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Courthouse notes

Shenandoah County
Real estate
Over $25,000

Lawrence Darr, executor of the estate of Louis E. Darr, to Jody D. Stutts and Audry O. McQueen, 216 Clicks Lane, New Market, $152,000.
David W. Richman and Barry A. Rickman to Barry A. Rickman, Ashby District, Georgetown, 18.726 acres, $72,500.
R. Keith Richards and Marcus Costelloe, co-executors of the estate of Yolanda Costelloe-Taylor, to Most Rev. Paul S. Loverde, bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Stonewall District, Woodstock, Mountain View, Section 2, Lot 6B, $175,000.
Richard M. Jones and wife to Woodbine Farms Inc., Davis District, Deer Rapids, Section 6, Lot 20, $31,000.
Jean K. Suddarth to Michael P. Ryan and wife, 342 Connie Road, Basye, $150,000.
Geoffrey A. Hickman and wife to William Chase Coale III and wife, 466 Susan Road, Basye, $295,000.
Bank of New York to Michael Boies, Washington Court, Lot 1, $50,000.
Fannie Mae to Alan G. Buckler and Phyllis J. Buckler, 305 Teaberry Road, Maurertown, 77,000.
John A. Hertzler to H. David Litten and wife, Madison District, Edinburg, Windsor Farms, Lot 1, $270,000.
James M. Kirk and wife to John F. Depue, 195 N. Eberly St., Strasburg, $183,000.
Robert L. Orndorff and wife and James R. Orndorff to Robert L. Orndorff and wife, Davis District, 7.379 acres, $30,000.
Branch Banking & Trust Co. to James L. Beckenstrater and wife, 224 Orkney Drive, Mt. Jackson , $53,000.
Michael J. Infanti and wife to Entrust IRA Administration Inc., Bryce's Mountain Resort near Basye, Section 11, Lot 265, $72,500.
Neta Marie Coffman to Barry W. Cook and wife, 7870 Back Road, Maurertown, $220,000.
George Warren Shanks to Patricia D. Shanks and Luce Enterprises Inc., Strasburg, Signal Knob Condominiums, Unit A-12, $68,000.
Roger L. Miller to James Uthel Smith III and Hubble J. French, Stonewall District, Patmos Road, 0.602 acres, $50,000.

Warren County
Real estate
Over $25,000

T.D. Rainey III to Independence Realty LLC, Shenandoah District, Lot 4A, $37,500.
Instant Money Inc. to Diamond LLC, Front Royal-Riverton Improvement Co., Block 12, Lot 11, $60,000.
Rager Construction LLC to Jessica R. Kane, Shenandoah Farms, Chain Spring Section, Lot 26, $152,100.
Wells Fargo Bank to Arnold Williams Jr., 416 Kerfoot Ave., Front Royal, $63,900.
Mark T. Smoot to Biliberto G. Corral, Ritenour Estates, Lot 5, $91,900.
Notre Dame Properties LLC to Paul Uhlenkott, 28.151 acres, $282,100.
Bobcat Builders LLC to Charles L. Ripple, Shenandoah Shores, Lot 1218A, $145,100.
Kenneth J. Moody to Michael J. Owen, Freezeland Manor, Section 1, Lot 27, $472,100.
Wells Fargo Bank to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Apple Mountain Lake, 1.0062 acres, Lots T-29 and T-30, $171,700.
Dodson Homes Inc. to Paul L. Ramney, Beau Ridge II, Lot 6, $275,000.
William John Webster to Michael K. Vriesema, Blue Mountain, Section 100, Lot 1059, $339,000.
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Anthony Valenza, Thompson Hollow Acres, Lot 4-B, $89,900.
US Bank National Association to Jamal Parker, Viscose City, Block 6, Lot 56, $42,900.
Francis Prusaitis to Estevan Segura, Shenandoah District, 0.6116 acres, Block 40, Lot 7, $160,000.

Building permits
Over $15,000

Bryan Richards, Boyds Mill Lane, Lot 28, alterations, $500,000.

Real estate

Over $25,000
Terry L. Doyle to Dongjun Chen, 24 W. North Ave., $150,000.
William H. Logan III to Melissa Fries, 1909 Melvor Lane, $267,000.
Ruby L. Robertson to Lawrence E. Plasters, 414 E. Fairmont Ave., $90,000.
James R. Robinson to Edward P. Browning IV, 415 W. Cecil St., $475,000.
William Scott Twitty to Can Do LC, 624 Atwell Ave., $69,000.
Michael R. Bowman to Stanley W. Brooks Jr., East Boscawen Street, Lot 2, $162,500.
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Trung M. Le, 835 Berryville Ave., $55,000.
Peter D. Loeffler to Frank G. Cocina, Overlook Park, Block H, Lot 5, $110,000.

Building permits
Over $15,000

David S. Cooper, 333 Weems Lane, alterations, $15,000.
Invictus Va II LLC, 1908 Clayton Ridge Drive, single-family dwelling, $200,000.
Dave Holliday Rentals LLC, 2215 Valor Drive, remodel, $17,000.
Damon W. Dearment, 804 Armistead St., remodel, $30,000.
Frederick County School Board, 1415 Amherst St., addition, $100,000.

Frederick County
Real estate
Over $25,000

No Limit Realty LLC to Lori Locke Phillips, Stonewall District, Darville, Section 1, Lot 21, $225,000.
Joseph G. Carter to Frank Song, Red Bud District, Carlisle Heights, Section 1, Lot 3, $80,000.
Roscommon II LLC to Ben Szostek, Back Creek District, Roscommon, Section 7, Lot 80, $550,000.
Michael P. Sacco to William J. Stadler III, Opequon District, Guards, Section 2, Lot 16, $285,000.
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Jennifer L. Cloud, Back Creek District, Chimney Hills Estates, Section 1, Lot 31, $280,000.
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Thomas K. Hayes, Red Bud District, Asbury Terrace, Section 2, Lot 39, $175,000.
Wakeland Manor Inc. to James V. Alligood, Shawnee District, Wakeland Manor, Lot 217, $310,000.
Robert W. Ridler III to Veneto E. Gatto, Opequon District, Fredericktowne, Section 9, Lot 178, $225,500.
Fannie Mae to Bradley A. Burkhamer, Gainesboro District, Heavenly Estates, Lot 5A, $280,000.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Jennifer S. Russell, Shawnee District, 1.5307 acres, $192,000.
Pauline R. Boyce to Kim R. Greenfield, Gainesboro District, Tudor Square, Section 1, Lot 13, $92,000.
Aaron C. Riddle to William Douglas Riddle, Gainesboro District, 1496 Old Bethel Church Road, $134,000.
Dave Holliday Construction Inc. to NVR Inc., Stonewall District, Red Bud Run, Section 2, Lots 6 and 7, $195,000.
Ellen Gaines to Daniel C. Drew, Opequon District, Autumn Glen, Section 3, Lot 50, $189,000.
Centex Homes to Thomas D. Hazelwood, Shawnee District, Wakeland Manor, Lot 574, $274,400.
Virginia Housing Development to Harvey D. Catron Jr., Back Creek District, Shawneeland, Section B, Lot 54, $53,000.

Building permits
Over $15,000

Gregory Thomas Jones, Opequon District, Camp at Mosby Station, Lot 24, remodel, $19,000.
Joe Edmiston, Back Creek District, Shawneeland, Lot 32, single-family dwelling, $72,800.
Fern Ridge LLC, Shawnee District, Airport Business Park, Lot 10, warehouse, $440,000.
Campfield LLC, Red Bud District, Abrams Pointe, Lot 81, single-family dwelling, $225,000.
D.A. Holdings LLC, Shawnee District, 123 Aviator Place, remodel, $75,000.
Campfield LLC, Red Bud District, Abrams Pointe, Lot 58, single-family dwelling, $220,000.
D.A. Holdings LLC, Shawnee District, 112 Aviator Place, remodel, $75,000.
Campfield LLC, Red Bud District, Abrams Pointe, Lot 75, single-family dwelling, $200,000.
Francis G. Anderson, Shawnee District, 1660 Macedonia Church Road, addition, $100,000.
John Graves, Back Creek District, 3670 Middle Road, addition, $30,000.
Lee Van Grady, Back Creek District, Shawneeland, Lot 3, garage, $20,000.
Nils E. Hoffman, Back Creek District, Stonymeade, Lot 35, single-family dwelling, $400,000.

Frederick County
Real estate
Over $25,000

Ennstone Inc. to Aggregate Industries Land Co., Stonewall District, two tracts, 13.9656, $862,200.
NVR Inc. to Walter J. Davis, Stonewall District, Red Bud Run, Section 2, Lot 121, $270,400.
George M. Ulmet to Larry D. Miller, Shawnee District, Lakeview Condominium, Building 3, Unit 10, $114,900.
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Maria C. Hernandez, Stonewall District, Dominion Knolls, Section 1, Lot 46, $110,000.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Christopher Jasinski, Shawnee District, Merrimans Chase, Section 4, Lot 36, $261,000.
Paul F. Sablik to Bruce E. Pease, Red Bud District, Twin Lakes Overlook, Section 1, Lot 83, $296,900.
Timothy Doolan to Darrel K. Rhame, Back Creek District, 1503 Redbud Road, $80,000.
US Bank to Anthony Joseph Sirna, Red Bud District, Brentwood Terrace, Section 1, Lot 11, $125,000.
Eugene Gardner to Brian E. Walls, Gainesboro District, Rural Preservation, 3.777 acres, Lot 5, $54,000.
Constance L. Carrington to Joseph B. Harris, Opequon District, Guards, Section 1, Lot 46, $252,500.
James Arthur Cox to Jeffrey A. Narron, Shawnee District, Pembridge Heights, Lot 57, $175,000.
Michael F. Desmond to Mitsi H. Lizer, Opequon District, Shenandoah, Section 3, Lot 46, $335,000.
Timber Ridge Ministries Inc. to Development Perseverance, Shawnee District, 127 Mercedes Court, $235,000.
Fannie Mae to Joelma S. Carvalho, Red Bud District, Apple Ridge, Lot 30, $177,000.
Karen L. Hughes to Sidney L. Fries, Shawnee District, Lakeview Terrace Townhouses, Section 5, Lot 80, $100,000.
Fannie Mae to Ronald C. Homan, Back Creek District, 0.65 acres, $106,000.
Fannie Mae to Stephan Hunger, Stonewall District, 1.392 acres, $140,000.
Powells Investments LLC to Yates Country Park LLC, Red Bud District, Country Park, Section 2, Lot 67, $60,000.
Centex Homes to Nicholas R. Fisher, Shawnee District, Wakeland Manor, Lot 565, $300,100.
Leota S. Elder to Eric T. Cook, Shawnee District, Lakeside Estates, Section 1, Lot 10, $239,000.
Instant Money Inc. to Robert J. Rein, Opequon District, Meadows, Lot 28, $149,000.
Brookfield Stephenson Village to Brookfield Stephenson LLC, Stonewall District, Snowden Bridge, Section 1, Lot 34, $77,000.
Cardinal Real Estate LLC to Rhonda Conrad, Opequon District, Stephens Ridge, Section 2, Lot 85, $98,000.
Fannie Mae to Amy L. Peppers, Opequon District, Jefferson Village, Lot 36, $128,000.
Paul E. Caldwell to Christopher H. McCoy, Stonewall District, Huntington Meadows, Section 2, Lot 103, $134,000.
D&E Homes LLC to Clarence M. Hohner, Back Creek District, Shawneeland, Section 6, Lot 12, $185,000.
Citibank to Ruben D. Mendez, Stonewall District, Red Bud Run, Section 1, Lot 45, $260,000.
Cedar Meadows Development LLC to C. Lee Weaver, Opequon District, Cedar Meadows, Lot 40, $235,000.
Thomas L. Nethers to Troy Newbraugh, Stonewall District, Apple View Estates, Lot 2, $38,800.
Pointer Properties LC to Timothy L. Middleton, Shawnee District, Greenwood Heights, Section 5, Lot 3, $164,900.
Martin E. Reynolds to John Kinzie, Shawnee District, Greenbriar Village, Section 2, Lot 109, $110,500.
Michael J. Graham to Sheri E. Shade, Back Creek District, Shawneeland, Section 6, Lot 20, $166,300.
Anna Yan Chen to Bruce L. Eller, Opequon District, Nottoway, Section 2, Lot 49, $95,000.
Glenn L. Foley to Keith A. Jeller Sr., Red Bud District, Burning Knolls, Section C, Lot 93, $133,000.
George A. Semko to Ronald Thomas Brouillette, Opequon District, Guards, Section 3, Lot 141A, $295,000.
Dan Ryan Builders Inc. to Yvonne A. Smith, Red Bud District, Brookland Manor, Lot 63, $189,600.
Matthew Prehn to Michael Bradshaw, Gainesboro District, Lake Holiday Estates, Section 5B, Lot 1238, $145,000.
Wells Fargo Bank to Glen D. Mohr Inc., Gainesboro District, Lake Holiday, Section 8A, Lot 126, $85,200.
Dennis R. Jenkins to Jaime Dawn Terenzi, Back Creek District, Shawneeland, Section 20, Lot 33, $175,000.
Betty L. Hanna to Gary M. Dick, Gainesboro District, 3.11 acres, $375,000.
Jill M. Fritz to Betty L. Hanna, Shawnee District, Cross Creek Village, Section 2, Lot 24, $245,000.
300N LLC to David C. Flack, Back Creek District, Shady Elm Farms, Lot 9, $76,000.
Matthew F. Carroll to Kenneth B. Harper, Back Creek District, Roscommon, Section 5, Lot 47, $790,000.

Building permits
Over $15,000

Michael L. Garrand, Opequon District, 234 Riding Chapel Road, accessory building, $25,000.
William O. Davis, Back Creek District, 6363 Middle Road, solar panels, $23,500.
Kraft Foods North America Inc., Stonewall District, 3 Lakes Drive, reroof, $125,500.
Jennifer R. Larrick, Back Creek District, Wilde Acres, Lots 2 and 3, single-family dwelling, $100,000.
Stephen M. Zuckerman, Back Creek District, Jackson Orchard, Lot 8, swimming pool, $34,000.
Gary J. Crawford, Back Creek District, 195 Minebank Road, addition, $27,000.
Stowe Woodward LLC, Back Creek District, Route 11 south, reroof, $198,800.
Christopher J. Barltrop, Opequon District, Shenandoah, Lot 199, deck, $15,000.
Westminster-Canterbury, Stonewall District, 300 Westminster-Canterbury Drive, remodel, $53,000.
Brookfield Stephenson Village LLC, Stonewall District, Snowden Bridge, Lot 68, single-family dwelling, $200,000.
Summit Community Bank, Stonewall District, Red Bud Run, Lot 117, single-family dwelling, $200,000.
Brookfield Stephenson Village LLC, Stonewall District, 367 Snowden Bridge Boulevard, community center, $200,000.
Village at Orchard Ridge Inc., Gainesboro District, Village at Orchard Ridge, Lot 18, single-family dwelling, $190,000.

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