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GOP committee member quits

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Tim Ratigan

Rift opens between Ron Paul backers, other Republicans

By Joe Beck -- jbeck@nvdaily.com

FRONT ROYAL -- A rift has opened between Ron Paul supporters and other Republican party members after a divisive power struggle Thursday that led one committee member to publicly resign and declare himself an independent.

Tim Ratigan said he walked out of a mass meeting of the Warren County party committee in protest of what he called on his Facebook page "unethical and immoral behavior" by a group intent on claiming the chairmanship and vice chairmanship posts.

"I wouldn't call them Republicans," Ratigan said in an interview Tuesday. "I would call them libertarians attempting to take over the Republican Party of Warren County."

As a result of the meeting, Ratigan said, he has declared himself an independent, although he will continue to support conservative candidates in future races. Ratigan is running for mayor of Front Royal, an officially non-partisan position.

Rattan's version of events at the party meeting was supported by two other party leaders, neither of whom spoke for attribution. At least two other committee members resigned, Ratigan and one of the other party, leaders said.

All three said Paul supporters have launched similar efforts in other parts of the state and nation and warned committee members in neighboring counties to expect to meet strong challenges by Paul supporters in the near future.

An ABC television news blog reported that a feud between Paul supporters and Republican leaders at a major caucus in Missouri on Saturday led the organizers to shut down the event.

Paul carried Warren County in the Virginia Republican presidential primary while losing statewide to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

Ratigan and one of the other party leaders said around 100 people attended Thursday's meeting. The party's committee website described the purpose of the meeting as electing the top committee leadership and up to 290 delegates to the 6th Congressional District Convention scheduled for May 5 in Lexington. The convention will then elect three delegates and three alternates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August.

Ratigan and the two other party leaders said they and the Paul supporters share the same basic beliefs in limited government. Ratigan said his objections to the Paul supporters stem from their efforts to overturn party rules and standard operating procedures.

"Don't get me wrong," Ratigan said. "Everybody has a right to be a Republican, but there's a right way to go about achieving your goals, and there's a wrong way."

The committee is trying to organize another meeting at which another attempt will be made to elect new officers. No date has been set.


Question: What do Sarah Palin and Tim Ratigan now have in common?
Answer: Quitter!

Congratulations on your promotion. We heard you weren't going to be around much longer.

Typical drama queen farce, he's right, everybody else is wrong, then, like a spoiled brat, he quits when he doesn't get his way.

I remember a few years ago Ratigan was a "co-founder" of the Warren County Tea Party, even organized a Tea Party rally held on the Warren County Government Center door steps. There was Ratigan, microphone in hand, telling the assembled band of rag-tag hooligans, follow me to the Promised Land. As it turns out, Tea Party folk don't listen too well.

At 11:15, that morning I counted 39 people in the parking lot, about half were watching Ratigan read his boiler plate speech that was filled with "sacred" this and "sacred" that, followed by Kim Bishop who wants her god in charge of everything, including "un-teaching public school lies" followed by Suzzanne Curran who began her speech with "Hey, Christians". Those people who landed at Pilgrim Rock brought us a legacy. Our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, speech, and separation of church and state. According to Ratigan, Bishop, and Curran, if there is going to be a god in charge of everything, it will be their god and not your god. Can you feel me?

Maybe now Ratigan will share with us that really funny story behind that picture of him wearing a tin foil hat?

Doesn't anyone have a picture of him wearing that hat?

In answer to your request at the end of your comment. It will be a cold day in....(I'll let you finish that sentence) And a special note to the editor of the Northern Virginia daily. Where is the updated picture that was taken of me back in January of 2012? The one you are using is four years old. I give you credit for the article it is acurate. If need be I can send a more recent picture if need be. You know how to reach me.

What happened to the picture? Initially it was there and now it is gone. Did someone complain?

Sorry for the picture problem. I inadvertently deleted it myself. I blame it on using my elbows to type....

By his reply, I think you rattled Mr. Ratigan.

Not to cause a commotion, but what was the "unethical and immoral behavior"?


It was rather embarrassing that Warren County went RP, even if the only other choice was closet liberal Mitt Romney. Considering the level of insanity required to stubbornly stay behind someone who has about as much chance as Mickey Mouse in becoming POTUS, its not a hard stretch to imagine the stubbornness said followers would exhibit to get their way. This Independent voters personal opinion is that RP's only true intent is to destroy the Republican Party, but that's another matter. The best part of this article is actually the commentary by ROFLMAO, due to the fact that in my old age I forget tidbits, and couldn't nail down what was bugging me about Mr. Ratigan. Tea Party... NOW it dawns, and further voting depression sinks in at viable candidates on any election level. SO, thank-you for the reminding comment sir.

And elsewhere in real news....

So Ratigan abandons the GOP right before the general town election, and declares himself an Independent. Ratigan does not give the good people of Front Royal enough credit when it comes to distiguishing between right vs. left, good vs. evil, Democrat vs. Republican. This wishy washy change of affiliation only hurts his opportunity as a serious candidate. I would prefer that someone stick to their grass roots beliefs instead of allowing a vocal minority to sway their position. If you are going to make a political statement or stand on moral ground, at least make sure the cause is relevant. Last time I checked, Ron Paul was not relevant on any level.

So Ratigan abandons the GOP right before the general town election, and declares himself an Independent. Ratigan does not give the good people of Front Royal enough credit when it comes to distiguishing between right vs. left, good vs. evil, Democrat vs. Republican. This wishy washy change of affiliation only hurts his opportunity as a serious candidate. I would prefer that someone stick to their grass roots beliefs instead of allowing a vocal minority to sway their position. If you are going to make a political statement or stand on moral ground, at least make sure the cause is relevant. Last time I checked, Ron Paul was not relevant on any level.

BTW....for any and all that want an image of the Tim Ratigan Tin Foil Hat, just do a Google image search of the same and shazam! There is is right of center!

If I haven't backed away or made excuses or tried to cover up my past actions as a Tea Party Activist and in fact made several public statements to the fact that I will not apologies or back down from my Tea Party Activism in fear of damaging my Mayorial Campaign then why would I stoop the level of resigning from the Republican committee just to help my chances in the Mayor's election? I assure you that I am not that stupid or shallow.

Here is a thought, instead of jumping on the "Beat up on Ratigan" Bandwagon why not do a little investigating as to why the Libertarians are trying to take over a Political Party that they are not a part of. This kind of thing is happening all over Virginia and the United States. Is it the Republican Party's fault that the Libertarians don't want to go to the hard work of establishing their own county committee? No. But should we sit back and allow the Libertarians to hijack the Republican Party just because they are too lazy to go to the trouble and organize their own committee. I answered that question with a no. That is why I resigned from the committee. I resigned from the committee because if the Libertarians had been successful in their takeover attempt then the Republican Party of Warren County would no longer be Republican. I am not a Libertarian and I will not support, or work for, or donate my money, and time to a Libertarian Leadership cloaked with the ill gotten trappings of the Republican Party.

Believe it or not (which I am sure you will choose not to) resigning from the committee had nothing to do with the Mayor's Race.

I will give you credit for standing up for yourself and adequately starting your position. I only see that from a few select candidates and sitting members. The dialog is refreshing.

Than you for your words. That is all I want. Dialog. You will find that it is one thing I am asking for. Sadly it is lacking with the exception of a few people on this thread.

I find Mr. Ratigan's comments reactive, not refreshing. And please proofread your comments before posting.

Will someone, anyone, please tell me, what was the "unethical and immoral behavior" of the 60 plus Ron Paul supports who showed at the meeting?

Starting = stating. Hope this makes everyone happy. And just a reminder, please read for comprehension. Dialog usually involves multiple parties, comments, or conversations as has been demonstrated above.....My "refreshing" comment was not aimed at a particular statement, just the body of work from multiple participants--hence dialog! :)

So, Ron Paul people are not Republicans, they are Libertarians. In the contemporary realm, I'd say Republicans are so fiscally irresponsible and unbeholding to the Constitituion (that includes the Bill of Rights don't forget) there is no way they are anything but closet progressives. It's amazing how the principles of the Republican Party have been so uniformly abandoned by them, that they classify followers of historical Republican maxims under a different moniker. What say we just be honest about it and have the Republicans formally merge with the Democrats and stop the charade of the 'two party' system?


In many states, such as Oklahoma, you have to be a republican or democrat to be on the ballot for a primary election. No wonder a third party must infiltrate the GOP to get a candidate elected. People are more than just democrats and republicans.


I think he should have another donut. We need to take over the party by the grassroots and restore liberty. Yes the entrenched wont like it but they can play golf with all the unemployed lobbiests.


There is a right way to go about achieving your goals, and there is a wrong way"

So if this isn't the right way, I'm not sure what is. Removing Limbaugh/Hannity/Fox brainwashed neo-conservatives from positions within the party and replacing them with libertarian republicans seems like a sound strategy to me.


The Koch brothers hate Paul. The Koch Brothers / Cato Institute are amidst a decades-long feud with the "Mises Institute" libertarians (Paul).

Do you seriously believe the Koch brothers are paying people to caucus for Ron Paul? Or are you in denial that your party is dying, and being replaced by people who actually want smaller government?


I couldn't keep it to myself anymore... If you're Tea Party then you're for Ron Paul "The Godfather of the Tea Party". If you're Republican then you must listen to Reagan. "Libertarianism is at the heart of the Republican Party"
Maybe if you did a little research yourself you'd find out that only Ron Paul is for small government and less spending. Maybe if you did a little research you'd find out that the meaning of Republican is someone who supports the REPUBLIC and not a Democrat that supports DEMOCRACY. "Democracy is the worst form of government." Winston Churchill
Thus, Democrats are the worst form of politicians... so QUIT ACTING LIKE ONE! muahahahahahahaha Ron Paul R3v0Lution! And for the haters that say he won't win... we're not going anywhere because we have been woken up so be a good little Republican and get in line just like you have the past century!

The only way Mr. Ratigan's comments make any coherent sense at all is if he is part of the problem, in support of failed leadership of the kind which has brought the whole nation to ruin.

Libertarians are far more true to the professed principles of the Republican Party than establishment GOP members have ever been. As Reagan said, libertarianism is the essential heart of conservatism.

I look forward to seeing Mr. Ratigan's friends and allies bail from the party in my county as well. Let them go join the Democratic Party, their actual values aligning much better with the Communists than with true-blue American.

Join the Democrats, Mr. Ratigan. The GOP no longer has any place for any person who does not love liberty and human freedom. We, not you, are the majority in the party - and as the large number of liberty delegates showing up everywhere demonstrate, we're not a slight majority but an overwhelming one.

Now that the party must fish or cut bait on the principles it has espoused but betrayed for 40 years and more, it is no surprise to find that those who have undermined those principles from the inside are now jumping ship.

GOOD RIDDANCE. May we eject many many more of your crypto-Marxist friends.


There's right way to do it and a wrong way?

What rules (if any) did the Paul supporters actually break, sir? Specifically, what really happened here?

The "right way" is apparently to let the same group of inbred insiders who have led the party to defeat after defeat after defeat to continue to keep impotent what should be the strongest state GOP in the country.

Jeez, all of the above comments pretty much sums it all up - even Republicans hate Republicans.


Hey Tim, how are you doing? I gotta admit, seeing all this hoopla go down is quite entertaining. The Tea Party group where I live now in Texas is not nearly as fun! :p


The destruction of the Republican party would be a wonderful thing for Freedom in America! They, like the democrats, form half of the political cartel that excludes every idea except for two very similar variations of the big government philosophy from the debate in America. They rigged the game, making change through the system impossible ... without either destroying or hijacking their party. I don't care which. You rose through corruption. You earned your fate.

The really funny thing is that Tim Ratigan is a hypocrite whether he knows it or not. If he knows the recent history of the Republican party he knows that the views he believes are an integral part of Republican Party were infused by Pat Robertson and the Christian Coalition's GOP takeover in 1994. It is fine that those views which he accepts were melded into the GOP by the takeover of the Pat Robertson coalition but if Ron Paul and those who espouse his ideal do the exact same thing then suddenly it is wrong, so he takes his ball and goes home. I hate to tell you this Tim but the Republican Party is not the monolithic and unchanging party you naively believe it to be and if you had any understanding of history, even just the very recent history of your own party, you would know that. The fact that you are so sadly misinformed explains your misplaced indignation while also partially explaining, with the assumption that such shallow understanding and arrogance is common place among your peers, why this country is in such a sad state of affairs.

I'm not prejudiced... No sir, I hate everyone equally.

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