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Posted March 7, 2012 | comments 4 Comments

Board approves summer program

By Kim Walter -- kwalter@nvdaily.com

FRONT ROYAL -- The Board of Supervisors approved a Summer in the Parks program Tuesday morning as well as a developing partnership between the Parks and Recreation Department and two not-for-profit groups.

Robin Richardson, deputy director of the department, recommended the new proposal for this summer. It consists of two four-week sessions, one from June 18 to July 13, and the second from July 16 through Aug. 10.

An Early Bird Playground session will run from 8 a.m. to noon, with a $15 registration fee and an additional $45 per week, per child. The program will be limited to 50 children. The second program, Playground in the Parks, will run from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. with the same fees and 50-participant limitation.

The proposal also states that "Participants would only be allowed to be enrolled in one program, and dual enrollment in sessions/programs will not be permitted."

Vice chairman Linda P. Glavis pointed out that the proposal allowed for "more public benefit" as it had the potential to reach 200 different children.

Additionally, sport and activity camps will be offered through a partnership with the Warren County School Age Care and Youth Enrichment Program. A two- or three-day camp would take place each week based on a particular skill or sport, Richardson said, and added that prices for the different activities would be reduced.

Richardson also mentioned possible swim days, and providing an open gym program two days a week for sixth through ninth graders.

Supervisor Tony F. Carter expressed worries that the proposal might still prove difficult for parents, and recognized that "there are 2,000 kids out there," compared to the 200 the program could serve.

"I know I'm outnumbered," Carter said, in reference to some supervisors' feeling that it was wrong for the program to compete with local day cares and other private enterprises.
Rosemary Comstock, owner of Angel's Korner, spoke before the discussion and expressed her apologies for drawing out the process.

"But I'm standing firm in that we need to reach every child in the community," she said. "From infants to elders."

Comstock also said she hopes to continue working with the Parks and Recreation Department in the future.

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    I think it's a shame the Board considers youth programs as "competition" with local day cares and other private enterprises. We have way too many children in Front Royal who need low-cost summer programs; their families cannot afford private day care or other private programs.

    I just don't understand how a couple of private day care business' can influence the board to make such a hasty decision. This is about the kids and for them to have a wonderful, fun summer, not for the day care owners to pocket a few more dollars during the summer. Day care is so over priced as it is that there is no sympathy for them and I don't think the old summer program would have endanger their bottom line. Talk about selfish and wrong in so many ways. Given the economic times let the kids have a summer to remember.

      Everyone out there,,,,,,,,if you are looking for a FUN summer program that is affordable, look at the Seven Bends program in Shenandoah County, which I think has a division a the elementary school in Strasburg, also in Woodstock and Mount Jackson. I know a few parents that send their kids there and they love it...

    Our local Good Old Boys do not need outside help for them to show favoritism to local businesses over the best interests of children and citizens. They have been doing this in Warren County for years and years. This is nothing new. Isn't it time to put a stop to this? Does keeping the election date in May perpetuate a minority control of local politics? Does a hobby horse have a wooden behind?

    I suggest everyone become aware of which leading politician is trying to appease the businesses involved in this dispute. When you have made that identification, you will know where the root of the good governance problem originates. Now ask yourself, why is this Boss Hogg style of politician always in a position to run unopposed when election time tolls around?

    Elsewhere in this newspaper it was reported another politician not seeking re-election gave his reason as caused by "... people who seem more interested in protecting their own power base than doing what's good for the community.".

    One of the factors driving the long term success of the local "Good Old Boy" system of governance is the preferred priority given to local business concerns over community concerns. The local political party actively recruited its 300 or so members from the local business community and the party rewards their members block of votes with political favors when the need arises. Party members know when they "have arrived" into the inner circle of power when a certain social club extends their hand to you to join their ranks of movers and shakers.

    Simply ask yourself,
    1) when was the last time you remember citizen concerns overriding business interests in matters brought before the Town Council or the Board of Supervisors and
    2) which politicians championed which side of the issue.

    Whether meddling in the town's business or manipulating county issues, one politician in particular always has his fingers in the pie to ensure his business friends and cronies prevail.

    I wonder where Ms. Comstock purchases all of her insurance needs?

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