hospital yesterday, and we were over an hour late trying to find a route there because at 3:30 a.m. 3 young ladies somehow managed to go up about a 7ft wall, and 2 were killed..one just out of high school and the bodies were still in the car. I LEFT the Md. D.C. area to get AWAY from that kind of news and chose to have kids here. We should be thankful we do not have the horror stories there are EVERY day just North of here. But slowly they are moving this way. I thank this paper for the good things they have done, and the breaking news alerts, some have been about my family members. Happy New Year to all...and may it be blessed with as little treagedy as possible....

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