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Board approves purchase of chairs

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Tony Carter

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Brandy Rosser

Furniture update for government center to cost nearly $20,000

By Kim Walter -- kwalter@nvdaily.com

FRONT ROYAL -- The Warren County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a motion to purchase 32 chairs for the board and caucus rooms at the county government center for the price of $20,689.66

Grants and Special Projects Coordinator Brandy Rosser said the current chairs are extremely dated and need numerous repairs after being purchased over 10 years ago.
"We did have a council member fall out of a chair because it broke," Supervisor Richard Traczyk said.

Councilman Archie Fox agreed that the chairs were in need of an update and referred to them as "a safety issue."

"$20,000, really?" asked Supervisor Tony Carter. "I agree that there's safety concerns, but it's an awful lot," he added, referring to the cost.

Rosser explained that the county recently joined The Cooperative Purchasing Network, which allows government agencies to purchase products at a discounted price. Staff looked at several different options, she said, and decided to go with three different kinds of chairs from BK Office Supply. Through the network, the price of chairs was decreased by 46 percent.

"I worked in design for six year, and I know that you get what you pay for," Rosser said. The price includes labor for delivery and installation of the chairs, as well as a warranty that's good for over 10 years.

"I think it's just too much at this point," Carter said. He was the only supervisor to vote against approval of the purchase, which will be made using reserve for contingencies funding.
In other matters, the Board approved:

• A proposed speed limit reduction, from 45 mph to 35 mph, on a section of Rockland Road after VDOT conducted several speed studies.

• The fiscal year 2012-2013 Capital Improvement Plan, drafted by the Planning and Zoning Department.

• Approved a road name change from Browne Top Way to Mill Ford Road.


$645 per chair .... outrageous!!!!!

At $650 a piece, these are not chairs, they are THRONES.

May I suggest the Board overturn their vote and instead purchase thrones made of porcelain, a material much more suited to this Boards weaknesses.

More and more, every day, I'm thinking my vote for Dan Murray was a wasted vote. Dan Murray, strike TWO.


This idiot, Rosser, made a choice out of three options?

What ever happened to competitive bidding?

Your Front Royal tax dollars at work.

These morons are as disconnected from reality as national representatives.


If a council member fell out of a chair, are you certain it wasn't for others reasons?

Let me address a couple things that you blowhards are going on about in these comments.

First of all, $650 per chair is not a bad price at all. Just a quality office chair can easily run $300 - $500. Unless you want to run down to staples and pick up a bunch of $150 El Cheapo brand plasticrap chairs that will break in a year or two, you're gonna have to pony up and pay for a decent product.

Second, to address the comment that Dave fired off from the hip, the price HAS been competitively bid--by the Cooperative Purchasing Network. This is similar to what the state does with its VITA program and the federal GSA contracts. If you are negotiating the price on a product, larger entities can leverage economies of scale to negotiate much better contracts than the little ol' County could on its own looking for just 32 chairs.

So refill your bowl of potater chips and sit back in your ($1000) La-Z-Boy "quarterback edition" armchairs... There are plenty of other questionable expenditures that are more worthy of your sagacious observations than this completely routine purchase.

32 chairs @ $646.oo each and you say you worked in design for 6 years. Design for what? To pick the tax payers pocket! Thank You Mr. Carter for your NO VOTE!!!
Don't get to comforable in your lasy boys. I recommend you but meters on them pay by the min. @ .25 = $15.00 @ hr. in 43 hours you can pay the tax payer back for you comfort.

Aren't air flights now considering charging more for heavier customers because of the cost? If so, can they pass the cost of the chairs along accordingly?

I think the Warren County government is on crack...that's the only logical explanation!

Dear Mr. Negotiations and GSA blah, blah, blah Washington crap, are we in diar need of new chairs????? and yes, with these economic times $646.55 is alot of money to waste on lazy washington types that sit on these council's. Maybe we, Potater chip eatin, $1000 lazy boy sittin folk can offer a suggestion, we in this little ol' county can build ya a nice wood bench and have the members sit on that, we will also give you a lifetime warranty, and if I could recruit your expertise we would need you to negociate a deal for cushions with the GSA.

Dear Mr. Lazy Washington People Blah blah blah conspiracy theory teabag dipper, I would first suggest that you are in dire need of negotiating a deal on a dictionary. Oh wait... there are free ones for the com-poo-ter--yes, free! That word really seems to tickle the cockles of you freetard types.

Look......if the chairs last 10 years like the previous, it breaks down to .18 cents / day per chair. If $150 chair lasts 3 years that is .14 cents/ a day chair. Seems like a better deal. However, the $150 chair will have to be replaced every 3 years. When you factor time, manpower, approvals, and the lost productivity that my company just sufffered in order for me to respond to theses ridulous comments, Rosser and the board made the right call.

They are spending my money. I have a hard backed wooden chair with no wheels I use for our office. Five people share it = $25. $645 chairs? Really? No matter what else they do, any of them gets voted out except Carter.

Total disrespect for the hard work that goes into paying my taxes.

Between Ratigan and new chairs it is a close tie for most comments by far. I have had only one question answered with two questions left unanswered. For the new chairs story, 1) Are they sure that the council member that fell out of the chair wasn't caused by some other factor, and for the pissed off Ratigan story, 2) what was the "unethical and immoral conduct" of the 60 plus Ron Paul supports that showed at the meeting?

$650 for a chair is a completely routine purchase? Glad I don't live in Warren County -I wouldn't be able to afford it. If, as Geoff states in arguing in support of the purchase, a quality office chair can be purchased for $300, how does that support spending more then twice as much? A quality office chair isn't good enough?

Finally, in response to Geoff's mocking comments on what's worthy of readers' "sagacious observations", when it comes to spending these readers' tax money, they should be able to comment on whatever they damn well please.

If there are PLENTY of other questionable expenditures that are more worthy of our sagacious observations than this completely routine purchase, WHY don't you point them out??

That's what I thought!!

This is just another example of government officials like country club board members sitting around deciding how to spend others hard earned money. NO respect to the tax payer yet one more time.

Hey Geoff, when common sense is over ruled for personal comfort, we the people who are paying for the folly do have a right to comment. Let me guess, your career in the Federal Government has caused the oversight?

Well for one thing, the toilet paper they use at the government center is ridiculously fancy. I mean, do government employees really need 2 ply toilet paper? Why don't they just wipe with their left hand like they do in Egypt? We all shake with our right hand over here anyway. I'm just saying, it's like wiping your butt with $20 bills!

And so should I barb... and so should I.

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