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Allen: 'Unleash' fuel resources

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Del. Michael Webert, left, and former Gov. George Allen, calculate the fuel cost of a reporter’s vehicle Thursday outside the 7-Eleven Shell gas station on U.S. 11 in Strasburg. Allen, who is campaigning for U.S. Senate, announced his new web site, toomuchatthepump.com, to show how fuel costs have more than doubled since 2009. Rich Cooley/Daily

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Del. Michael Webert, left, and former Gov. George Allen, calculate the fuel cost of a reporter’s vehicle Thursday outside the 7-Eleven Shell gas station on U.S. 11 in Strasburg. Allen, who is campaigning for U.S. Senate, announced his new web site, toomuchatthepump.com, to show how fuel costs have more than doubled since 2009. Rich Cooley/Daily

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Del. Michael Webert, left, and former Gov. George Allen, calculate the fuel cost of a reporter’s vehicle Thursday outside the 7-Eleven Shell gas station on U.S. 11 in Strasburg. Allen, who is campaigning for U.S. Senate, announced his new web site, toomuchatthepump.com, to show how fuel costs have more than doubled since 2009. Rich Cooley/Daily

Former governor talks gasoline prices at Senate campaign stop

By Alex Bridges -- abridges@nvdaily.com

STRASBURG -- Gas prices would fall if U.S. leaders "unleashed" the country's fuel resources, says former U.S. Sen. George Allen.

The former Republican governor spoke about gas prices and energy policy on Thursday just outside Strasburg during a stop on his campaign for the party's nomination as the candidate to run for the seat held by U.S. Sen. Jim Webb. Former Gov. Tim Kaine is seeking the Democratic Party's nomination.

"We oughta be thanking God that we're blessed with more resources, energy resources than any other country in the world; Russia's no. 2," Allen said. "Unfortunately the folks in Washington seem to look at these resources as a curse because they keep 'em off limits."

Allen, surrounded by area media representatives, stood outside 7-Eleven on U.S. 11 at the Interstate 81 interchange as drivers fueled up at the pumps for $3.89 per gallon.

Virginia Del. Michael J. Webert, R-Marshall, and a farmer by trade, joined Allen at the event. Webert's district includes Rappahannock County and parts of Warren, Fauquier and Culpeper counties.

If elected, Allen said he would introduce a bill to allow Virginia to produce oil and natural gas off the coast, the royalties from which would go to help pay for road construction and transportation projects. Allen favors expanding oil and natural gas exploration in Alaska.

Allen noted his support for importing oil from Canada and criticized Kaine's stance on the Keystone XL pipeline project as well as the Democrat's advocacy of the "cap-and-trade scheme."

"While I prefer American oil and coal and natural gas, if we're going have to import it I'd rather be getting it from the Canadians than having to worry about hostile dictators," Allen said.

Allen also criticized President Obama's administration for allowing the Environmental Protection Agency to handle cap-and-trade for energy emissions.

"Now I don't know who in the heck elected EPA," Allen said. "They're unelected, unaccountable. They're pestering you. Worrying about dust on a farm and your cattle aren't supposed to be drinking water out of a creek and all the different things that they're doing. But what they're doing with this tax is in effect to outlaw coal. Coal means jobs in Virginia."

If elected, Allen said he would vote in favor of a resolution of disapproval which would bar the EPA from regulating carbon dioxide. Policies which Allen claims ban coal as a source of electric power would ultimately hurt anyone who uses electricity through higher costs.

Allen blamed restrictive policies for causing high fuel prices, particularly at the gas pumps, which, in turn, impact families and farmers. The high gas prices, Allen said, also hurts drivers in suburban areas.

"If we had an approach which I am advocating which is a positive, constructive approach, and that is unleashing our American resources," Allen said.

Allen took time to promote the website, toomuchatthepump.com, which estimates how much a person spent to fill up his or her vehicle's gas tank in January 2009, at the beginning of Obama's term, compared with the current cost to fuel up. Several examples showed the price to fill up fuel tanks had more than doubled in three years when gas cost less than $2 a gallon on average.

Woodstock resident Jerry O'Brien stopped by the 7-Eleven to hear Allen speak and asked him about his stance on speculators and their impact on rising oil prices.

"I was interested to hear what he had to say and I'm concerned about gas prices," O'Brien said.

Higher fuel prices hurt some sellers such as Holtzman Oil & Propane.

"Speculation's killer," said Todd Holtzman, manager with Holtzman's propane business, who attended the event. "Ultimately, they manipulate the market and the consumer at the pump pays the penalty."

"We're stuck in the middle and high prices are not happy times for us because people are using so much less, traveling less and that reduces our sales and means our customers struggle to pay their bills," Holtzman said.


You whoooo, Georgie, it's time for your enema.

"...I'd rather be getting it from the Canadians than having to worry about hostile dictators," Allen said.


(1) Not a single drop of product produced from the Canadian sour crude transported thru the Keytone XL will make it into the U.S. Markets. All the products from the XL pipe are already contracted long term (2030) to south america, asia, europe & possibly china. (2) Because the XL will flow into (imported) refineries in port Auther (a duty free zone in the gulf) and exported from the same spot, No Taxes or Duties will be collected by the U.S.

What a bunch of Politico BS. Gas and oil prices are high due to rich people buying up the futures contracts. Currently there is an oversupply of product as compared to demand. Just ask the Saudi Oil Minister who was quoted in all the national press last week. Senator Macaca, stop pandering to the stupid people and try to show us some respect as an intelligent electorate.

George Allen will say anything to find a vote: he's so desperate to find his way back into government. Maybe this Rhinestone Cowboy should, once again, thrill us all as he rides a horse in the Apple Blossom parade.

Who wants another re-run of this guy? Who wants to be the next New Orleans disaster? VA is already the biggest IMPORTER of trash in the country, and we sure don't need anymore pollution: the chicken and hog farms are taking care of that! So right along with Pink Slime - let's say NO to this guy and his ideas.

This guy is an idiot. This article is a prime example of politics at its finest. First off, regardless of how much gas has gone up since 2009, Obama has no impact on that. And if it goes down, the same applies. Oil is a commodity traded on the market, speculators are the reason. This happens every year around this time, its the summer driving season.

And why should we be worried about pollution!? My goodness if we are making money who cares if we can drink the water and breathe for that matter.

People need to wake up...EXACTLY!

While I appreciate ROFLMAO's use of my picture I do not think it is appropriate. His/her comments do not reflect my opinion so I would appreciate him/her taking it down please.

In regard to the article I too would rather see someone besides Allen in this seat, preferably Jamie Radtke, but his point is well made. Yes speculators are driving up the price of oil as is the fact that the rest of the world is using more, but speculators would change their ways if the promise of more production (in America) was prevalent. If Mr. Obama would be more "all the above" (sincerely not just with words) things would be better.

It's a favorite thing of anti oil people to say "there's only a finite amount" but that's just not so. There is plenty of oil from plenty of sources if government would just allow us to get it. Sustainable development (from an environmental standpoint) is unattainable without the complete destruction of mankind. As long as there are humans we will use resources. Instead of attacking one kind (fossil) perhaps we should let the market decide. As the technology for reusable energy comes on line and is affordable and workable more people will be apt to buy it, but right now it's a waste. Spains wind energy has failed. Englands is close behind. Why is America so arrogant to think we will get different results doing the same thing.

Let the oil flow, let the coal burn, let the solar and wind be perfected, let the algae grow, let corn be used for food and let ingenuity not government intrusion create usable, renewable energy.

" Let the oil flow, let the coal burn. . ." , spoken like a real Republican, Ms. Bishop. And when we can no longer breath the air or drink the water - what then?

May I suggest, in the meanwhile, people make a little sacrifice and decide NOT to vacation or drive for entertainment (this summer) and send a message, "enough rip-off at the pumps". Those prices would drop pretty fast, I would bet.

before you go after Anti-Oil people maybe you should consider this. In a hundred years the MPG of vehicles has not increaed in the way that technologies in other industries has. Why? Because politicians have their hand in the pockets of Oil, and while they take their political contributions and kickbacks they allow the American people to continue to pay for outdated technology. The best thing to do would be to cut government subsidies to oil companies and quit propping up an industry that is making money hand over fist on the backs of the people, quit making it so difficult to start new industries and technologies, and allow the consumer to dictate the market.

Just like all the other Tea Party favorites, "I am not a witch" Christine O'Donnell, "Homophobic" Michelle Bachmann, "Liar" Sharon Angle. and "Quitter" Sarah Palin, local vocal yokel Bishop has a very weak grasp of reality, thanks to an obsessive tea party mentality convinced the world is swimming in oil. All we gotta do is scoop it up and pour it in the tank. If the whole world was made of oil, sooner or later it will all get burned up. But the world isn't made of oil. And the supply is definitely finite. Because it is finite and the demand is increasing, the price goes up. Market speculation fans the price rise. And along comes George so full of B.S., pandering to the evangelical fundamentalists and spreading the tea party lie about unlimited gasoline is out there, vote for me an it will be yours at 3, no make that 2 dollars a gallon.

If the price at the pump keeps going up and up, could this be caused by the oil companies now EXPORTING gasoline from America or was it Mitt Romney opening another off-shore bank account?

Georgie Boy should go help his buddy Santorum run for the Dana Carvy position of Church Lady.


I guess none of you read my comments as I clearly stated that looking into all fuel types is what is needed. For now there is not other fuel for cars and airplanes than gas. It's a fact. Do you want to shut down all cars and airplanes? I guess we could go back to horses and buggies and boats with sails, but horses pass gas and we all know how dangerous animal gasses are too. Even the Chevy volt runs on gas and coal...how do you get around that? When you all quit driving cars all together and traveling by air or going on cruises then I'll respect your ideas, until then you are hypocrites of the highest calibur.

The air is cleaner that it has been in my life time. The waters are cleaner (minus spills that have already happened) so your arguments over the environment are stale. Surprise I don't want to breathe dirty air or drink dirty water, but I do believe all life on this planet learns to adapt to changes so I'm not fretting about it. Plus even the river keepers acknowledge that the data used by enviromentalists is made up and guesses, as are the carbon nuts out there.

Finally I am not a Republican. Conservative yes, Republican no. Ask anyone who knows me. I am however anti Democrat, anti socialist, and anti communist (which includes the religion of environmentalists). I am a conservationist. I do my best to take care of my environment, but I drive a car that uses gas and I won't appologize for it. I looked into solar power, but it was prohibitively expensive. We actually do own a solar powered charger for small electronics (do you?) But nothing for the house so far. I compost. I use a clothes line in nice weather. I collect water in water barrels for my yard. I try to use as few chemicals on my plants as possible (but I do use them if necessary). I use herbal remedies for illness and grow some of my own food in the summer. Do you? I believe people should live what they believe not just talk about it. When the gloabal alarmists like Bono and Al Gore actually start living like they think everyone else should then I'll believe them, but as it is if they REALLY believed all they say then wouldn't they be trying to do more?

The speculators want more oil. More oil means more money. What better way to put pressure on the market than to raise the price to the point we all cry mercy. Supply and demand is not at play here. When we give up protecting sustainability they will get what they want. They get to go after the oil and then they will drop the prices for us. That oil will go with all the other oil...to the market. It is globally traded.

I agree with you b2866. I'm for getting rid of all giveaways to ALL business and getting government regulations out of the way of innovation. I thought you were a pro big regulation government person. I guess we're on the same page after all. Glad of it. :)

Oh Kim, you forgot to mention you fought long and hard AGAINST recycling! oops.


Ah, don't they miss the good ole days!!!!!!

"I think it was in the Rose Garden where I issued this brilliant statement: If I had a magic wand -- but the president doesn't have a magic wand. You just can't say, 'low gas.'" --George W. Bush, Washington D.C., July 15, 2008

"Goodbye from the world's biggest polluter." ~President George W. Bush
He then punched the air while grinning widely, as the rest of those present including Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy looked on in shock. (Jul 2008 G-8 summit in Japan) One official who witnessed the extraordinary scene said afterwards: "Everyone was very surprised that he was making a joke about America's record on pollution."

Here we go again.
Tea Party sock puppet Bishop keeps regurgitating the same old lies fabricated by the Koch Brothers war against the EPA attempting to discredit scientific findings supporting climate warming. Hardly a day goes by without a new research paper appearing in the scientific journals supporting or reinforcing the original research that Michael E. Mann used to create the so-called hockey stick chart that shows the sudden impact to climate warming due to human activity. Bishop has no credentials qualifying her as an expert on anything. The deception is a natural gift, perhaps adopted from Eve's example in the Garden of Eden.

Facing the Bishop misinformation campaign are the 810 Virginia scientists and academics who signed a petition launched by the activist Union of Concerned Scientists, protesting Attorney General Cuccinelli’s investigation of former University of Virginia professor Michael Mann. The American Association of University Professors likewise opposed Cuccinelli. The Commonwealth of Virginia now faces repaying the $900,000.00 U. Va. spent defending Mann against Cuccinelli's attack.

I am a narrow-minded nut job who bashes narrow minded nut jobs. I am driven to this calling because I have CDO. It's like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, only in alphabetical order, like it should be.

I NEVER fought against recycling. I fought against MANDATED recycling. Just because I don't believe that the government should force people to pay for something they don't want doesn't mean I'm opposed to it. I recycled before the mandate and I recycle now. Get your facts straight before spreading your lies (oops I mean misinformation).

Cuccinelli's case against Mann..."He that finds his knowledge narrow, and his arguments weak, and by consequence his 'efforts' not much regarded, is sometimes in hope of gaining that attention by his clamours which he cannot otherwise obtain...."

The cost of the case doesn't include the two years of taxpayer man hours that were wasted either! And this is the man who wants to be our next governor?

Ms. Bishop, until the "for profit" insurance company is taken out of Health Care we will NEVER have a decent system. Our health care should not be decided by these greedy companies. We've lived so long under their rule, we can't imagine how it could be different. I have personal experience with their nonsense and one has to fight every inch of the way to have proper care.

Obama's attempts to pass something is far from perfect. I think he would have been better off taking this on in his second term (which he will have). The people who do not have health insurance go to ER or clinics. We all pick up the tab regardless.

Universal coverage is needed. We should not have to sell our souls (and everything else) in order to have our health needs met. Actually a Medicare system for all would work best, removing the insurance companies as they operate today.

I also have recycled forever - when people use to joke about it. Some people will not participate for the common good unless they are "forced". I wasn't in favor of yet another charge for recycling (I was doing it already) but now enjoy having it picked up. Unfortunately I wonder if all of this is actually being recycled.

We are all in this together and need to discuss the real issues and not be swayed by political fat cats who are in it for themselves - ONLY.

Diane -- You are right.

Realize this data is a little dated (2006); however, it is interesting that in England (health care provided to citizens) their health care is 8.2% of their GDP; Canada (provided health care) their health care is 10% of GDP; and the U.S. health care is 15.3% of GDP.

(DOI 2006) Per capita spending on health U.S. $6719, average life expectancy 78. UK, $2815, life expectancy 80. Canada $3673, life expectancy 81.

As far as medical care 'war stories' go, each country can match the other, no doubt.

Diana I agree with you about working together for things we agree on. I think more people agree then disagree, but the few "things" that people won't give on get in the way.

I disagree with universal healthcare as I've seen how it works. Government in charge is worse than for profit Insurance companies. I've seen and experienced it first hand and will never support it...never. I would like government and insurance companies out of it all together, but since the government mandates how we all live there is no choice.

Get the government out of it and people could get insurance for the disasterous stuff and pay for the everyday (which would be cheaper if people didn't depend on government and insurance). Do health insurance the same way we do home and car insurance and it would be better. But we have no power over that.

Sadly no one will discuss any real answers. The left only wants single payer/government control and won't discuss anything else. The right is open to everything except government total control.

As for people not doing something unless they're forced is a slippery slope. when your side is in control that's fine, but eventually someone else will be in charge and start forcing you to do things you don't see as necessary. I believe in leaving most things up to the individual. Recycling makes sense, but it shouldn't be forced...we could force composting too. Or water recycling. We could force people to hang out their clothes and walk instead of drive. But eventually it's going to get to something you don't want...who will defend your rights when you've taken all theirs away? I guess it just comes down to how we as individuals view things. Differences can be bridged if people would talk instead of name calling, but I just don't think that's possible anymore. I guess we'll see. Thanks for your polite discourse on this. Perhaps even we can get past our differences and find our likes...I bet we agree on more than we disagree...

Before Medicare was created in the mid-1960s, only about half of the elderly had private insurance for hospital care, and they were facing rising costs for those policies on their fixed incomes. Medicare was hugely contentious at the time, seen by many Americans as a 'socalist' act.

Health insurance could be "handled the same way as home and car insurance and it would be better. But we have no power over that." And, thank God, that system cannot materialize. Regarding car insurance, Virginia MANADATES one of two things: you buy car insurance OR you are forced to pay a $500 uninsured motorist fee to register your vehicle. As an insured Virginian, you are forced to buy uninsured motorists protection. How would health insurance similar to that of car insurance work? If you visit your doctor for a cough and an x-ray indicates lung cancer, do you then fall into the 'Assigned Risk' category? Should you need a second surgery for the same cause, would your insurance be dropped altogether? Or if our insurance is handled like home owners insurance, should a patient have an amputation and two years later needs another amputation for a cause related to the first, would he then be placed in a 'high-risk zone' similar to those who suffered Hurricane Andrew?

The U.S. hospitals include 'specialized' hospitals, teaching or community hospitals, nonprofit or for-profit hospitals. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association looked at over half a million discharge records of patients hospitalized in the United States. The researchers found that although uninsured patients were in worse condition than privately insured patients when they entered the hospital, they were discharged sooner. Although the study did not distinguish between for-profit and nonprofit hospitals, it does demonstrate that the problem does exist.

In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that corporations were people. If hospitals are corporations (definitely 'for-profits' are) and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), aka 'Obamacare', is overturned by the Supreme Court does this give the corporations the authority to deny treatment in their emergency rooms? Just wondering?


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