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Local markets

Farmers Livestock
Mar. 23

Cows, most, $71.00- 90.00, lean $54.00-74.25; bulls, $88.00-106.50; baby calves lg. $120.00-240.00; sm., $50.00-115.00

Cows w/ Calves, $750.00-1555.00, cows by lb. $68.00-104.00
For more, visit shenandoahvalleylivestock.com.

Shenandoah Livestock
Mar. 20

Steers, 300- 400 lbs., $186.00-213.00; 400-500 lbs., $185.00-206.00; 500-600, $181.00-198.00; 600-700 lbs., $165.00-182.00; $700-800; $145.00-154.00; 900-1000 lbs., $130.00-134.25.
For more, visit farmerslivestockva.com or ams.usda.gov/mnreports.

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    Slaughter, butcher - kill are ugly words. Makes me sick to see these ads. Baby calves, cows AND big money. It's a way of life most people never think about. How much better we would all be if we cared about the suffering of these gentle creatures.

    As long as money is to be made - nothing will change, but a vegetarian way of life offers much more and the movement is growing.

    How much cruelty can you swallow? Meat is not a healthy choice for mankind. Mercy for Animals (MFA), check it out and understand what you are participating in.

      I forgot to tell you I had a 42 oz. ribeye this evening. You want to say unhealthy, that is ok but my genes are awesome! I will outlive youre subaru driving a--. Look at me at Hotel Strasburg if you want to see one who is attractive. Not that I would want you.

      I don't know where you got your information from, but eating meat is healthy . . . in moderation, just like everything else. We NEED protein and amino acids. Yes, you can make up your protein in another way, but plant-deriven protein lacks the amino acids needed. I agree that meat in the grocery stores aren't as healthy. God only knows what was added or how the animal was treated. That's why I know where mine is raised & butchered. Not all sellers/butchers are "cruel" as you'd like everyone to believe. I bet you've never set foot on a farm. And if you have and did happen to see mistreated animals, did you even bother to check out others before you decided all of these animals are mistreated? I doubt it. I can tell you, they are NOT all the same. I do not agree with mistreating animals either, but that doesn't mean I have to give up eating meat.

      You're right on one thing, it is a way of life. I support my local farmer by buying directly from them . . and I get the piece of mind knowing that what I'm getting is healthy and was treated humanely at all times. It's a win-win for everyone (local people making a living, buyers get healthy foods). I respect your choice to be vegetarian . . you should do the same. Instead of slamming people, maybe should educate them so they can make a better choice. They don't have to give up eating meat in order to make sure these animals are being treated right, just choose to buy from a reputable place.


    The only reason those disagreeing with you have not responded, is unlike you, they prefer to keep their own personal opinions to themselves. You are in no position to dictate what people choose to eat. Get a life.

      Are YOU in a position to dictate to me about FREE Speech? Keep eating whatever you want Stevie. No one would dare take your Big Mac away, however, your heart and arteries will be sending you a message one day, I sure.

      Feed your brain once in a while, you might learn something and I will speak out whenever I can. Would you like fries with that?

      What I meant to say is - I'm sure. Thought I would correct my own typo Stevie.

      Not only do I have a life - I respect the life of others.

    Thumbing your nose bragging about your poor eating habits is destined to make you the dumbest man in the cemetery.

    Vegetarian ideology shouted while perched on a tall soapbox as the cure for what ails everybody earns you a front row seat on the short bus, next to the radio shock-blob Rush Limbaugh.

    I am a narrow-minded nut job who bashes narrow minded nut jobs. I am driven to this calling because I have CDO. It's like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, only in alphabetical order, like it should be.

    Diana, what would happen if the plants you ate would scream out when you stuck a fork in them? They were alive at one time just like the cow, so what is the difference?

    Huh??? What it the world are you talking about?? Plants don't have a nervous system capable of pain response triggering lungs to power vocal chords. Remember biology classifications -- kingdom, phylum, class, order, family genus, species? Do you understand all you know about it? Helpful hint: Less time watching the Cartoon Network, more time reading books with more words than pictures.

    I am a narrow-minded nut job who bashes narrow minded nut jobs. I am driven to this calling because I have CDO. It's like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, only in alphabetical order, like it should be.

    Bully, I wasn't talking species. It was a degree of life killed metaphor....Einstein!

    I liked how Diana tried to turn my comment on pushing her views on other people into a free speech debate.

    Her awareness of protected, unprotected, and accepting the consequences of such speech is obviously the same as her limited knowledge regarding the eating of ANYTHING - beef or veggie.

    Ever since the NVD changed owners, it has been a major Troll-Fest. So bad now that the liberals are trolling the livestock reports. I hate to say it, but I miss the moderation here....even though many of my posts fell victim to it.

    Now all we need is someone accusing those who disagree with the Original Instigator of being part of the racist tea party conspiracy.

    The simplest solution is do not feed the trolls.

    For those who don't know what a troll is, wikipedia has a nice article.

    Huh??? It was a metaphor for degree of life killed? Let's see..... now where would I insert the word obtuse in that sentence? How about.....it was an obtuse metaphor....? Obviously I don't know the dangers of playing with obtuse metaphor users. I could get myself called a few more names before its over, huh?

    I'm curious about how one defines "degree of life"??? What does that mean, degree of life?? I am reasonably sure once I know what you mean I'll have something smart-alecky to say about it, don'tcha think?

    I am a narrow-minded nut job who bashes narrow minded nut jobs. I am driven to this calling because I have CDO. It's like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, only in alphabetical order, like it should be.

    You crack me up Wooly Bully! Don't ever change.

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